Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Editoral Cartoons in Wake of Deaf Sex Abuse Scandals

There are numerous "specific" references in editoral cartoons to the Catholic Church's latest sex abuse scandals against 200 deaf boys at several parochial schools for the deaf across America -

The Scranton Times Tribute local newspaper of Scranton, Pennsylvania (PA) published John Cole's cartoon in regard to the recent sex abuse scandals and church's dismissive attitudes toward deaf sex abuse victims - http://blogs.thetimes-tribune.com/johncole/?p=1205

We ought to question whether this enclosed cartoon (above) to be approriate or fair to the deaf sex abuse victims or not. Is the cartoonist, John Cole being rational or a bit mockery of deaf sex abuse victims? You, the readers decide!

No questions about the Scranton Times Tribute newspaper being very familar with deaf people due to the fact about the Scranton School for the Deaf located in very same city. Is the newspaper treat deaf people fairly?

Other editoral cartoons had field days with the Catholic Church's latest sex abuse scandal blow-ups -http://www.cagle.com/news/PedophilePriests/main.asp

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

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  1. Hola, Robert - thank you very much for posting the links to the work by fellow cartoonists John Cole and Daryl Cagle. BUT I wish you didn't post the link to that fool and lunatic JTC's website! As a former JTC fan, I would like to inform you he has been thoroughly DEBUNKED - see this link, http://www.catholicdigitalstudio.com/areromancatholicschristians.htm and
    None of his paranoid fantasies about the supposedly fascist-Marxist-Socialist-Communist-Nazi? Church plotting to take over the world are true! Alberto Rivera the so-called "ex-Jesuit priest" was exposed as a FRAUD! http://www.thebibleistheotherside.org/lettersp5.htm
    I suggest you remove those Chick links now. Thank you...respectfully,

  2. Dan,

    I already done the deletion of links to the CTC publication.

    I am much aware of the questionable contents of the Chick Publication stuff.

    I just want to rub the onions on Catholic eyes.