Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Former BDA President Had Past Police Records and Court Cases

The former National Black Deaf Advocates (BDA) president was recently arrested by the police for the sexually-related crime. This deaf individual also presided the ceremony in dedicating the new bust of Dr. Andrew Foster, at the Galladuet University's Foster Auditorium few years ago with I. King Jordan, Gallaudet University President -

The deaf school administrative of Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf (ENCSD) recently got arrested and charged for the assault of female and second-degree kidnapping. The police report indicated that the Gallaudet University graduate put the pillow on lady's face and grabbed her. The lady managed to escape and reported to the police. Redding formerly employed at the National Technical Institute of the Deaf (NTID).

Please check out the ENCSD website for the photo and background information regarding Dr. Redding -

Here is Dr. Redding's "My Space" e-account with many deceived personal information about himself -

Ricky Taylor aka "Ridor" reported Dr. Redding's past ten court cases against Redding in several states back to October 2007 on his defuncted now "RidorLive" blogsite. Ridor commented that he was not fully sure about such past allegations. Ridor recently posted his vlog posting about Redding's arrest on 4/21.

Here is the exceprt of Ridor Live blog introductory posting -

Dr. Redding's Dark Secrets RidorLIVE In the previous entry, I mentioned the
tidbit about Dr. Reginald Redding being one of two finalists to be the next Headmaster
of Pennsylvania School for the Deaf. I did not expect the uproar via emails from many
women who were concerned about Dr. Redding taking over at PSD. If I got 5 emails, it's [...]

For more info, please check out the Wilson Daily News website report in regard to the arrest and formal charge of Dr. Reginald Redding-

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Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. It is difficult to beleive Dr Redding was arrested last spring because of the assault occured between the woman and dr redding..It sound " He said /She said" situation..Is the court ordered him not to return to school again??...Many of us who knew him was stunned

  2. I knew Reggie as a student at Gallaudet. I was shocked to learned all this. He just passed away from brain tumor which someone said he had for 20 years and did not know it. That explains the violent behavior. He and his ex-wife stated having problems around 20 years ago also. What a shame that the tumor was not diagnosed back then.