Friday, February 1, 2008

You, Jamie Berke, Please Relinquish Your AgBAD Membership

I, Robert L. Mason, RLMDEAF blogger, herby challenge you, Jamie Berke to relinquish (cancel/give up) your Alexander Graham Bell Association (AgBAD) membership as a shining example to your DeafRead readership along with your own blogs, "About: Deafness" and "Berke Outspoken".

You often said to me and others that you found American Sign Language (ASL) to be incredibly beautiful and unique. You always wanted to be memersized with the usage of American Sign Language (ASL) to more advanced level. What happened?

Unforunately, the Alexander Graham Bell Association (AgBAD) chose to undercut the existence of visibly eloquent and majestic language, American Sign Language (ASL) within the Pespi television commerical for the Super Bowl 2008 bonzana ads.

What give the AgBAD organization such right to dictate the viewing options of Americans from making up their own minds to appreciate the Pespi's Super Bowl 2008 commerical ad with the use of American Sign Language (ASL)? The AgBAD organization ought not to interfere the commerical entity from paying respect to the linguistic minority usage in the United States like the American Sign Language.

The Pepsi Cola, Inc. always supported the progressive causes and involved in untapped niche market in its company history. Pepsi Cola Inc., reached out to the disfranchised African American customers in the late 1940s. The Pepsi Cola came up with all-black adveristment and portrayed African-Americans in a positive light. One Pespi ad with the young African American kid in the 1940s was the future Secretary of Commerce, Ron Brown. Other Pepsi ads featured 20 prominent African Americans from the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Ralph Bunche and photographer Gordon Parks. Pepsi also was well-known for its marketing innovation within the marketing circle.

The Pepsi Co also showed the Coca Cola Company's reptuation for its reclutance of hiring African Americans in the pre-civil rights period. Pepsi exposed the systematic racism and Jim Crow laws as a selling point to boost its company sales of carbonated drink. How brillant!

Of course, Pepsi Co. dealt with the heat from the white America about extending its company resources and marketing strategy to the African American community. Pepsi Co. stood up to the critics of its day. Pespi's gutsy move got paid off with the product sales over the Coca Cola Company later in years.

Pespi Cola Inc. also is known for not really protecting the marketing shares of its flagship brands anyway. Pespi could withstand the organized boycotts or threats so far. The majority of Americans will see the AgBAD organization in a bad light for attempting to censor or imitidate the multi-national corporation into submissive role.

The AgBAD organization have done was the assault on the use of language choice and free market option within its selfish objection to the Pespi Co's use of culturally deaf individuals and American Sign Language (ASL). The Pespi Co. marketing team just got an idea from the EnAble, an employee network with its mission of promoting more inclusive environment for people with disabilities.

The Deaf American community of the early 21th Century is in the struggle to retain linguistic and cultural intergity in an assimilating society within the use of American Sign Language as its own language choice and preference.

One thing that you could do something is to resign from the AgBAD organization as a member to show your own personal disgust with the AgBAD leadership under Alexander T. Graham. The AgBAD organization will be seen as an agent of linguicism if they do not issue the formal apology in timely manner.

Or you are like the people, who do nothing about ethnic and cultural and linguistic persecution throughout the humankind history. The issue about your AgBAD membership fall on your shoulders now. Please issue the videocast of tearing up your AgBAD membership and urge other AgBAD members to denounce the Alexander Graham Bell Association (AgBAD) for inflicting the linguistic genocide upon Americans and the global viewers. Thanks!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

SOURCE: Pespi- Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia


  1. Good work RLM, but what about all the others around here who have forked tongues? Are you going to publicize them too? That might be fun! Wink, wink ;)


  2. Latana, youre the one with the forked tongue!

  3. RLM, you got it right. Let's see how hypocrite this woman can spew with Steve Baier protecting her.



  4. I got tired of so many hypocrites who wanted to get AGBAD's awards! AGBAD wants to work with PepsiCO in the future by bashing ASL down all over again! I won't be SURPRISED if AGBAD will success working with PepsiCO in the future and laugh at us, the Deaf ASL supporters! Waste of time and waste our energy BREATH! Tired of SMART ALEC AGBAD members!

  5. Ahem. My name is spelled: L A N T A N A .

    And do you understand what a forked tongue is?

    I didn't think so.

    L A N T A N A

  6. To join AGBad organization, their Membership Rates is:

    One-Year Premium - $60.00
    One-Year Standard - $50.00
    Household - $75.00
    Student Premium - $30.00
    Senior Premium - $40.00
    Lifetime Premium - $1,000.00

    To join NAD, their membership rate is: National (Individual) Dues

    Regular $40
    Senior $25 (60 years old or older)
    Student $25 (ID required)
    Canada/International $60 (US funds only)

    Section Dues
    Interpreters $5
    Library Friends $5
    Senior Citizens $5
    In other words, it is cheaper to join in NAD than AGBad! AGBad is greedy about money!

