Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pope Benedict Was Very Upset About Beligian Law

The sex scandal case of 200+ deaf boys at the St. John School for the Deaf rocked the Catholic Church last winter 2010. How fast we forget about this sex scandal against deaf boys and deaf victims everywhere!

Pope Benedict and the Catholic Church got the real shock from the Eastern Europe country how the Beligium authorities marched in and rounded up priests within the current investigation of sex abuses against children.

Will we see the similar action in the United States on the behalf of deaf victims of sex abuses in the near future? That would be real interesting if we will see one deaf ordinated priest getting arrested for rumored allegations against past deaf parishoners. That deaf priest is in another country right now - Costa Rica which he is no longer in the United States.

Will we see more vigorous efforts to weed out the sexual predators within the education of the deaf and residential facilities of the deaf on the way? That should be the way!

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Robert L. Mason (RLM)
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  1. Here's a new article on the topic:

  2. An exprect from the NYT -

    This spring, a group of deaf men in Verona were granted a rare hearing on national television to denounce the priests they said serially molested them as children in a school for the deaf.

  3. I think the Belgians did right, we cannot allow the church to go on as if the law and deaf/hearing children's welfare was not applicable to them. Locking up some clergy concentrated their minds a bit.... abusers cannot hide any more.