Monday, July 19, 2010

Ella Mae Lentz on ICED via Rumors ...

Thank God for Ella Mae Lentz, the true heroine/hero of the American Deaf Community. She is also an inspiration to many deaf people around the globe.

Here is the latest vlog entry from the only Ella Mae Lentz on the following rumors on the ICED's so-called statement on the official apology from the ICED people for what happened with the ICED's Milan Conference.

Ella Mae Lentz also explained what we ought to do ...

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason


  1. I will NOT listen to speculation until I see the paper in black and white. Period. Brian Riley says on Facebook that the ICED will discuss tomorrow (Tuesday) or Wednesday. Once
    confirmed, we have good reason to celebrate
    either Tuesday or Wednesday.

    Jean Boutcher

  2. Jean,

    Well-said! We already dealt with the long-term consquences by the ICED's action back to 1880! :(

    The ICED ought to do more than issuing the formal statement and frequently denounce the
    senseless AVT until the ICED members vigorously demand for the sign language-issued education as part of visual-centric needs for deaf students.