Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cochlear Implant Devices Are Vulnerable to Artificial Viruses

Parent of deaf babies and kids ought to think TWICE about implanting the cochlear implant device on their own offspring.

More and more medical devices inside the human body from the heart pacemakers to cochlear implants are vulnerable to the artificial viruses like computer virus or electromagnetic attacks.

That happened to one scientist's hand embedded with computer virus -

We really do not need the computer hackers or someone intentionally compromise our own deaf people to such technological vulnerabilities. Nature always find its way to worm into our humanity, especially technological devices.

Many thanks to Scott Wilson for posting this article on his Facebook's "Wall". :)

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. You should point out that the guy intentionally contracted a computer virus in his hand implant and he speculated that this COULD BE a problem for the future but ISN'T right now.

    There has not been a single case of someone's cochlear implant being infected with a computer virus. From my perspective, you are using this as another scare tactic to express your disdain for cochlear implants. Please print the entire story or nothing at all.

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  3. Hi Toby,

    I did leave the comment logs unlocked, but don't know why! :)

    Thanks for bringing this problematic comment posting to my attention.