    Please cancel your membership with AGBad and renew/join in NAD for lesser cost and NAD will help you in any way they can. NAD has been really good and growing more powerful than ever. I have more respect for NAD than ever.

  7. I am Jamie's boyfriend. Jamie is not even a member of AG Bell and I don't think she ever has been.

    If you can prove she is, please do so. This is just as bad as the time you said I had red hair.

    How's that knee of yours? Did you ever get that rickety wheelchair repaired?

  8. Wow ! RLM worked very hard to make Jamie to give up her AG Bell membership for nothing! I've read her blog about AG Bell. She's as mortified as anyone else about AG Bell pushing ASL away and making themselves above of ASL users. I do not believe that she's a member of AG Bell. Shame on RLM for being slanderous!

  9. RLM - I never thought you would dare to ask Jamie to terminate AGB membership. Don't forget about the rights every person. Grow up!

  10. I'm not surprised at this libelous post because we have seen one RLM screw up after another. He has no credibility left.

  11. Nesmuth,

    Give me break! you are annoyed me over Lantana.

  12. I'm surprised that no one has asked RLM to terminate his NAD membership for his never-ending embarassing tactics.

  13. I'd like to point out that, regardless of whether Jamie's a member of AGBell or not, that often, organizational change comes from within.

    John Egbert, of Deaf Bilingual Coalition, is a member of AGBell. Because he's a member, he has access to AGBell conventions. In fact, when the hotel asked John to leave due to the DBC protest last summer, John said, "I'm a member of AGBell and have a right to be here!" and no one could argue with that. There is nothing wrong with being a member of AGBell and providing a different perspective.

    The same applies for NAD. People can complain about NAD, but when they become a member, they actually pay for the opportunity to effect change within NAD.

    In fact, I would ENCOURAGE Jamie to be a member of AGBell and offer her perspective as a person who is both oral and an user of sign language.

  14. Hey RLM!

    First I want to thank you so much for caring about Jamie Burke! But I need her to stay in AGBAD just the same thing as John Egbert is still a member of AGBAD.

    We need more than few Deaf people like them to watch out AGBAD! Why I stupidly say that???

    Look at each states like here in Missouri has MCDHH. We the Deaf Taxpayers and Registered Voters did worked hard helping to have the Newborn BABY Hearing Test laws. So the AGBAD, AVT and other hearing organization took advantage of our Deaf help to pass the Newborn Baby and BABY hearing test! They don't EVEN bother to educate the parents that some Deaf hearing aids and cochlear implants do need ASL in case if the Deaf children needs to have more language develop concept to PREVENT language delayed!

    That's why I have to respect Jamie Burke if she wants to stay as a member of AgBAD..

    I hope Jamie Burke and John Egbert will watch out for AgBAD is INVITING the PepsiCo to come Milwakee this coming summer! Hope that Jamie and John will watch out the contract because I know that the PepsiCo is hearing owner!!! YIKES!!!

  15. Anonymous,

    Robert's post is not libelous. You need to study the law.


  16. Thanks, BR; at least you got the gist of what I was saying.

  17. I often wonder myself if there has a good possibility of many ASL signers joining the AGBAD that could lead to change the AGBAD's bylaws and AVT policy against ASL.

    Is the best effective political solution changing the inside of the AGBAD organization's bylaws instead of outside political pressures on AGBAD?

    Do you think?

    David Ennis

  18. Jamie Berke publicly admitted that she recently joined the AgBAD organization as a member on her own blog.

    I should cut and paste her own sayings from the blog of her own pretty long time ago.


  19. Mishkazena blogged yesterday that AGBell people have ostracised her after she learned ASL -- even though she was a member of the organisation. AGBell has no tolerance towards diversity.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. To RSGeo-007,

    You think it's a good idea to taunt somebody about their disability? Is this your idea of moral behavior?

  22. Mason, as I said before, show me where you saw her say she was a member of AGBAD. I've seen her NAD membership card.

    Otherwise, quit making up facts about people.

  23. I did not remove RSGeo-007's comment. Someone did.

    I gave the permission to one person to moderate this comment forum while I was not at the use of computer.

    RSGeo-007 mocked me and my rickety wheelchair, blah. That was Jamie Berke's live-in lover.

    Why not Jamie Berke make the rebuttal that she was not an AGB member.

    I recalled of seeing Jamie Berke publicly admitted that she joined the AgBAD organization and defended it constantly.

    I still keep looking for Jamie Berke's quote - "I am a member of the AGB" somewhere on the DeafRead.


  24. Mason, trust me. You do not want Jamie B to respond here. It would not be a nice response.

    I see you're back to attacking her again? Like attacking our love life and our relationship, her parenting skills, and her sexuality wasn't enough? I'm not her live-in lover. I am her fiance and boyfriend. Remember that.

    Now, whether you can find the "member of AGBAD" comment, say so. She's been denying up and down and left and right that she never was a member.

  25. I will take Jamie's word for it, as you say, that she has never been a member.


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  27. Lilaji,

    Thanks for your comment. What an interesting comment! :)

    Thanks again.


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