Monday, June 28, 2010


Mike McConnell aka the "Kolonut Pundit" posted his latest blog in definition of why some deaf activism from the Deaf Bilingual Coalition to the anti-AB 2072 activists would be according to his interpretation, technically defined as such an extremist group(s) within the Wiki enclosure.

Has Mike McConnell and Barry Sewell and Gloria Sutton and Russell the Deaf Bunny and the White Hood (Ghost) been familiar with the Founding Fathers - George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and other prestigious statesmen being the TRUE RADICALS?

THE FOUNDING FATHERS were pretty seen as such an extremists to denounce the Crown of England like the subtrean rebels (term from Paddy Ladd's "Deafhood") fighting back against the roots of AUDISM.

Mike McConnell and Barry Sewell would be seen as the Loyalists, the defenders of King George if they lived back in the 1770s. They defended the status quo and authority and wisdom within the Crown (Tony Mendoza and the California Coalition treating the deaf children as unlimited commodity and wealth). The Founding Fathers were seen as the true patriots for fighting back against the true tyranny of "government without direct representative." The deaf and parents of deaf children and babies stakeholder were out in the cold without being consulted and embraced for such a law being made without being properly represented within the government.

The AB 2072 opponents are seen as the true patriots and rebels against the system for imposing such unjustifiable means upon deaf children and babies. The Founding Fathers embraced the actions of rebellious behaviors from the Boston Tea Party to the concept of jury of their peers and lawful warrant and search.

Patrick Henry's memorable quote - "Give me Liberty, or give me Death!" which Mike McConnell and Barry Sewell ought to embrace the ideals of non-internventional government which the AB 2072 bill designated to be steering the emotionally vulnerable parents of deaf newborns and children to the government-approved agents - audiologists for their expertise of imposing biased and prejudiced referrals in conformity with their own ideals of what the deaf child and baby ought to be in the image of the status quo.

More wisdom coming from Patrick Henry quotations which Mike McConnell and Barry Sewell need to refresh their inner thoughts and behaviors what the extremist groups are all about -

The Founding Fathers and other subterean rebels were the true radicals of their time which they embraced the divinity of the Almighty God and the ideals of direct interactions and self-analysis with the higher authority beyond men and laws.

The Great Awakening and the Enlightenment were the spiritual movement which the Deaf America embraced very similar concepts of seeking the whole truth like the "Deafhood" movement via workshops and endless group discussions to explore among themselves what were their purpose in life, etc.

The likes of Mike McConnell, Barry Sewell, Gloria Sutton and the White Hood (Ghost) ought to learn some stuff from the real wisdom of the Founding Fathers : An Age of Realism -

Wherever the real power in a government lies, there
is the danger of oppression. In our Government the
real power lies in the majority of the community....

Power naturally grows . . . because human passions
are insatiable. But that power alone can grow which
already is too great; that which is unchecked; that
which has no equal power to control it.

I, Robert L. Mason (RLM) rest my laurel on the fruitless and osfectuious discussion on the so-called extremism within the Deafhood and the AB 2072 opponents. Let's END all the bogus discussions for all.!! We need to rest and catch up with the reality of life than spending all the time on the stupid and pointless deaf blogsphere!!!

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason , RLMDEAF blog


  1. As a Social Studies teacher, I love your analogy. Very true.

  2. I kiss-fist your article! Great analogy that Deaf Tea Lady mentioned. I agree with her.


  3. TKY very much, Deaf Tea Lady

    TKY, DeafChip, too! :)

  4. I agreed with words label to Deafhood, DBC, AFA as extremist group(s)
    Stop attack to Barry, Russell, Mike and more.
    Time to focus yourself and pack your suitcase and move out of Fort Lauderdale.
    Wish you best to search again yourself a new life in Washington, DC next month.
    last call? email me any time before you leave.
    Cheer, bgmaron8

  5. Candy's name is Gina Sutton, not Gloria. See Ridor's YouTube vlog.

    Your vlog is THUMBS UP!

  6. Mark,

    We sometimes need to be extreme from time to time to defend our way of life.

    Too bad, I could not see you before leaving for DC. :)


  7. Anonymous,

    Thanks for the correction on name of Gina Sutton aka Candy. I truly appreciate it very much. :)

    I m really glad that you enjoyed the blog entry! :)

  8. I know Gina or Candy, whichever, she does not live in Wisconsin as Ridor alleged. However, she lives not too far from the Wisconsin state line and is a DOD - her whole family is deaf and all of them are nice people.

    Hint: she has eyes for big swollen stick and "Sutton" is her married name.

  9. Anonymous,

    Really about Gina's weakeness for thick and big dicks? How interesting!

    Why Candy is so different from her own extremely nice deaf family?

    Thanks for the saucy info regarding Candy. :)


  10. Robert,

    Like DeafChip and Deaf Tea Lady said, absolutely beautiful analogy!!!! That scoop on Gina's fetish is definitely a riot!