Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mitt Romney's Father Murdered Deaf Guy

Mitt Romney, the current GOP presidential frontrunner's own father, Michigan governor, George Romney was indirectly responsible for the death of deaf guy during the late 1960s' Detroit race riot(s).
Mitt Romney was in the Detroit prep school at that time.

Governor George Romney mishandled the Detroit race riot all over the place which he repeatedly asked the U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson to send in the federal troops. Johnson refused to do upon the request of Governor George Romney. Johnson strongly disagreed with Governor George Romney why the U.S. Government should send in the federal troops to squelch the widespread race riots all over Detroit. Romney pointed out the U.S. law - the U.S. Insurrection Law of the 1807. Romney's Michigan National Guards failed to contain the riot protesters which the Detroit police department was well-known for their own police brutality. President Johnson finally sent the federal troops after getting Governor George Romney to sign the legal agreement about the Detroit race riot got out of control.

Roy Delco Banks, the 46 years old African American deaf guy walked to the bus from his house. The Michigan National Guard shot him behind the back without any warnings. The National Guard mistakenly thought that Banks was an escaped looter. The neighbors and relatives disputed the claims about Banks ran with another guy from the store which the citywide curfew was imposed til 5:30am. Roy Banks rose at 4am for going to work. Roy and his wife owned the house. Roy Banks got hit in the right groin and died from bullet wounds on Monday, August 15th, 1967 at 4:30pm.

The shooting of Roy Banks led to more inflamed riots all over Detroit area which people were very angry about an innocent man being shot to death. The Detroit race riots continued over days which was recorded as the "second" worst urban riot in the history of the United States of America - real destructive and deadliest - 800 dead and 2,000 buildings destroyed.

The Toledo Blade newspaper from Ohio ran an article on the death of Roy Banks on August 16, 1967 -,4623689

George Romney and Mitt Romney shared much personal mannerisms which raised questions about how fit for Mitt Romney to be elected as the President of the United States. The past "father -son" political dynasty for leading the country often resulted in disastrous leadership from "John Quincy Adams" to George W. Bush" with their former "president' father, "John Adams" and "George Herbert Walker Bush". George Romney did run for the GOP presidential race in 1968 against Richard M. Nixon, the front runner. Romney ended up doing very bizarre stuff like claiming that he was brainwashed on the issue of 'Vietnam War". From Romney's own saying -

"When I came back from Viet Nam [in November 1965], I'd just had the greatest brainwashing that anybody can get." He then shifted to opposing the war: "I no longer believe that it was necessary for us to get involved in South Vietnam to stop Communist aggression in Southeast Asia." Decrying the "tragic" conflict, he urged "a sound peace in South Vietnam at an early time." Thus Romney disavowed the war and reversed himself from his earlier stated belief that the war was "morally right and necessary".[139]"

Governor George Romney never bothered to revisit Roy Delco Banks' unfortunate incident like assigning the commission to find out who the Michigan National Guard serviceman irresponsibly shot Banks to his slow and painful death. Gov. George Romney never visited the widow of Roy Delco Banks to pay the respect to Roy or provided any monetary compensation.

Roy Delco Banks' educational background and job profession were largely unknown where he attended the school for the deaf or held the job.

In the memory of Roy Delco Banks and his loved ones and friends, we ought to create the permanent honor for this innocent victim undeservedly got shot without any formal warnings. Deaf Americans are much aware of this very common police tactic and practice for them to shoot and ask questions later.

The National Association of the Deaf, Michigan State Association of the Deaf and Detroit deaf organizations ought to establish the permanent monument of Roy Delco Banks, a victim of poorly-planned urban riot control and uncaring public office holders. That will symbolize our greater presence to be safe and protected by any means of law enforcement and military protection.

For raising the question(s) about Mitt Romney's mental/emotional fitness to lead our country within his personal mannerism and leadership style. You could see for yourself how Mitt Romney lost his cool with the reporter at the running time - 2;42. You could see how "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" Mitt Romney could be.

ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason


  1. I don't think the article is fair. Even if it is true, Gov. George Romney was trying to save people's lives by asking for help in stopping the riots in Detroit. More people could have been hurt or died if he hadn't. As we have seen so often from the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and wars from previous history, innocent people often are killed just because they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. You can't blame George Romney for what happened, nor is it fair to say that he passed on to his son Mitt a character that would cause him to do the same! How would you like to be blamed for something your father did???? That is SO not right!

    1. Especially when he's got his own evil actions to account for. Any body who can carelessly take food from childrens mouths to fatten their own pockets is evil enough. He shouldnt be blamed for his fathers actions. Even if they are VERY alike.

  2. Adding to my previously anonymous comment, I interpret this article as a deliberate attempt to dig up matter how irrelevant...and twist it for the purpose of trashing a political candidate's reputation in order to steer potential voters away. I, for one, am sick and tired of this kind of nasty politics, and I know tons of people who feel the same matter WHO the candidate is! This is just morally WRONG! For the record, my name is Janelle Harrison, and I posted my previous comment as "Anonymous" because I'm not too computer savvy and can't figure out how to enter the URL right...not because I'm afraid to voice my opinions publicly.


  4. Should we all be judge based on something our parents did or didn't do?

  5. YOu have a personal agenda!! Keep it to yourself, Mr asshole!!

  6. No proof. The newspaper article is no proof? How would you feel if your father, son, grandson, nephew were killed the way this man was? Who would you blame? Oh that's right no investigation into who shot the unarmed man. Who called in the National Gaurd?

  7. I didn't realize that you are really that stupid on blaming Mitt for the action he didn't do it!!! Am glad that you and I arenot friends!!

  8. Dawn schriver really entertained us in her no bright message here as an anonymous commenter. She needs to accept the fact we have the right to our opinions. Thanks,Robert for sharing.

  9. Do not vote this man Mitt Romney for good and kick his ass off !!!

  10. thank you for the article. i don't think half the commenters on here realized the mitt romney does shoot first and ask question later, based on the light of death of the consulate in Libya, while President Obama does it differently. so yes, it pass on from one father to another.

  11. Wow! If I was being compared to my father for what he has done, That's really sad! What if I am a good man? Any of my deeds matter? No because something what my father did. Everyone has done something bad including your own each father...Would you like it if your father was a serial murderer and you aren't? Ha! I am nothing like my dad!

  12. I hate Mitt, But i have to say this is definitely Propaganda! This event was part of a series of unfortunate circumstances. Gov. Romney had to put out orders to regain order. If you want to talk about him, point out he doesn't even know the difference between a rhetorical question and a statement. or That when he was asked if he would invest billions of dollars into a company who would not divulge their plans or visions for success. would he invest. All I heard was crickets because his answer would have been NO! With so many real issues why do people feel they have to create one?

  13. Okay, no. I refuse to buy into this crap. This is purely only George Romney and it wasn't even his own fault alone. You're just playing the whole deaf card and using another man's story to smear a person today.

    I'm not excusing anything of Mitt's own doing, and yes, there is something to be said of familial influence.

    However, to use something that is completely separate, happened 50 years ago when Mitt was only what... 10 years old, and wasn't completely the fault of George Romney in the first place (if anything, it's the National Guardsman himself and the training he received) to influence a person's emotions today in the direction of voting smacks of baseless accusations for ulterior motives.

    When you go down this kind of path, you're no better than the people who're driving at trying to get Mitt elected.

    Put aside your own bias (being Deaf) and use logic and stay relevant to today's topics, please, not things that happened 50 years ago.

  14. I dont believe it was mitt romney murdered deaf guy. it was natinoal milailary accident shot deaf. I still will vote mitt romney.

  15. I will not vote Mitt Romney. He is loser. Obama is won.

  16. I'm Deaf. Long time ago there was no proper education. I could not blame anyone because of lack of force training. But yesh I am scared if still today? Smile