Friday, November 30, 2007

How to Blog/Vlog Safely Without Getting Fired, Demoted or Suspended

Kim Symansky, Olathe, Kansas of "Deaf Mom3" vlogger expressed such concerns about many state and municipal employees within many residential schools of the deaf being forbidden from blogging and vlogging off-duty premises.

There are several organizations and legal experts helping out bloggers/vloggers with their own constitutional rights to express themselves like the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). Legal guides for bloggers and vloggers are included in this website and other websites devoted to the freedom of expression and the speech.

More and more municipal governments and educational institutions forbade their own employees from having their own blogs/vlogs outside the employment premises due to fear about privacy issues, ex. students.

California is only the U.S. state with protections for people from getting fired, demoted, reprisal and suspended in any ways.

State and municipal employees ought to check out with their unions and employment guidelines and employment attorneys. They could blog anonymously without anyone find out the real identity of individual(s) involved.

Hopefully that will be very reassuring and helpful for would-be deaf bloggers/vloggers, who happen to be employed within public sectors.

Freedom of expression and the speech should prevail within all of us from tyranny, fear and condemnation.

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Good information! I can pass this to my friends who are worried about blogging and vlogging privately. Thanks, RLM!

  2. RLM, thanks for sharing this critical information. I'm not even sure if my own state allows Deaf employees having their own Vlog/Blogs. We need to empower each other and encourage our Deaf friends having the freedom to be part of the, Facebook, and so forth.

  3. Website for the EFF, please. That'd be helpful. Thanks.

  4. RLM,

    It is utterly unconceivable that employers distort the egalitarian
    principles by fostering fear amongst employees, for our country is not totalitarian. We must desist certain staff and faculty members from being autocratic towards bloggers,
    vloggers, dissenters. We are
    entitled to the right of opinining
    and criticism.

  5. Good information, but I am not too sure about that. They can create their own blog/vlog in a good way at home.

    Old times, they write journals.

    Now, they use blogs/vlogs.

  6. Would wonder if that cover students having issues with universities/colleges; desire to expose concerns on campus on their blogs/vlogs?
    Cannot say my name, as I'm concerned about the risk what could happen if I gave my name, as I am a student at an university.

  7. Anonymous,

    Here is the Electronic Frontier Foundation website -

    Or type "freedom of speech and organization" on any search engine, preferably Yahoo.


  8. Anonymous #2,

    University/college students ought to express themselves freely without getting fear of reprisal or suspended or expelled.

    The latest U.S. Supreme Court case support the educational institution, ex. school or university, to impose the restriction on freedom of the speech or expression due to the best interests of preserving the peaceful and safe environment. Total hogwash!

    That's why, the I. King Jordan and Jane Fernandes adminstration seized the Tower Clock yearbooks under Ryan Commerson's editorship in name of complying with student complaints.

    All of us already knew that was not really the case. The Tower Clock yearbook case under Ryan Commerson mocked and questioned IKJ's sincerity and so-called committments to ASL issues.

    Students really could compose to expose the wrongdoings or unethical behaviors with conclusive evidence(s) anonyomously.

    Just cover up the trail of IP e-address without getting caught. I rather not explain details on this very public forum. Okay?


  9. Jean Boutcher, well-said comments regarding the undemocratic practices of employers and providers impose upon free thinkers express themselves.

    Thanks to everyone leaving comments. I am glad to be of any help fighting for the freedom of expression and the speech.

    Everyone know that the freedom of expression and the speech are under the gray area within laws and legal protections. More of us get educated about the ideals of freedom of expression and the speech.

    We will defeat any autocratic meanings of dictating our thoughts on the public forum.