Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cy's "Deaf Tea Time" Great Posting About Discords on DeafRead

Cy's wisdoms always prevail every time on her "Deaf Tea Time" vlogsite.

I encountered too many deaf people and told me personally that they lost their personal interests in the DeafRead site lately.

Questions arised about the Pro-CI blogs whether they are really the corporate-driven agendas for the CI manfacturers and investors. If yes, then the DeafRead ought to charge the so-called business interests for the posting fee to run the Deaf blogsphere.

I am with Cy and other concerned deaf individuals all the way. Many pro-CI print publications do not bother to print any viewpoints from culturally deaf individuals whose express criticism or concerns about the CI itself.

Not many culturally deaf mediums exist anywhere in the world. Let us, culturally deaf people have our own spaces without being compromised, infringed upon, imposed or annoyed.

Cy offered the perfect solution - seperate "medical" page on the DeafRead blogsphere.

Culturally deaf people often willing to bend down for the sake of so-called diverse viewpoints, but the proponents of CI and oralism frequently do not return such a favor.

At least, we, culturally deaf need our own spaces like steering CI proponents to the smoking area. Every of us know the secondhand smoke is generally bad for nonsmokers. Smokers still could light up their addictions feet away from non-smokers and individuals with asthma in designated area. Solution for everyone!

Thank you, Cy for bringing up this brilliant idea. We, the DeafRead viewers always love you and your sincere vlog presentations.

ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. You can thank Mike McConnell that created this contamination.

  2. Thanks for your sincere comments. Good analogy on smoking.

    Now what?? AGBell infringes upon us once more on the PepsiCo commerical! Same old same old....time for us to take stand and tell them to back off.

  3. I'm not terribly concerned; this will wax and wane. Btw, what's happened to the so-called aim for diversity? By separating v/blogs by "type of deaf", aren't you going to see a widening of the chasm? Tsk, tsk....

  4. Jean Boutcher,

    I am truly sorry for not able to delete your comment in timely manner upon your request.

    I already done the removal of your comment.

    I really don't see anything wrong with your comment. I respect your wish of asking me to delete the following ocmment.


  5. Cathy,

    Really about Mike McConnell played the role in getting the CI and oral proponents to flood in the

    Mike McConnell's favorite presidential candidate, Fred Thompson, got out of the 2008 race. That reflect his questionable judgement for rooting Fred Thompson, the tiresome hound bagle.