Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Deaf Insight: Voted For Huckabee As a Protest Vote Against John McCain, But ..

I actually voted for Mike Huckabee as part of "protest" vote against Sen. John McCain in Northern Virginia this Tuesday morning, February 12th, but I am a registered Democrat myself since 1984. I do vote independently without tying myself to any political party affilation.

I had a hard time to decide between Obama and Hillary over the past weekend. I was overly disappointed in the Obama and Hillary campaign people for not captioning their campaign videos and "You, Tube' postings.

I was definitely struggled what I should vote for. I decided to throw my vote for Mike Huckabee which I was very appalled with Senator John McCain for his "do-nothing" Gallaudet Board of Trustees role. Why Sen. John McCain agreed to the appointment of Gally board member in the first place by attending no meetings or met with anyone within the Gally community last two years ago.

I took the advantage of Virginia's "Open Primary" status without restricting myself to the Democratic Party ballot. So I voted for Mike Huckabee to shove the dried corn cob into John McCain's rectum and force the GOP to split itself this summer to pave the way for the Democratic victory.

I personally root for Mike Bloomberg, the current NYC mayor to be the next President of the United States (POTUS), but he is not officially run for the national ticket yet. With the GOP likely nomination of John McCain. Bloomberg would be not likely to run at all. He rather run as an alternative to the political ideological rifts between the Democratic and Republican Party.

Did you know that Ralph Nader recently filed the presidential campaign package with the Federal Election Commission (FEC)? Will Nader be the 2008 spoiler again? Who knows?

I always voted for the loser anyway from Sen. George McGovern in the mock 1972 elementary student election as a third grader. I also rooted for Rep. Morris Udall of Arizona against Jimmy Carter at the 1976 Democratic Convention. I voted for Jimmy Carter anyway in 1976 and 1980. I voted for Walter Mondale in 1984. I voted for Mike Dukakis in 1988. I voted for H. Perot Ross in 1992. I did not vote for Clinton in 1996. I voted for Ralph Nader as a part of protest vote against Al Gore in the 2000 election. I voted for John Kerry *gulp*

I surely missed working as a poll worker in the Thomas/Logan Circle (Northwest DC) area where I used to live before. That was kinda fun to observe and learn about how the GLBT adults vote. $150 for the whole day of work wasn't really bad at the polling place. Many gay males came up to me - "Hey, you really made my day at the polling place" which I was very fast at indexing registered voters and let them vote without wasting their time in the line. I learned their own secrets from whom they casted their ballots.

I was more likely leaned toward Hillary Clinton in despite of my personal loathes with the "status quo" and the establishment status, but had to face the reality how life really works.

Many people compared to Obama to JFK. From the perspective of many historians and myself as a historian, JFK's presidency was a major failure with too many legislations passed unsuccessfully. The real difference between eloquent speeches and inspirational speeches and political mechanisms to get things done. Obama submitted 129 national legislative bills. Only nine out of 129 bills only passed. Obama skipped too much on his Senate voting duties which he only made 20 percent of showing up to cast his Senate votes. Why Obama accepted to be the U.S. Senator representing the state of IL in the first place? Senator Robert C. Byrd of WV was absolutely right by telling Obama that was not his time to run for the POTUS in 2008.

I had problems with the idea of Hillary Clinton as the next POTUS due to her past failures from the health care incentives to endless personal grudges against anyone. Hillary definitely know the ways around the White House on the very first day from every nooks and corners.

I was once an idealistic person myself, but many deaf elders would not take me seriously or accompany new concept of bold and active and result-oriented leadership. People in general, want their backs to be stratched and expected something in return.

All presidential politics are really the "pony and dog" shows anyway. Our country could survive the next POTUS anyway. Yea, we have to clean up Dubya (George W. Bush)'s real mess for more than 50 to 100 years due to the monstrous budget deficit.

Do you know why GWB and his cronies purposefully run up the trillion-dollar budget deficit? They will get the payoffs from the banking industry to show the real appreciation for running up loans with hefty interest rates. The Bushes and Cheneys will reap from years of living very well above the standard presidential retirement. How shame!

Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. I for John McCain and posted about him in my blog.

  2. RLMDEAF said, "Yea, we have to clean up Dubya (George W. Bush)'s real mess for more than 50 to 100 years due to the monstrous budget deficit."

    The budget deficit is only 1.5% of our country's GNP. Drop the shrilling.

    RLMDEAF said, "Do you know why GWB and his cronies purposefully run up the trillion-dollar budget deficit?"

    Ummmm, why are you pointing the finger at GWB? Congress passed the budget that GWB signed. Point the finger at Congress.

    RLMDEAF said, "They will get the payoffs from the banking industry to show the real appreciation for running up loans with hefty interest rates. The Bushes and Cheneys will reap from years of living very well above the standard presidential retirement."

    You're shrilling again. Where's the documented evidence?

    Former President Clinton has made millions since leaving the Office of the Presidency. Today, the Clintons have a net worth of about $34.9 million. Here's my evidence: http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2007/moneymag/0712/gallery.candidates.moneymag/

    Clintons made millions and that doesn't bother you?

