Thursday, September 23, 2010

Deaf Guy Sued the Current Pope & CNN Special

CNN will air the 1 hour special this weekend, September 25th and 26th about "What the Pope Really Knew" along with the new discovery of admant sex abuses against 200+ deaf boys at the
St. John School for the Deaf, Milkwaukee, WI.

The deaf victim recently filed the lawsuit against the current Pope for shielding and protecting the one of worst priest pedophile within the Catholic "Whore of Bablyon" Church establishment.

ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Thanks for sharing, RLM. I met Terry when I attended CSUN one summer for high school students...forgot the name of the program. I think I went there in 1977 summer. Terry attended CSUN for graduate school or LTP...can't remember. I remember him as a wonderful man...sweetheart and nice. He always met me and others at pool side to chat for an hour or two...such a nice man...You know some Deaf men are aleck...Terry had none of So sorry what he went through and we all should clap clap clap...stomp stomp stomp for his bravery and get justice. I hope he and other men will win and prevail. This can't ever happened again. Dear Terry, if you are reading this...I am so very proud of you to come out and get justice. You are a great loving man.

    Penny (CA)

  2. get justice...I mean seek justice...Thanks.