Thursday, April 1, 2010


Just got the press release from the Vatican that Pope Benedict "Devil wear the Prada" will deliver his Sunday mass in Italian Sign Language (ISL) to deny any intentions of doing the AUDISM toward the deaf victims of sex abuses. Yes, Pope Benedict wear the expensive Prada shoes.

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Pope Benedict told the hearing Italian sign language instructor that was most easiest language for him to learn and master in just less than hour. He love most of the Italian Sign Language was
"molest" . Pope Benedict chuckled that he knew how to sign "molest". Benedict proudly showed
his knowledge of universal gesture like forcing someone's head to mimic "sucking on his holy gential".

Pope Benedict ever showed the gesture of playing on the nipples and pulling it for sexual organsm. He spreaded his legs much further to show the fig leag on his deformed "2 inches" stick like the reality star Joe Gosselin. No wonder Pope Benedict resorted to the church secrecy to oppress all the sex victims into submissive roles. Pope Benedict couldn't compete with the "Vanilla Gorilla", Jesse James, a philaderning hubby of actress Sandra Bullock.

Pope Benedict ever showed the sign "jack off" with his legs up in the air. He snickered "I love it with the use of the Fleshlight whenever I need the instant gratification". The altar boys are hard to come by. Damn the American media and RLMDEAF blogger for making me look like a bad pervert!".

Pope Benedict exclaimed "What's really wrong with the boy love? I just want the fresh spring chickens!". He whistled "Deaf boys are perfect!" "Do you know why???" "I love them for making the animal noises when any preists and I put our hands under their dirty underwears".

Pope Benedict gestured "Mine" which deaf boys tried to say "NOT TOUCH ME", but the audist hearing priests mistook the ASL sign as "Please do more on me". Of course, the police and any hearing people would not believe deaf people whenever they try to fink on us. *cackling sounds*

The hearing Italian sign language instructors went along with Pope Benedict for cheap laughs about deaf people everywhere as "real inferior and apelike". He mocked the imitation of sign language with eyes crossed.

Deaf guy dressed in lady's clothes last December tried to attack Pope Benedict last Christmas 2009. Look at the video - Oh My God! See how Pope Benedict responded to the attempted attack and acted like nothing happened around him. What an insenstive and callous dick Pope Benedict was!

This announcement is supposed to be the April's Fool Day prank, but not sure about it anymore now.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Curious common is sexual activity between priests and nuns?

    It's hard to believe the priests can be 100 percent celibate...are they permitted to masturbate or have wet dreams?

  2. Good questions! I don't know at all!

    Of course, that is a real possibility of sex between priests and nuns. Who knows?

    Yes, priests are like dogs like other men. :)


  3. Here's a joke...

    The pope just got married... his hand!