Friday, May 7, 2010

What's Up With Awful NAD's Philly Conference Promo Video?

Was the NAD out of mind for allowing Kirsen Poston done the promotional video with her shabby t-shirt and distracted hairdo for the NAD's 50th Conference in Philadephia, PA?

Pretty shocked to see someone dressed that way for NAD's conference promo video. Everything is about image how we present ourselves.

How come didn't NAD furnish the decent wardrobe for Kirsten Poston to do the video presentation? If the NAD respond about not having enough money to cover the cost of approriate wardrobe. That is called the investment in image presentation for the good impression of the NAD.

George Verditz wouldn't caught dead in wearing the underwear shirt in his classic NAD film presentations on the preservance of sign language.

Kirsten Poston kept looking at something behind the camera. Couldn't Poston memorize the script and be presentable before the camera? Or find someone, who could be an effective and marketable sign presenter without appeared unprofessional and questionable.

Poston's video appearance caused more attention on her "what the hell" shirt and hairdo than the message itself.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Thanks to Kristin for her dedication though I do second to the poor image.

    I know some individuals do not care about her/his appearance but please for few minute, comb back and put on a black shirt, that would work at least.

  2. rlm

    she looks fine

    i have curly hair so i know u cant manage it without some aggressive means. it looks just fine to me

    re: the shirt. it is a sold color, clean and presentable.

    not sure if u r buying into a notion of what a person should look like but too me she looks good and i thank Kirsen for serving on the board and for making the video

    Re: Veditz - u do know that it was almost 100 years ago that he signed that speech. Dress codes have changed a bit friend. You may also notice that there are only two women in the old NAD motion picture projects and everyone is white. So im VERY happy to see diverse faces, size, shapes, colors, ages, etc in NAD's website. It is important and speaks volumes.

    RE: the old NAD motion picture project - i have long urged NAD to put a clip of george veditz up on their front page - oh pretty pretty pretty please - it will make my heart sign - even if it is just the last sentence in full - i would leap for joy but George definitely should have a permanent presence on that website and that is a better investment of their money than getting a new shirt for someone (especially when the first one was perfectly fine)

    we got real important things to fuss about RLM so lets get busy with those

    thanks much



  3. why do you judge on her appearance?

  4. Image is a powerful thing, indeed. Personally I would not judge a person by how he/she looks. Maybe NAD does not have enough money to hire a consultant to oversee PR on promoting NAD conference. But, again, image is a powerful thing and if there is already one person complaining about it, then there is a problem that need to be looked at and fixed.

  5. Aw Candy - by that logic AG Bell should be changing their image cuz i have complained about that as have a few others - even some organizations have shouted out about the AG Bell Association letter to pepsi which they have never retracted or apologized for

    isnt that an image problem worthy of them hiring a consultant for

    they got the money



  6. I agree with RLM and think it was courageous of him to say this. It was a helluva lazy video coming from an organization like the NAD. It looked like a junior high school video project. I am so sick and tired of seeing people sign in front of blank backgrounds. They can't even be bothered with any graphics or words on the screen to help with understanding. I would have sent a few NAD staffers with a video camera to Philadelphia for the day and had a talented deaf editor put together a good video from their footage. NAD should be bursting with creativity to show the world what deaf people can do, but instead they do the bare minimum possible.

  7. Tom,

    Well-said comment! U have very brilliant ideas for making the promo conference video more exicting and presentable!

    Don't the NAD use Philly as a true advantage to make an appealling offer to the interested individuals and families?

    That seems very last-minute preparation or just an idea how to boost the number of conference attendees or not many people really buy the early bird combo or conference package.

    Many thanks for posting your comment, Tom.


  8. Patti,

    Come on, we ought to have a high expectation of us a a diligent community.

    NAD could do much better than
    this promo video.

    Tom Willard have many great ideas to make the NAD promo videos more cool and attractive.


  9. Yeah, she looked like she just rolled out out of her bed.

    Nevertheless, her demeanor is very likable.

  10. Toby,

    You said perfectly about that video presenter got rolled out of her bed.

    NAD just could provide a decent shirt like businesslike attire blouse for Kristin.


  11. Most lesbians don't give a rat's ass about appearance.

  12. Tara,

    Within the posting of Kristin Poston's personal background, she is legally married to the man and have some children -

    Kirsten Poston

    Appointed Member


    Kirsten Poston (Maryland) is a native of Philadelphia, PA. She majored in social work at the Rochester Institute of Technology and later attended Gallaudet University, where she received a bachelor's degree in communications arts. She currently works in Washington, DC, for the U.S. Department of Transportation as a Disability Policy Analyst. Kirsten has been actively involved in the coordination of many educational and outreach activities aimed towards the deaf and disability communities. She co-chaired and coordinated the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Government (DHHIG) 2008 Employment and Technology Forum and currently serves as a board member at large of the DHHIG; previously she was that organization’s vice executive director. She is a member of the National Black Deaf Advocates and an associate member of the D.C. Chapter of the National Alliance of Black Interpreters, Inc. She also is the president of an employee organization that supports deaf employees at the U.S. Department of Transportation, DEAF/DOT. Kirsten remains committed to the principles of leadership empowerment, and is a lifelong advocate of the deaf community. She and her husband live in Maryland with their three daughters and one son.

  13. I agree with you.

    NAD could have done better and it wouldn't have cost them anything.

  14. I have to agree - don't wear anything as if you would dress at home. How one represents herself to the world and show professionalism in leadership truly puzzles me. I support her background on her experience with several organizations and excellent networking; but gotta show for it. She'll be a perfect candidate for TLC's show, "What Not to Wear."

  15. Many of you praised Kristin Poston's hard works and dedications to many deaf organizations.

    Kristin have a full-time job which she could afford the decent blouse or shirt.

    Thank you, Der Sankt!


    You surely have a sense of humor about Kristin being the perfect fit for the TLC's "What Not to Wear.

    Why not contact the TLC people to get Kristin on the show?