Saturday, September 11, 2010

ASL Film's "Black Sand" Reviews & Tibidts

Mark Wood surely emerge as the Deaf "Oscar Micheaux" which Wood and the ASL Films Production brought us series of ASL-centered entertainment films from "Forget Me Not" to the latest film release, "Black Sand".

The recent film screening of "Black Sand" at the Model Secondary School for the Deaf (MSSD), Washington, DC as part of fundraising event for the MSSD Alumni Association this September 10th and 11th, 7pm. The MSSD auditorium was pretty packed.

The ASL Films production always support the organizations of the deaf across America by splitting 70 percent to 30 percent from ticket sales.

ASL Film's "Black Sand" was pretty entertaining film. Wanna see the film again!

RLMDEAF decide not to spoil the prospective viewers with any details or hints. Preferably let you, deaf audience to see the film first before we have the discussion forum about the ASL Film's "Black Sand".

The ASL Film's enclosed film synposis really enough for the would-be deaf viewers to get the whole idea what the film is all about.

Mark Wood, the film director and several cast members of "Black Sand" made their surprise appearance on the MSSD Auditorium to field the questions about the film after the film screening.

The first question was from me, RLM about whether Chris B. Corrigian really became a professional actor. Chris replied "Yes, I had been performed the stage works before attending Gallaudet. I recently graduated from Gallaudet and went back to my acting roots (phrase)".

Mark Woods answered an question about how long to complete the pre-film and post-film production. "7 months".

Someone asked Mark Wood about the film script writing. Woods wanted to do something different with the real complicated storyline and character development (loose phrase), instead
of spoon-feeding the audience throughout the entire film.

RLM asked another question about one female character with interesting physical feature, especially the human hair whether it was natural or being done with special makeup. The deaf actress replied "The makeup person helped with the character image".

Other questions aimed at Mark Wood and cast members. Chris Corrigan shared his delightful experience with the hearing guy, who appeared in "Black Sand" as a caretaker. How the hearing male cast changed dramatically from the wooden person to "largely expressive person with easy time of doing the communication gestures. The deaf actress told how wonderful for the hearing lady being truly shy to the real delight to have her around the set. In the end, hearing lady played the housekeeper still shy about seeing herself on the film during the editing process.

The entire "Black Sand" cast members and production crew had a real wonderful time in Costa Rica during the filming.

RLM asked Mark Wood the direct question after the Q & A's session what will be his next film project. Wood replied "I do not know yet".

Look forward to more "ASL Film" production in near future! Mark Wood is definitely our "Oscar Micheaux"

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

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