Friday, July 27, 2007

The Untold Story of NTID as Orginally Desginated for Oralist Deaf Students!

Several NTID alumnus told me last week about the little-known story of National Technical Institute of the Deaf (NTID) in Rochester, NY was originally desginated as the school for oralist deaf students, but the U.S. Congress refused to approve such an original proposal from Dr. William Castle. Unbelievable!

Thank Goodness, the U.S. Congress back in late 60s, insisted that the proposal for the NTID to serve deaf students of all linguistic and communication methods background. Dr. William Castle caved in to the wishes of the wisest and logical U.S. Congress.

We know the NTID nowaday accompanying the diverse student body within their linguistic uses and communication methods.

We are much aware of the history of Alexander Graham Bell (AGB) and the Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf engaged in frightening "social engineering" of deaf people to deprieve their most practical and accessible communication effectiveness like the use of American Sign Language and natural language. For example, Alexander Graham Bell successfully persuaded the state New York legislative body to fund and operate the Lexington School for the Deaf in the city of New York to exclude the deaf students with the use of sign language.

In the end, we saw the real failure on AGB's part for his claims about helping deaf Lexington students to intergrate fully into the society at large. The Lexington graduates ended up formed their own deaf social club and not participated in any hearing civic societies.

Nature always come to the works of mystery which we, human beings could not able to master our human destinty. We ought to let the nature taking its own course, not meddlings from the likes of Alexander Graham Bell proponents.

We ought to call for the formal investigation into the NTID's taxpayer funds for engaged in the exclusivity of other deaf people from being one of the sponsor of the Alexander Graham Bell's professional development conference for medical professionals and speech therapists.

Will there be the formal boycott against the Marriott, Inc for their lack of proper handlings of dissenters and protestors without any senstivity training(s) regarding culturally deaf populace? Hope so!

Before closing this blog posting. Yes, this blog ought to enclose historical documentations involved the original proposal for the NTID's exclusivity of deaf student signers and catered to oralist deaf students only in timely manner.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Wow, I didn't know that. Thank God congress decided in our favor.

    If it had happened the way Castle wanted it to, then we'd have a real problem. Oralists wouldn't have the opportunity to find their identity.

  2. Hi Robert,

    Thanks for sharing info with us about NTID. I am so glad that it did not happen to oralize NTID!

    Canadians and students from other countries were not allowed to attend NTID till around a decade ago.


  3. Oh, you are full of shit! This is baloney!

  4. I'm a longtime Rochester native, one of the first teachers at the newly opened NTID, and this is the first I have heard of oralist "schemings" in the origin of NTID. All the new staff and faculty could sign from the first day, even Dr. Castle and Dr. Frisina, and those who joined not knowing sign were expected to learn it. Most of the first students also could sign.

    This blog needs to be substantiated. As far as I am concerned, it's just hooey.