Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Book Pointed Out to AGB's Deceptive Practices

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  1. Oh, puh-leeze. Many people were working toward similar inventions in that time period, including communication, flight, understanding of genetics, etc. Dr. Bell's particular invention was different from others. The author of the new book goes against many other scholars and shows his own lack of understanding of patent law.

    I find it humorous that this book interests you. Have you read it, or others about Dr. Bell? Do you know whose lives he saved by his inventions? Do you know about the iron lung? What about the metal detector? Do try to brush up on you knowledge before trying to declare someone fraudulent simply because he believed that deaf individuals can and should function in the society at large and not simply in an insular, closed-off community. Dr. Bell's wife, Mabel, was first and foremost the champion of this concept, and spurred him toward his work to help those individuals. She showed him the way, and his mother also encouraged him by her desire to live in the world at large.