Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Deaf Gally Professor, L. Synder-Garnder Died in Recent Fire

Regretfully informed you, RLMDEAF readers about the unfortunate incident involved Deaf Gallaudet University math professor and her daughter and ten pets died in the rented house blaze.

The name of Gallaudet University deaf math professor - It's Laura Synder-Garnder. Very sad. Her deaf daughter, Mary Ann, a junior at Gallaudet University, was killed as well as ten pets- two dogs and eight cats. Laura Synder-Garnder had very outgoing personality.

Laura's son taught math at Gallaudet, too.

No photo available of Laura Synder-Garnder. Just the group photo of Gallaudet University's Science, Technology and Mathematics Department. No idea of what Laura Synder-Garnder look like.

That assumed Laura Synder-Garnder to be the contractual employee, not the tenured or full-time professor.

Here is the individual photo of deceased Laura Synder-Garnder from Gallaudet employee file :

ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Correction : Mary Ann Synder-Garnder was the Model Secondary School for the Deaf (MSSD) student, not Galladet University student as previously reported on this blog. Many thanks to Aaron Evans for the correction. Greatly appreciated for his correction, Evans.

Here is the Facebook page of Laura & Mary Ann-Gardner -!/InMemoryOfMaryannLauraGardner


  1. So sorry to hear that and it's sad day for me and everyone. I knew her. When I returned to Gally in 2005 , she was there and very nice person. RIP to her, her daughter and her pet. My prayer is with her family. God bless them all....Thank Robert Mason for the information.

  2. Did her husband survive?

  3. Darryl,

    Laura Synder-Gardner seems not having any husband at this moment.


  4. Laura's ex-husband is still alive. He was not at the house when the fire incident occurred.

  5. Anonymous, Yes, I am much aware of her ex husband not in the house!