Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Buy Pepsi's Declining Stock Now to Keep AgBAD (AGBELL) People From Taking Control of the Pepsi Cola!

Pepsi Cola company faced the declined stock values due to the softened economy and consumer taste changes.

If you want to show your support and loyalty to the Pepsi Cola. That is very best time to buy up the Pepsi stocks at very good deal. Contact your stock brokers and financial planners NOW before the AgBAD (AGBell) people taking the boardroom control of the Pepsi Cola as an example to other global corporations.

Don't we want the Pepsi Cola to be victimized by the AgBAD (AGBell)? Or just the normal stage of multinational corporation on their own?

The reality about the changed consumer preference for carbonated drinks across the Western Hempshire due to healthy eating/drinking practices. Nothing to do with the AgBAD at all. The AgBAD (AGBell) could buy up the Pepsi shares to take control of the boardroom decisions affecting the future commericals with ASL. Who knows?

For more info, check out the MSN's "Money Central" article by Michael Brush

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. I wish that I know how to use the Stock market for Pepsi before the AgBAD (AG Bell) took over the pepsi to oppress ASL all over again!!!!

    How can we get to trust the Stock Broker??? Where??? I wish the Deaf Stock Broker could be able to open their own new Vlog so we can be all unity to support the ASL Pepsi Stock to get the AgBAD out of our way!!!

  2. i think you're being way too radical. Your thinking process is in error as you are speculating things.

    Yet, it is an interesting thought; i do wish i have unlimited funds to buy out all kinds of company stocks and rule the world!!!

  3. Hi Anonymous #1 and #2,

    If anyone want to make real money by investing in the multinational company like Pepsi.

    It is the time now! Good idea about having deaf finanical investors and planners adversite their own services on the DeafRead blogsphere.

    I am sure that the AgBAD (AGBell) have the pork bacons with several CI companies.


  4. This blog posting is kinda a satire to keep the constant mockery of the AgBAD (AGBell) for just a fun.

    Let the AgBAD throw out their money for all nothing! That is kind of tactic to put the nonprofit organization (or really the "for profit" organization??) into the sunken pool!


  5. oh i see; its satire! not a "turncoat" kinda thing.... in fact, thanks for showing your true colors!

    btw... i've decided that i'm getting a cochlear implant. do you have any suggestions as to why i shouldn't?