Saturday, January 26, 2008

You, HOH Whiners About Deaf Access!!!

Oh boy! You, Hard of Hearing or Hearing Impaired populace tend to whine about the so-called deaf access within the fast food outlets!

You, HOH/deaf individuals ought to do the real favor to the Mother Earth (real fragile macro-organism) by getting out of your vehicle and walking up to the counter to make some orders. Stop the gasoline emission from contributing to the growing seriousness of climate changes! Why you have to sit on your fat tush and drive by the drive-thru windows??

Fast food stuffs are not good for you anyway. Consuming food ought to be the special moment to appreciate your dining in relaxing manner than chomping up or gulping heart-cloggin' drinks (ex. milkshakes). Why drink the milkshakes in the wintertime? People in general, should learn to sit down and eat foods at the real table. No time for such a task? When will you take a hard look at yourself what you and others are doing to each others like screaming out about the lack of deaf access?

No wonder, the majority of American kids are really obese (fat ones)! What an idea of teaching your own kids how to lead such a life like too lazy to get out of the car and walk up to the counter to order some foods for convienence!

We, deaf and hoh people will be better off by not patronizing any business that doesn't provide equal accessibility/accomodation. Why waste our own energy or give ourselves real stress like taking up an issue with the so-called deaf access.

Parents of young children ought to stock up fresh fruits/vegetables, nuts, sunflower seeds and other healthy snakcs in their own personal vehicle as a case of emergency for energy resurgence, etc.

People ought go back to the days of food huntings and gatherings than waltzing thru the fast food establishment drive-thru. We spend too much on the Internet browsing, television viewings and shopping of non-necessity stuffs nowaday.

The HOH parent of young son ought to be legally cited for providing junk foods to hir own son. Any parents smoke in their own homes with presence of children, ought to be legally charged for child abuse and endangerment to the health of their own children.

Is our deaf society getting too lazy like making a whiny demand for the deaf access to the fast food drive-thru orders? We really do not have to follow the footsteps of other fat hearies like going to the fast food outlets.

Let's do something productive like raising the standards in Pre-K to 12 deaf education to produce well-rounded deaf individuals and strength the employment protections among deaf employees from being systematically discriminated or unfairly demoted or fired, etc.

Real shame on Karen Putz and other bloggers/vloggers for making a big fuss about not being served "heart-clogging" drinks at the Steak 'N Shakes. So what?

More to life than craving for something that will clog your hearts and produce excessive mucus coming from the consumption of dairy products. Comprendo?

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. You're missing the whole point, as you often do on a variety of issues; this is about civil rights and discrimination, not about nutrition and conservation.

    Read another blogger's "Reasons for drive-thrus".


  2. Rather harsh, aren't you? Believe me, a lot of us would love to go back to the days of hunting and every other healthy alternative to the fast food world we are in. Now, I will say this: I don't drive and I certainly don't like to eat at fast food places very much as they tend to throw my digestive system into haywire.

    But, who's to say that people want to be like others? You could even see this incident in exercising our public education to the masses via the media. One step goes a long way for other areas of our lives, such as the all important education.

    If you don't want to view that as such, then I'm sorry, I don't know what else to tell you, but I can certainly say that people want to do the same thing as everyone else, and let them choose to be fat on their asses by going through the drive through as they wish.

    It's America after all, let others exercise what they want to do with their lives as they wish.

  3. Hey Robert,
    You are very shamed!!
    You should support Karen!!!
    You are very rude to deaf or HOH!!
    I believe you are not deaf, CI or what ??

  4. In other words, deaf people should accept being treated differently from their peers because they are deaf? That doesn't sound like you

    If hearing consumers can order their food through the drive thru, then deaf consumers can do the same thing. Deaf people can be just as lazy as hearing people.. They are entitled to it.

    What about these deaf people who are truly handicapped.. cannot walk, etc? They'll be put in a disadvantage, too.

    Fast Food restaurants now serve healthy meals, by the way :)

  5. Theres proper procedure through doj website. wait a few months.


    It is you who need to wake up.

    Even the DEAF is told by those places NOT to walk up to the counter but go to drive by after hours. (that's after 10 pm to morning)

    I know because it happened to me at Wendy's. They made me walk to the drive by in front of another car, to order a meal.

  7. I think, HOH should be allowed to access

  8. Elle and others,

    I do not have any kids. I do understand how difficult for parents to deal with their own children when come to the dining scene outside the home.

    Ordering the milkshakes in the wintertime? Come on! That is really not the convinent dining option to keep from being hungry or emergency medical reason for anyone low on blood sugar or diabetic or whatever medical syptoms they are.

    I did walk up to the drive-thru past the midnight hours for quick food orders next to other cars in front of me. I did exhale gasoline emissions from other cars. I don't like it very much!

    More cities and towns begin to ban the fast foods' drive thru to fight against the global warming. I am with them!

    I know what some of you meant that we ought to have equal accessiblity/accomodation which other hearing people have such privileges, etc.

    The issue of global warming is more important than whining about the limited access to some places. Our Mother Earth is an irreplacable existence.

    Many American soliders returned from Iraq, did not receive any kind of proper care or full access to the medical and mental help, etc.

    Life is a bitch! We, the humans have the ability to modify anything to succeed or accomplish.

    Suppose that the fast food establishment like the Steak 'n Shakes finally install the ADA-modifications, but no deaf people come to patronize that place.

    What will be good about putting up the accessibility feature nobody come to use?

    No questions about the Steak 'N Shakes already made the costly mistake of denying the deaf driver from the fast food orders. This place dearly pay for not willing to compromise or accompany such unusual requests, etc. That was their own stupidity!

    Karen Putz seems have the ability to speak orally from what I did get such an impression from her on the television newscast. Why didn't she speak into the speaker?

    What is the real point for anyone deaf to be drilled to speak orally if the trained deaf oralist could not able to speak into the fast food speaker, etc?

    We ought to get rid of the fast food industry which make foods too accessible.


  9. If you can't hear well, you can't use the speaker at a drive thru (even if your speech is intelligible). Why? Because you have to know WHEN to speak. You have to be able to hear the person say "May I take your order?" or "One moment, please." If you can't hear the person, you can't order at the speaker. They also read back your order to confirm it and they ask you questions ("Would you like a drink with that?" etc.)

    I've got to tell you: your negative and rude attitude is far worse for the heart and health than a milkshake! Take a deep breath.