Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Effective Protest Tactics Against "Steak 'n Shakes"

First of all, I owe a heartfelt apology to Karen Putz for my harsh criticism of her so-called melee with the "Steak 'n Shakes" establishment. I should refrain myself from writing up the blog piece without knowing the full story what really happened.

Let's do the effective protest tactics to teach the "Steak 'n Shakes" fast-food chains for defying such common sense approach to modify or resolve the given situation with Karen Putz. How come didn't the simple order like two milkshakes be served without making any fuss within the assigned manager of this fast food establishment?

We ought to do the "seize" and "park" of the drive-thru path at most "Steak 'n Shakes" establishment during the very busy lunch hours. We have to be pragmatic about wavering some sites if the manager have the history of accommodating deaf customers in the past. We do not need to stir up the wrong hornet nest.

Get any deaf volunteers including kids to see if they will come down to seize the drive-thru path of the "Steak 'n Shakes" on arranged day. Please notify the media about time and location of organized protest.

Simply go around to the drive-thru window as other deaf drivers drive up behind the coordinator of the protest, then turn off the engine and give the auto keys to your kids to hide them from the police officers. That will block the "Steak 'n Shakes" drive-thru paths for hours and cause those establishments losing their profits from usual busy lunch traffic.

That will definitely TEACH the "Steak 'n Shakes" establishment how they ought to treat deaf drivers without any difficulties. The "Steak 'n Shakes" will get the message of dealing with deaf customers.

Ever stand in the line inside the "Steak 'n Shakes" establishment to keep other hearing customers from ordering anything at those places. Just ignore the manager and employee(s) and use ASL with rhetorical question for facial expression.

If the police officers are called upon. Just make gesture that you try to place the order, but tell the police that the manager and employee(s) give you or other deaf protesters hard time for ordering some items.

Please check out the local ordinance to find out if any organized protest like seizing and parking is against the law . Find the civil rights lawyer(s) or legal consultant(s) and have him/her coming to the protest to observe as a witness. Okay?

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Or park your car and try to listen to speaker for a long long time! Say you need interpreter or should I drive up the window to order?

  2. Thank you for your apology. I have a meeting with the Steak 'n Shake corporate office tomorrow. They are providing an interpreter for this. I hope to reach an understanding about providing future access at ALL of their drive thrus.