Sunday, September 9, 2012

Deaf character in "Resident Evil : Retribution" film

There will be the deaf character in the upcoming sci-fic/horror/zombie film, "Resident Evil - Restribution", the fifth film sequel to the 'Resident Evil" back to 2002.- Wiki info on the first film -

Very same child actress from another film, "Orphan" play the deaf character in "Resident Evil "Restribution". The child actress is Arayana Engineer. Hpw odd for this kind of surname - Engineer. You probably remember the cute blond deaf girl primarly use sign language in "Orphan" thriller film. That is her!  The child actress is really partially deaf herself, not profoundly deaf as widely believed at the beginning.

"Orphan" 2009 film trailer - 

Image of Arayana Engineer -

Image of Arayana's character from "Orphan" film - from Arayanna Engineer's own website.

Arayanna Engineer was discovered by the agent when she signed with her real-life mother. Her life was completely changed as a superb perfomer in the 2009 film, "Orphan". Arayanna have many fans and admirers of her film performance in "Orphan". Many people considered Arayanna to be one of the best
performer in "Oprhan" to the rest of film cast.

So the deaf character in 'Resident Evil - Retribution" will be not the signing one which the Wiki Encyclopedia incorrectly stated for this film. The deaf character in film trailer was seen by speaking orally "Do not go into this room!" as what the Wiki claimed. The deaf character and leading character known as "Alice", the anti heroine fought against the evils of corporatism and genetic engineering went astray led to the breeding of flesh-eating zombies. The relationship between the deaf child and Alice will be much like "Ripley and Newt" from "Aliens", the second film sequel to the 1979's "Alien" film. The name of deaf character is Becky.

You could see Becky a.k.a. Arayanna Engineer signed ASL in the official film trailer -

Biographical info on Arayana Engiener -

Here is the original film trailer (first film) of 'Resident Evil" (this trailer is very unjustifiable toward the whole fim) -

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