Thursday, June 10, 2010

At Last, Here is Photo of Jon Dresser, Alleged Deaf Abuser

Jon Dresser didn't show up for his court arraignment today which he was hospitalized.

Some people joked that Jon Dresser probably ended up in the psych ward.

Here is the latest article with photo of Jon Dresser -
Many deaf people were pretty surprised that Jon Dresser doesn't have the Master Degree (MA) and obtained the employment postiton as the VR counselor.

Is Jon Dresser really a con artist himself? Keep tune in for the RLMDEAF!

Some people replied that I slandered Jon Dresser as an abuser. Look at the enclosed link which define "abuse" with many meanings like "mistreatment" and "neglience" -
Thanks to Diane Squire for the link of attached article!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Defamation, Libel, and Slander!

  2. Did Jon attend Gallaudet? He looks familiar.

  3. Anonymous,

    That seems possible of Jon Dresser formerly atttended Gallaudet.

    You could contact the Gallaudet University Alumni Association via

    Contact Information

    Director: Sam Sonnenstrahl,'79 & G-'84
    Contact: Sonia Brown
    Peikoff Alumni House (PAH)

    VP : (202) 250-2590
    Voice: (202) 651-5060 (V/TTY)
    Fax: (202) 651-5062

    I hope that will be very helpful for you to find out whether Jon Dresser did attend Gallaudet or not. :)


  4. How is he a deaf "abuser"? He did not touch them wrongly.

  5. Toby,

    The definition for "abuse" have many meanings. Look at the enclosure -

    Look at "mistreatment" and "neglience" involved the general definition of abuse. ;)


  6. Jon Dresser in my experience is an amzing man who has done amazing things within the Deaf community.
    Thus more, aren't we a country who believes in innocent until PROVEN guilty in a court of law!?
    Since I believe almost all of the people around the state who have been commenting and trying to tear Jon down were not present when this incident occured, you should not be jumping to comclusions.
    If indeed the RUMORS of what occured are found to be true, then it is up to a court of law to determine Jon's fate!

    To add...I'm curious if a Sign Langauage interpreter was present during the initial. Interview??!!

  7. I have known Jon for many years and he is a great guy! He is just a gentle man and would never ever hurt anyone or any animal not even a fly!!! You are jumping to BIG conclusions!! You should be ashamed for not checking into real facts! Instead you just slewed off your big mouth and relied on info from people who don't even know Jon! People should not judge until the court of law prove he is guilty. Have you heard his side of story? Nah... Have you heard how the police treated him like shit and denied his rights to get an interpreter in the police station? Nah…. Have you heard that police injured him that resulted a hand surgery and possible loss the use of right hand???? He relies on ASL to communicate! Now that's POLICE ABUSE!!!! Maybe he did make a bad judgment but he doesn't deserve to receive police brutality! Bet you don't give a shit and obviously prefers to find negative things about any Deaf person especially when you have no clue who he is!
    Shame on to Deaf people who posted such a negativity remarks without giving a benefit of doubt. We suffered enough audism from hearing ppl and we certainly DON'T need another audism from any Deaf person within our Deaf community.

  8. I urge you to be courteous and withhold your harsh judgements. Negative attention on this does NO one any good. Especially Jon and his family who are probably devastated over this situation. This was a clear lapse of judgement on that day. As a fellow Deaf person, this brings me great sadness to see people attacking Jon who is a very good man with rock-solid family values. Just a momentary slip of judgement. We cannot wag our fingers at Jon without knowing the full facts.

  9. I do not care about anyone, who is a person with rock-solid family values.

    Why in the world Jon Dresser choose to mow the lawn and leave three deaf vulnerable individuals during the 85'o. In the inside of car turn 125'0. That is a scientfic evidence!

    Someone trustworthy told me that he worked with Jon Dresser for three years. Jon was a problematic employee and always disputed with his boss from time to time.


  10. "what goes around, comes around"

    "In the past, with my own eyes, from time to time, this man often made remarks, judgement against those who were not perfect in the past"

    everyone does not always see ALL OF the true colors of everyone, that doesn't mean they can judge who they are so fast!

  11. Jon is a very good man who has a reputation for being a caring person with very good values. He would never let any harm come to the people he cares for. The media does not have the full story. Don't believe everything you read in the media!! The media often cannot communicate with deaf people and only tell hearing people's side of the story. Don't contribute to this audism by listening to this story and passing judgment on a deaf person you don't even know!!!

  12. Reading your blog just makes me realize how truly ignorant of a person you are!!! What happened to our justice system? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Jon is a caring and loving family man, who happens to be deaf. He has worked hard to earn a masters degree (yes, he HAS a Masters Degree so PLEASE GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!), get a job and make living for himself and his family. Please also let me clarify that he does not have any family who works for Mass Rehab. I know it may be impossible for someone as intelligent as you to try and wrap your brain around the fact that multiple people with the same last name are not always related. Please double check your "sources". And for the record he is not in a pysch ward. So clearly these are just a few of the many inconsistencies in your story. I am thinking about creating a blog just to discredit your reputation.

    The challenged individuals are fortunate to have a man of his character to care for them. I can not believe how people are jumping to conclusions and making accusations. I hope that you or anyone else never has to endure what this good man and his family are going through. Look at this in another way, if these three individuals were in such danger why would this concerned citizen stand by for such an "extended" period of time without lending aid or perhaps maybe the story was exaggerated and/or fabricated. If he was mowing his lawn why in the pictures of his house is his yard not trimmed or is there any sign of mowed grass?

  13. I am sorry. This story is so hard to believe. If you read into it there are a lot of things that don’t make common sense.
    People locked in a car for this length of time and are fine??? What did you say the temp would be in a car with it 85 out side. They were fine???? A lawn that has not been cut. One neighbor who is the only one who saw this and claims it has happened before . She did nothing the other time??? What a hero and caring individual. If she were a good citizen or neighbor why did she not go to this man and ask him to let these people out of the van. I mean if you thought these men were in immediate danger why wait for police?
    Does this story make sense to you???

  14. June 10- YES, Jon Dresser DID show up at the courtroom. The judge postponed the hearing because there was NO sign language presented.

  15. I cannot believe this you are dehumanizing Jon Dresser. Every human beings have their own flaws. Matthew 7:1 say dont judge other or you will be judged. So you need to be careful what you do or it will come back to you. It is serious warning.