Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why We Should Not Support NAD

Not me! If the NAD really cares about deaf people in general. NAD should offer the nominal/reduced fees for deaf individuals, ex. unemployed, low-income and elderly to attend the conference. Same thing with the NAD membership, too. I often think about creating the nationwide advocacy organization to compete with the NAD to fight for the rights of Deaf/deaf, etc.

I already eyewitnessed how NAD offer the cheap talks, cheap talks, cheap talks. NAD betrayed the low-income deaf people when came to the 21th Century Communication Access law, they were willing to throw the low-income deaf people over bus by not really fighting for the amendment to provide the low-cost Internet access under the Link-Up/Lifeline program.

NAD took the federal funds designated for providing the legal services for the low-income deaf individuals with legal problems and ended up spending $$$ on legal issues affecting Deaf /deaf Americans. If the U.S. Congress know about how NAD used the federal fundings for another purpose, the NAD could be in real trouble for misuse of federal funds. NAD is really for the elitism, not the whole Deaf American community! Enuff is enuff!

I did offer my availability for volunteer tasks to help out the NAD. Guess what? I never receive any replies from NAD.

How come didn't NAD offer the grassroot deaf advocacy leadership trainings in various regional areas at no cost or reduced fees for low-income and unemployed deaf individuals or elderly deaf people to empower themselves and make real difference with deaf advocacy leadership in their communities?

NAD still do not have its own media relations/media department so far in the 21th Century!

NAD really do not represent the entire Deaf America and just focus on their paid members.

WHY the NAD had to have the meetings every 6 weeks with the Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf (AGBad)? Would any linguisitc/cultural minority bother to have the meeting with the Nazis or oppressor targeting for their demise? I think not!

Yes, NAD is the oldest "civil rights" organization in America. We kinda proud of it! :)

ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason