Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Let Me Simplify 'Audism' For You

J.D. is a real godsend to the Deaf America what he simply define
"A U D I S M". His video ought to be the mandatory requirement for all DEAF and HEARING pre-college classrooms to view and understand what "audism" really stands for.

The title of enclosed "YouTube" video is "Let Me Simplify 'Audism" For You!

I dearly worship J.D. for his "punch in the face" ASL. Hope to see more of J.D. in near future. I seen this video before, but still want to show his video to hearing ASL students about the real beauty of ASL.


  1. Your video of what is audism is fantastic. His definition is incredibly simple and plain in ASL. I have forwarded it to my friends in the Deaf community. I enjoyed every second of his ASL and hope to see more of J.D in the future.

  2. JD presents one view of audism, he doesn't include how those who look down on those who can hear/speak but yet embrace deaf culture and ASL as their native language and identity. There are plenty of those Deaf elites who would look down at other deaf people despite to being ASL fluent and embracing their deaf culture, simply because they can speak sensibly or speechread, or hear a bit. Another example would be looking down on deaf people who are CI-users based on their technology selection and their "choices" to hear a little.

    Audism is also perceived assumption that one is not "deaf enough" from a medical model (e.g. ability to hear)