Saturday, October 2, 2010

In Defense of Ken Davis, Deaf

First of all, Ken Davis NEVER, NEVER, NEVER claim to be a journalist. Davis is purely a news jockey to deliver his ponficiations (opinion, commentary) which he have much right as other vloggers and bloggers.

In the seas of Internet, there are too many unfiltered news reportings like Perz Hilton, very influential news shaker or Matt Drudge with many inaccurate news reportings.

Deaf NEVER, NEVER claimed to be the credible journalism or newsreporting. Ken Davis just use "NEWSPAPER" as a reminder of many fine deaf newspapers and "Little Family" tablets among deaf schools until 1950s.

Newspaper itself as a term meant printing news on cheap paper sheets. Ken Davis's "Deaf have to do nothing with the existence of newsprint paper sheets. His commentary/op-ed comes with the use of visual materials. Ken Davis do not hide behind the anonymous blog aggregator like Gina Sutton aka Candy. Ken came openly with his face and
ASL signings. Deaf America know that Ken Davis's news vlog postings really are not "newspaper".

Ken Davis would be properly called "columnist" or "op-ed" to share his thoughts. Davis's interpretation of the "AB 2072" coming from his own GUT FEELING what the AB 2072 bill really meant to him in personal way. Davis could see what the AB 2072 bill would lead to the next thing like the systematic path to quicker and easier implementation of getting deaf child to be cochlearized implanted thru the so-called gatekeepers' titled influences (audiologists and AVT greedy carpetbaggers).

Almost all newsreportings come with bias no matter how much we deny ourselves!

From what many deaf people across America get the first impression of the "AB 2072" bill after learning their experience with the "Early Hearing Detection Intervention" federal law known as EDHI.

At first, the Deaf America welcome the EDHI with open arms or no objections. Deaf Americans finally realized what the EDHI was really all about widening the path for the medical community to put the cochlear implants on many deaf babies and children as they could get on our deaf people.

Deaf Americans originally thought that the EDHI will be very helpful for parents to identify their deaf children and get them educated at early age, but they see the EDHI differently. More and more and more deaf babies and children ended up getting the CI, not introducing them to the world of deaf education. Deaf Americans had enough with the misleading intentions of so-called laws.

So the Deaf California rose against the AB 2072 bill since the deaf community NEVER got consulted on any legislative bills which greatly affected them as a social and linguistic community.

Deaf California and the Deafhood movement do NOT lose their face at all. They done very brillant political brinkmanships to defeat the AB 2072 bill by adding the lead metals on bill itself to sink and get vetoed. They were against the AB 2022 bill all the way while Barry Sewell, Mike McConnell, Candy and others flip-flopped on that bill through the whole process.

From the beginning, the "California Coalition" sleathly pushed for the AB 2072 bill thru Rep. Tony Mendoza without any inputs from the Deaf California community. The AB 2027 supporters among Barry Sewell, Mike McConnell, Candy and others along with the California Coalition GOT
EGGS ON THEIR FACES in the end, NOT the AB 2072 opponents.

Deaf California and Deafhood supporters were brilliantly played the California Legislature and Governor "Terminator" like the "Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby" folkfore.

Every of us could see who are outsmarted, outmanuevered, outwitted by the cultural and linguistic community with little money and humanpower. Deaf California and Deafhood supporters are the real 'Brer Rabbit" while the California Coalition, California Legislative
and Governor "Terminator" were the 'Brer Fox".

"Brer Rabbit" Deaf Community thumped and thumped and hopped and hopped in real joy to
defeat the AB 2072 bill thru brillant manuvering against the finanical Golitah - greedy audiologists, money-hungry CI manfacturers and exploitive AVT schools, clueless legislators
and budget-conscious Governor with the Kennedy name heavily hung on his neck especially Maria Shriver squeezed Arnie's balls.

Deaf America did outsmart, outwit and outmanuever the Hearing Establishment with the Deaf President Now 1988 protest, the Unity for Gallaudet 2006 protest and the Ab 2072 bill opposition all over again.

Mike McConnell denounced the Unity for Gallaudet 2006 protest and the AB 2072 bill opposition. Mikey and Barry Sewell and Candy and White Ghost were the ones whose got
eggs on their faces!

Ken Davis is also the Brer' Rabbit. Never underestimate the former deaf minister like Ken Davis. He is not really a dumb guy! Ken Davis is a great Deaf American with his stylish ASL signings! Look forward more of Ken Davis in the near future!

Who get the last laughs?? Of course, Deaf America! We laugh so hard on the floor and amuse at ourselves how we are really brilliant. Audists are real dummies along with Mike McConnell, Barry Sewell, Candy and White Ghost!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Why angry? You try tell people opinion but not work well and not ration smart. Call names does not work. Only smart argument.


  2. It doesn't matter. More and more parents, even deaf parents, are choosing CIs for their deaf babies. That's a fact.

  3. Anonymous 7:33,

    The cochlear implant is not the real issue.

    Most of those medical and hearing device industries discriminates against American Sign Language and that is the real issue.

    When a person or an organization doesn't approve or discriminates cochlear implant, it is ok to raise hell and marginalize this person/organization.

    But when a person or an organization doesn't approve or discriminates American Sign Language, they are respected and approve/accept their ideology such as AGBell, Tony Mendoza, Barry Sewell, Mike McConnell, Candy, White Ghost, Richard Roehm and their loony cronies.

    That's a fact.

  4. AB 2072 R.I.P.

    Closed Society WINNER

    Hidden Society LOSSER

    Deaf Newspaper THUMB UP

  5. Hallo Sour Candy if you are reading here! WTF you are doing? Did you ever have the interview with Ken Davis before??? I met him at my local Deaf Club! Wow, he is a VERY NICE HUMAN GUY...

    Candy, you are very HIDING PERSON with no photo and video show! What does that means??? You seem wanting to be "no human being" yourself???? Why are you mocking on some of us who are NOT intelligent??? I'm watching you and other commenters in mcconnell colony so very carefully!!!! I don't even CARE because you and others are teaching us how to be BULLY BACK like KARMA !!!
    commented by PopeMistress

  6. Yup, yellow journalism at its best!


  7. Tousi,

    Yup, yellow journalism(bloggers) at its best! - Barry Sewell, Mike McConnell and Candy(Gina Sutton)


  8. It doesn't matter if they outsmart them. It matters if they were heard.

  9. Anonymous 9:33

    "It doesn't matter if they outsmart them. It matters if they were heard."

    Barry Sewell, Mike McConnell and Candy(Gina Sutton want to be heard and recruit more satanism followers.

  10. Now Ken Davis pay the price for expose his mislead words.

  11. Anonymous 5:28

    Don't worry about Ken Davis, the real devils are Barry Sewell, Mike McConnell and Candy-Gina Sutton. They are the ones hurting Deaf children and supporting organizations discriminating ASL.

  12. You gotta see this blog!!!!!

  13. Hi there (Anonymous 7:46pm),

    Yes, I am much aware of this blog posting which end up in the DR Extra page. :(

    I will follow up with that blog posting later today or tmw. Tks again for notifying me on that significant blog posting. :)