Monday, May 17, 2010

What Mike McConnell Don't Know About the AB 2072

Mike McConnell's "F**K You, Deaf Community" blog piece surely reflected the true color of what and who Mike McConnell is all about. *expose piece below*

Mike McConnell really have no clue what is really going on with the "behind the scenes" maneuverings of the AB 2072 bill to have Rep. Tony Mendoz as just a horse jockey for the unscrupulous bettors, who gamble on the future of deaf kids and their educational needs.

Here is the enclosure of what the major financial company publicly support the White House financial reform bill, BUT they fight against it behind the scene with lobbyists swarming the Capitol Hill -

What Mike McConnell and the backers of the AB 2072 have in common. They said "See that we are for ASL". Every of you and I KNOW that those people really do not embrace the true diversity of language and cultural paradigm! They f**k our deaf community and ASL in big way.

Of course, Mike McConnell and the supporters of the AB 2072 embrace the concept of "capitalist pigs" like the Goldman Sachs and other financial leeches bleed the American society dry for quick bucks and dump the endless mess on us to take care of f**ked-up deaf kids from the denials of language acquisition and social/intellect development too many times over 100+ years.

Remember Mike McConnell's infamous mockery of Pepsi Cola ads' "Uncle Bob's House" which he defied the common courtesy of the DeafRead and Deaf Community at Large by his refusal of using the ASL. McConnell knew ASL, but chose to speak verbally -

Here is the real shameful blog of Mike McConnell's -

Why would I post McConnell's disrespectful blog? I want to be fair to everyone else.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


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    Boycott Deafread and

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    Deafread allows abuse of children.

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    These Narcissism people like mike mcConnell, holeism, candy, white ghost, valhallian, russell Deaf Bunny do not do any public activities or social work for the deaf community and all they do is sit in front of their computer with a mirror above the screen to admire their narcissistic face.

    They are just pathetic.

  3. Check out, too! Another neat blog.

    RLM, how about collecting blogs and vlogs about Barry and his cohorts on your website. Use your site.

  4. I went back to the links that you posted - they were dated in 2008. I am not sure what this blog is trying to say?

    What McConnell said in his post in terms of his 4 year old daughter (must be 6 now), I dont blame him for writing that blog. Honestly, we are practicing what he just said. We are not as so accepting to have kids recieving cochlear implants and that we are not so accepting that they are learning to speak, rather than sign.

    We dont have every claim on every deaf child, and that's for a fact. Parents are doing what they know how. We all are usually PUSHING information down their eyes and ears, bombing every vein in the brain, scaring them off.

    I m a deaf child of deaf parents. I grew up naturally with ASL. I m a mother of two deaf boys. I will never dream of depriving them of ASL. But seeing through hearing parents' eyes, I understand.

  5. I do not give rat's ass about that asshole McConnell. He is nothing but a bigot!

    He is completely an idiot to a final T!

  6. Can you give me a link for "Boycott Deafread and" I just checked it but it won't work so pls give right link.

    How can I close my account with Deafread?

    Thanks for your help.

  7. :-) Diane from Boston

  8. Nothing new. He's just trying to stir the pot as always. I am starting to think his main source of entertainment is to piss off people, regardless of who they are.