Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Mother of Sociology" Discovered to Be Deaf Herself

The sociology field never acknowledged the true contribution of DEAF individual to the sociology field which many sociologists and well-known individuals like Karl Marx, Engles and other respectable sociologists used her methodology of sociological research.

No questions about how the audism and sexism played in suppressing many deaf individuals' true contributions to our own human existence.

Jason Tozier explained more in this enclosed video -


  1. wow!!Thanks for share!
    Left by deafnet

  2. Um

    Sociology acknowledged her. Harriet Martineau was mentioned in my (hearing college) sociology classes.

    Gallaudet was the one who refused to include her name as a Deaf sociologist because she didn't sign and repeatedly said she looked down on signing individuals.

  3. Harriet Martineau was formally acknowledged as the "founding mother of sociology" on the 12th of January 2009. Yet, her name does not appear on Gallaudet Archives' "Timeline," which is a historical list all the way from 1000 B.C. to the present.

    Martineau began losing hearing gradually during her childhood and became TOTALLY deafened at the age of twenty. She was deaf,
    but she was not deaf-mute.

  4. Anonymous,

    Oh I see about Gallaudet University never acknowledged her existence due to Martineau's own audistic attitudes toward deaf signers.


    Yes, I am much aware of Martineau as a late-deafened person, not really a "deaf-mute" according to her biography.

    Thanks very much for posting this one to educate the Deaf America. :)