Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Real Shocking About Some Audist Hollywood Stars!

From reading actor Robert Wagner's autobiography book this early morning.

You could find what Robert Wagner really look like - Actor Robert Wagner was known as the first twinky star for teen girl audience.

To my own shocks about the legendary actress Bette Davis was overly prejudiced toward anyone, who could not hear. Robert Wagner was a well-known actor in handful of films and television series. Wagner wrote that actress Bette Davis blurted out "She could not hear!!" in reference to actress Lillian Gish during the filming of "Whales in August" 1980s film. Actress Bette Davis scoffed about why Lillian Gish bother to perform at her own age. Both actress were in their 80s. Gish was in her nearly 100 years old. Bette Davis' sayings could be find on the page 222 of Robert Wagner's autobiography book. Bette Davis was among the
Golden Age Hollywood's biggest and powerful movie stars.

Here is the information about actress Bette Davis -  Many deaf people actually enjoyed the performance of Bette Davis over decades.

Robert Wagner also wrote that he proudly being part of the John Tracy Clinic in his autobiography on page 323. Wagner was the husband of respectable actress Natitale Woods whom died under suspectible nature - water drowning from the yacht.

Many deaf television audience fondly remember Robert Wagner from the ABC-TV's "Hart to Hart" detective couple show with actress Stephanine Powers in the 1980s decade. The "Hart to Hart" tv show was among the first television shows to be closed captioned for the deaf audience after very popular tv show, "Dynasty" among the deaf communities on every Wednesday nights!

You, readers could see his name on the John Tracy Clinic board members -

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Robert L. Mason (RLM)

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