Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sexual Abuse Coverups Against 200 Deaf Boys

Within the growing scandals threatening the existence of the Catholic Church for the past cover ups and refusal to dismiss the particular priest whose endangered DEAF BOYS at the St. John School for the Deaf, St. Francis, Wisconsin.

Reverend Lawrence C. Murphy sexually abused more than 200 deaf boys for 24 years.

For years, the allegations against Rev. Murphy for ruining the lives of 200 deaf boys had been repeatedly ignored and refused to take any disciplinary actions against the sexual predator in its midst.

Hundreds of people already had demonstration at the St. Peter Square via Vatican this Thursday morning to demand that Pope Benedict to resign for his role in the enduring cover ups of priests' sexual abuses against countless child victims for decades.

There will be a major protest outside the Westminster Cathedral in London, England next Sunday, March 28th.

If any of you have been victimized by any priest or nun or parochial school staff member. Please contact the U.S. based Survivor Network of those Abused by Priest (SNAP) -

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Another social conservative organization and the Mormon church were recently discovered for their major roles in suppressing the allegations for the Mormon bishop via scoutmaster sexually molested more than 100 boys.

    The Boy Scouts of America also suppressed the records about too many sexual abuses against boy scouts members for more than 40 years!


  2. It is very complicated issue. Back in 17th and 18th centuries, the children become adults at age of 8....

    this is why things were going on for thousands of years regardless of society rules.

    It was until the late 19th century when they raised age to whatever it was. I need more research on it.

  3. here is the link...

  4. To anon:

    "Complicated"??? That's trash. Don't dump your trash here.

  5. It is not trash if you timeline the history from dark ages to now. The society's behavior has changed.

    You need to study history more!

  6. Anon:

    Poppycock. Anything that happened hundreds of years ago is not justification for violating the morals of current time.

  7. Oh,BOY!

    I read it this morning. my hubby told me to read it.. I say Oh, no.. it is not looking good!

    I aware of that deaf student abused from Catholic by priest and Nun.

    Life is really important for deaf people to believe their own reglious. No matter. but it is not acceptable with their behavior seem quiet very common everywhere.
    I turn shaken my head and cannot stand it is really bad.

  8. Deaf Pixie,

    The Boy Scouts of America and the Mormon Church also were guilty of the sexual abuse cover-ups, too -


  9. Before that I learn about Catholic earlier 20 years ago and now I am no longer catholic. I simply walked out because I suspected for long time.

    I am also survivor, it is nothing do with catholic. Deaf school are one reason copycat between Boy Scout also involved in Catholic, too. Boy Scout possible under by Catholic. I am not quiet sure if I am correct information.

    Deaf Pixie

  10. RLM, I have read that one in 2001. It finally opening share by one Boy Scout one week or month before it was publish in Oregonian about Abuse at Deaf School. I feel connect that man.