Friday, April 25, 2008

Deaf Customers Fight the Unfair Wireless Taxes?

This issue probably affect you greatly as a deaf customer from using the deaf pager and wireless online service on daily basis. More local and state government are desperately seeking for more revenues into their treasury during an economic slump. These government likely to double and triple your monthly wireless taxes. Here are your chances to do something -

The "My Wireless.Org" launched the nationwide campaign in urging the Americans to demand the elected officials from levying more unnecessary wireless taxes on the wireless users, ex. deaf pagers, wireless online services and cell phones.

The wireless industry want the American people to support the Lofgren-Cannon Tax Fairness Act of 2008 and co-sponsor the H.R. 5793 to halt the "out of control" spiraling state and local wireless taxes. This industry claim that the wireless users need the real vacation from unfair new state and local wireless taxes. The wireless users have been slapped with excessive wireless taxes for past five years up to the whopping $21 billion dollars! This bill would impose moratorium (put the brakes on) upon new and discriminatory local and state taxes on mobile services. It ever doesn't concern the federal taxation within the wireless services.

My Wireless.Org website have the 10 Worst Wireless Tax States, Cell Fairness Act,Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act, My State Issues and other mores. It have the list of states with wireless tax rates.

Surprisingly, Nebraska lead in the ranking list of wireless taxes - 18.35% in total of 22.54% as compared to California - 12.67% in total o 16.86 based on the statistical information back to 2006. Oregon have the lowest wireless tax in the entire country - 1.66% in total of 5.85.

My Wireless.Org's nationwide campaign slogan - "Take Action Now! Help Freeze Unfair, New Wireless Taxes!

Deaf District of Columbia wireless pager users pay average $10 monthly wireless taxes. What about yours?

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