Thursday, January 31, 2008

Why Isn't Jerry Covell on DPN's 20thAnniversary Guest List?

Why isn't Jerry Covell on the Deaf President Now (DPN)'s 20th Anniversary Banquet guest list at the Gallaudet Kellogg Conference Center (GKCC) next March 8th?

Jerry Covell was one of the four DPN student leaders whose known as most firebrand speaker among them. He surely fired up the apathetic Gallaudet student body into real action. His speaking style definitely electrificed the would-be student protestors and other gawkers. Without Jerry Covell as the DPN student leader, the DPN protest probably will not take the place or be very flavorless.

Jerry Covell is no longer with the Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (MCDHH) as an executive director. Rumors surfaced about him being very unhappy with the MCDHH and the state of Missouri.

Jerry Covell seems disfrancished with the Deaf America for years. Jerry's deaf kid brother, Joey Covell, was no longer with us. Joey left on his term.

Jerry Covell offered himself to be a meditator between the "Unity for Gallaudet" protestors and university adminstration. His offer never gotten through at all.

Where is Jerry Covell now?

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

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  1. My understanding is that Jerry Covell probably live in Springfield, IL right now after recently moving from Spokane, WA.

    Jerry Covell lived in Fulton and Columbia, MO in the past.


  2. well, rlm,

    Last I saw him in a video, and he was shaking... I guess a disease something.

    Must be the reason...


  3. You saying "Joey hung himself" is very, very UNPROFESSIONAL way to say!!
    His parents were very upset when DEAF persons saying to them "I heard Joey hung himself."
    GROW UP!

    Steve, You did not mention Jerry Covell in your blog. No one forgets him.

  4. Anonymous,

    You are very lucky that I did not weed out any anonymous comments like yours within the comment moderation system.

    Whoever you are! I must say that I agree with you about what a poor taste to write something like "Joey hung himself...."

    I tried to edit and delete this particular sentence. I will ask for someone's help to remove this offensive phrase.

    Many thanks for bringing this issue to my attention. I personally know the Covell family from time to time. I could understand how the family would react to this inconsiderate submittance.

    I guess that I am trying to throw bone to the DeafRead readers as a shock value.


  5. You can go to customize, and click on "posting" and then "edit post". Its simple. I hope you can do that.

  6. You could've said "Joey is no longer on Earth. He left on his own terms". It's more gentle and proper.

  7. That makes me wondered about Jerry Covell. I remember He worked hard to convienced deaf students at gallaudet and he told about the new president, but no one listened to him. just the KG and PKZ took over, not him. I never undrestand why it is so important those VIP's attidude. I have never forget my special friend: Joey, RIP! Thanks for bought up, RLM!

  8. Jerry Covell was the most articulate speaker of the four
    DPN leaders in 1988. His absence will be sorely missed.

  9. I. King Jordan is coming to the anniversary? If so, will people mark their protest?

  10. As a former Student Body Government Faculty Advisor, I could vividly remember working closely with Jerry Covell prior to the 1988 DPN demonstration. I also had an opportunity to teach Joey Covell a course in college composition. There are always special places in my heart for them.

    Carl N. Schroeder

  11. Yes, Jerry was a great leader during DPN. Many great memories there, especially with his passionate speeches.

    When I heard the sad news,I felt so bad for Joey, Jerry and their mom. Wherever Jerry is doing, I hope he is happy

  12. Jerry left the Missouri Commission for the Deaf to become the first director of the newly established Illinois Commission for the Deaf. He served in that position for a couple of years before leaving a few years ago.

    The last I heard, he was still living in Springfield, Illinois, teaching sign language and doing consultation work, and his two Deaf children were attending the Illinois School for the Deaf, which is about 40 miles away in Jacksonville. I used to live in Springfield myself and saw him in the community from time to time.

    I haven't seen Jerry or talked to him for some time, so I don't know what's happening with him now. It is surprising that Jerry wouldn't be at the DPN anniversary, but you would have to ask him directly as to what's up... I would think that is the best way to get an answer.

    ~ Virginia L. Beach

  13. Anonymous,

    I already clicked on the "post" and edit the posting itself and re-publish it, but the offensive part still there.

    *stratching head*


    Your suggestion is really terrific for rewriting much gentler tone than saying "Joey hung himself".

    I will take your advice into consideration.

    I just wrote the explict words than just saying "Joey committed suicide" as too vague.

    I don't have to answer questions how Joey died in such manner, etc.

    I really don't like to whitewash or embellish anything deaf. The unforunate incident with Joey Covell is part of the humankind history.

    The historians and textbook publishers would not say "President Abraham Lincoln gone on April 1861".

    At least, I did not write anything too explicit about why Joey ended his own life or spell out the likely reasons.

    I still miss Joey Covell which he is much different from his own brother, Jerry Covell. I like both of them and their mom very much.


  14. RLM,
    Thank you very much for editing your post about Joey.

  15. Here's what had happend with Jerry's case against Illinois to see why he got terminated:

  16. To update about Jerry Covell,

    He is currently living in Springfield, IL and teaching at MacMurray College in Jacksonville, IL. He is very humble and does not speak about his involvement with DPN much, saying that it was some time ago and he's not looking for fame for it.