Sunday, August 25, 2013

Constitutional Amendment to Protect American Sign Language

That is the time for us, Deaf America to mobilize to get the constitutional amendment to protect our minority or community language use with American Sign Language (ASL).

My 2006 "RLMDEAF" blog posting did urge Deaf America to get the congressional legislation for the protection of our minority / community language use known as American Sign Language. That blog posting mysteriously disappeared into thin air. Don't know how it disappeared.

This PDF attachment from the European Union is an excellent reading for how to get the constitutional amendment to protect our ASL from being assaulted upon, denied, watered down, dismissed, scorned, misguided and mangled.

Handful of Asian countries like Indonesia already had the legal protection of minority / community language. Australia ever have the congressional protection of indigenous language (s), too.

Let's get busy to get in the coalition with the allies of language rights to make the constitutional amendment to protect ASL as a minority / community language before the election of 2014 !

Please sign up for the coalition - ASL as Protected "Minority /Community Language" to get the U.S. Congress and the linguistic communities across the United States of America.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason
RLMDEAF blog / vlog

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