  3. I wish you voted for Ron Paul. Ron Paul is the only candidate that will immediately withdraw our forces from Afghanistan and Iraq. He also wants to eradicate the federal income tax just like some states have no state income tax but get their taxes other ways which is taxing the rich.

  4. RLM,

    Some people use a ploy in the primaries every four years. This year, I see a ploy by anti-McCain voters. They voted for Huckabee so as to defeat McCain. I have read today in a right-wing magazine, NATIONAL REVIEW, that most Republicans do not get on well with McCain. He knows nothing about the ecnomy and health care. What he knows about is Iraq.


    Republicans hope that NY's Michael Bloomberg (Independent) will announce that he is running for president shortly in the spring -- after Texas and Ohio, that is.

    Bloomberg is much more knowledgeable than both Hillary and Obama about health care, the economy, and Iraq.

    Hillary was the reason for 31 million uninsured Americans. She crafted a health bill with Newton Gingrich in 1990s.

    Then Hillary did not bother reading fine print in another health bill of President Bush in 2004. So Hillary and Bush ARE the reason for 47 million uninsured Americans.

    Time will speak itself.

  5. JIm,

    Oh I see whom you root for someone on your blog.

    Jim is very generalized name. What is the title of your blog, please. Thanks. I like to check out yours.


    As you wish to call me anything. I accept your criticism anyway. :)

    Yes, that was my own assumption about the Bushes and the banking industry always hated the balanced budgets cuz of no hefty interest rates to draw on.

    I am probably right about this whole thing in five years or ten years. Who knows?

    To Whom May Concern,

    I did not get your name when I compose this blog comment. I will look back after completing this one.

    I just want to throw a wrench into John McCain's primary election momenteum by voting for Huckabee to beat him in Virginia. No luck at all. :)

    Thanks anyway for your recommendation to vote for Ron Paul. I once used to live half block from the Cato Institute on Massachussetts Avenue, NW in DC. This institute is the Libertertian Party thinktank. :)


    Many thanks for all your valuable information regarding Hillary, Obama and Mike Bloomberg. I surely learn something from you.

    You are a walking database with wealth of information". That's why many people and I dearly love you very much. :)


  6. I found out that was Sonny James for urging me to vote for Ron Paul. Okay?

    Many thank for leaving your comment, Sonny James. I truly appreciate it very much.


  7. Hello Robert and thanks for your comment on my blog entry today. WV is a beautiful state!

    Regarding the candidates, I was just talking with my husband over dinner last night about this. When they start campaigning, it's all about what they will do, how they will do it, how they care about the Americans, blah, blah, blah. As time goes on, their tune changes and it's all about them. . . ME, ME, ME. . .and I think they lose their focus somehow. I get so frustrated about politics and don't know who to believe. How am I supposed to make an educated vote? I am Republican but will vote for the person that is BEST for the country. Right now I am undecided. I hope we have a woman president someday. But, not this year.

    Mom always said, "Don't believe everything you hear and only half of what you see." I want facts but am not sure where to go!

  8. Whoa about your deep insight into the presidential race what the candidates usually done, Laurie. How true!

    Yea, that would be really nice for America to have the female president. Hillary Clinton probably will hurt women in the long term if she choose to politicize the gender issue.

    We never had any chance of electing the woman to the Oval Office since the ultraliberal Shirley Chislom, the first serious female candidate for the POTUSi n 1972.

    There are many fine women in the public leadership forum. Hopefully, we will elect someone (female) real worthy of her own intergity and sincerity and leadership prowess. :)

    Thanks again, Laurie. Your mom definitely was an individual with real wisdom than jumping into any hypes. :)


  9. LOL... I voted in my mock election as a 5th-grader in 1972 for Richard Nixon.

    Gheez, that was a mistake!

  10. Yep, so true! I am a Democrat but I voted for Rudy but McCain won the votes from my home state in Super Tuesday election!

    Sighs about Hillary Clinton did cancelled go to Maryland Assoc for the Deaf conference because she wanna the Rich to support her votes.

    Have you seen the news from this copy and paste link:


    Of course, Hillary Clinton plans helps the CI corporation along with AgBAD (AG Bell) by no representing to support ASL Education for too many years! Deep sighs!

  11. RLM,

    You should know who I am. Anyway, McCain already is winning Republican ticket for General Election this year. Mike Huckabee is not enough to overcome John McCain because he is too right wing.

    For Democratic ticket, I am strongly supporting Barack Obama because he is African American, strongly intelligent and can along to work together with Democrats and Republicans. He also was the civil right attorney and community organizer in Chicago in the past years. In the General Polls, Barack Obama can beat John McCain. He is inexperienced but he could learn faster as he can as long in the white house. In the recently Hawaiian Caucus, I voted for him instead of Hillary.

    Hillary Clinton is good strong and determined woman what she stands for but I don't have any confidence in her because she had failed her health care plan in 1993 and had many friends who were lobbyists, and voted for Iraq War. For sure, John McCain has ready to shoot her down during upcoming General Debate.

    Iraq War is very costly war because Our President George W. Bush and his administration have spent worth of 12 million dollars every months since it has begun in 2003.

    Robert Mason, I am looking foward to your next political comment on your blog.

    Henry Gosebrink