Tuesday, June 20, 2017

How CJ Jones Mobilized Deaf Communities With His Self-Promotion For "Baby Driver" Incoming Film

For months, CJ Jones, longtime Deaf actor proudly self-promoted his first "major" film appearance in "Baby Driver", adrenaline-packed film which has well-received by the very influential "Rotten Tomatoes" aggregator thru YouTube postings and Deaf social media interviews.

Too bad, "Baby Driver" producers, Wiki and other publicity sources didn't bother to enclose CJ Jones as part of the film cast because he had a pivotal role as the aging foster father to the leading character within the "Baby Driver" film. Neither the film poster or film trailer didn't include the image / appearance of CJ Jones. :-(

The IMBD social media aggregator is only the one of film community to list CJ Jones as part of the film crew and his biographical information - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3890160/fullcredits/

The film producers and film studio and distributor ought to appreciate CJ Jones' self-promotion efforts for catching the niche audience to flock and see the "Baby Driver" film.

Haven't seen the film clip of CJ Jones' performance in "Baby Driver" film yet. Nor know if his performance is worthy-seeing. Just the film publicity still shots. :-(

Will the CJ performance be the standout role within the "Baby Driver" film? Wait and see..

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Robert L. Mason
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