Saturday, August 28, 2010


Oh boy, the latest drama within California's "AB 2072 bill", the enclosed letter from the California Audiologist Association (CAA) to Rep. Tony Mendoza.

So you could see for yourself with your OWN EYES what the true colors of audiologists and the California Coalition are all about, especially the deaf detractors and naysayers and deaf traitors.

Jesus Christ, audiologists do not possess any college degree in Deaf Education or the Education of the Deaf (preferable term). They claimed to be an educational expert for deaf children. *rolling eyes in disbelief* NOTHING NEW ABOUT AUDIOLOGISTS in general!

Miss Kat's Parents, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE and don't be dismissive of Deaf Leaders whose they KNOW, KNOW, KNOW what really going on! Thanks to JMS for this attachment.


  1. Audiologists aren't devils. I personally know several who are fluent in ASL and as well-versed in Education of the Deaf as anyone I've met. Just sharing my two cents.
    We shouldn't attack the group as a whole. Certainly there are bad apples in any bunch.

  2. To Anonymous - 2:58pm

    RLM wasn't talking about the few good audiologists. This post was about the California Academy of Audiology as an organization having most of the audiologists as the devils. The (d)eaf defractors are also the (d)eaf devils.

  3. What is the big deal if one child have a mild hearing loss and parents are being told about ASL as one of their option? More likely if child have any hearing loss at all, it may be progressively worst over the years (the parents should know that their child's hearing could get worst). the younger the child learn ASL the easier it for him to sign if he ever become profound deaf. I think the parents will need to discuss with someone who is familiar with people with communication and language disorder on the best way to handle someone with a mild hearing loss.

  4. RLM,

    Please credit the proper source of that letter that was made available to the public. It was Mike McConnell who made the effort to contact CAA for clarification and was given the letter to him and he graciously posted it on his Kokonut Pundit blog with CAA's permission and blessing.


  5. I've already published an 8 page booklet for audiologists that will give them a decent snapshot of ASL, deaf culture, and the recurring animosity cycles they require to maintain their preferred state of society survival.

    This will cal them down.

  6. To Richard Roehm,
    I've seen your comments about deaf people, and you've been shitty toward to deaf people for way too long already. You have no knowledge about deafness and their needs, so you back off.

  7. pay no attention to him. He only cares about his "TTY" and is mad that deaf people prefer VRS

  8. RLM. Why take credit for letter? Sound like sneaky liar to me. You got it from koko.

  9. RLM,
    check out an interesting vlog by DJDeafJoey
    Just ignore Richard Roehm like you see a dirty fat stray dog on isolated street. He is a mental illness.
    I will do same from now to on.

  10. oh, no, why so full of hate like deaf hate crime. pluzzze stop stabbing deaf pple's back. for god's sake, stop dividing deaf pple into groups through jealousy. jealousy and stabbing are a sign of mental illness, paranoia, etc etc

  11. Is RLM has mental issues?? Why angry and divide?