Friday, January 18, 2008

Public Apology to CI Users, But .....

I meant to issue a sincere public apology to the CI users everywhere, but NOT the parents of deaf youngsters to impose their own ideal of what the world should be.

I am really much PLEASED to see more and more deaf people raising their hands and say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"

I have no intention of putting down the CI users themselves, who happened to be victimized by their own clueless and ignorant and wishy-washy parents and the cochlear implant (CI) industry from the speech pathologists and surgeons. I apologize sincerely if I lump the CI users unfairly into the bowl with the parents of deaf children whose cochlearized their own deaf child without thinking about the long-term consquences.

You, the CI users are still part of the deaf American community very much. I dearly care about you, CI users. To any of the deaf ############ choose to undergo the CI surgery. I still accept you as a deaf person anyway and treat you with respect.

We must get banded together to form the public education ads to make the future parents of deaf children from COCHLEARIZING their own deaf child and any costly mistakes!

We could do several things like PUBLIC EDUCATION ADS



The lobbying form against the CI should have several paid staffers and regular fundings for related expenses.

We must keep treat the CI surgery as a human rights violation against the humanity, not about the cultural and linguistic issue. The general public and the United Nations will be more supportive of our uphill battle against the invasive and questionable method to reverse the human flaws.

Let's work together to mobilize the worthy crusade against the CI industry and the future audistic parents of deaf children!

Here is my email address -

It's a Time for Real Action, "Huff and Puff"! That will be our important battle since the abolitionist movement against the evils of slavery and women's rights to vote and civil rights movement. America and the rest of world is looking upon us as a rightful thing to do.

Mindless violence and verbal threats will be not accepted in any means. Thanks.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. I did type A D U L T on the filtered comment. I really do not know why the software program consider " a d u l t" to be offensive or profane term.


  2. I completely disagree with you. I feel the apology, since I have bilateral CIs was not sincere. There should be more resources to the parents or better more support and not bashing.

  3. Sorry, not joining you... I have a all deaf family and if my kids wants a CI, so be it!! You going to bash it?? Over my died body, dude!

  4. You can type "grownups" even though some of them don't act one.

  5. Oh, I was sitting there thinking of several possible word combinations :)

    I have read all three of the previous post related to CI users and your tentative campaign for the non-disabled status. I was even going to post on one of them but I decided to wait. I must share the one deafening phrase in all three post is that

    "Don't let the CI users to walk over us."

    Contrary to popular belief, CI users want to walk NEXT to you, not over you. That statement doesn't sound close to acceptance and I'm highly skeptical in your sudden credence of CI users as a part of the deaf community. On top of that, this topic has elevated from cochlear implant disabled status to preventing parents of deaf children from having their children implanted. Preach all you want to save face but your words left a powerful impression, ones I am sure you are regretting you said now.

    If you want to play on the political playground, I might suggest lobbying your intentions in a politically correct manner. I feel strongly about educating the intended parties about the pro and cons of cochlear implants, language development and culture of the deaf. They should be educated with all aspects just like the deaf community should be. There is so much "gossip" regarding cochlear implants in the community that it would talk seminars after seminars to clear up. I am all for helping a parent make an educated decision concerning their child but only to present them with option.

    All options from ALL sides.

  6. YOU SAID: "I have no intention of putting down the CI users themselves, who happened to be victimized by their own clueless and ignorant and wishy-washy parents and the cochlear implant"

    RLM, you are calling me a wishy washy clueless parent? I am Deafer than you think I am and I know damn well what I am doing. You are saying my son is a victim? This ignorance of yours is going too far.

    Parents of CI kids, it is not worth your time reading this blog or any other blogs of militant deafies. A total waste of your time. I recommend MishkaZena, The DeafPundit, Jordan's Cochlear Implant Story, and a few others.

  7. hahaha funny how this issue is so important to you.