Friday, May 23, 2008

Q's About Bilingualsim At Gallaudet University In Response to Oscar Serner's Vlog

There are many excellent bilingualism resources (published materials) on bilingualism and bilingual education on Gallaudet University website - for the related bilingual education discussions from

H. Dirsken-Bauman's "What is Inclusive Bilingualism?"
Richard Clement's "Bilingualism and Multilingualism"
Lewis Perser's "The Bilingual University - General Reflection on Its Origins, Mission, and Functioning: Higher Education in Europe"
and other more.

I applaud Oscar Serner for stressing the importance of equal footings for the usage of ASL and English written language among Gallaudet University students. I am kinda surprised that some Gallaudet faculty members somewhat downplayed the necessity of mastering the written English language which they surely shortchange handful of Gallaudet students' English fluency for going into the competitive employment market.

The low expectation for Gallaudet University students to be fully fluent in the dominant language (written English) of the society at large, should be not tolerated in any way. At least, Gallaudet University finally embrace and elevate the American Sign Language (ASL) to the respectable level which the visual language itself richly deserve very much.

My following questions - I don't see any enclosed links what Oscar Serner, deaf vlogger mentioned on his vlog presentation.

Other excellent links to Gallaudet University's bilingualism policy -

"Questions and Answers about ASL/English Bilingualism at Gallaudet"

"Bilingualism and Identity in Deaf Communities" nonfiction book

"Sociolinguistics in Deaf Communities Series" (excellent links to various books)

Oscar Serner, current Gallaudet student, expressed such concerns about Gallaudet University's commitment to the rigid educational studies. He need to enclose some links to support his argument about the questionable stance of Gallaudet University faculty members and support staff's commitment to the bilingualism of ASL/English.

I could not view the enclosed video comment on Tayler's vlog regarding the video reply to Oscar's vlog presentation on "Bilingualism at Gallaudet University". That is not very first time for me not able to view any video comments on Tayler's

Look forward to receive Oscar Serner's following reply. I have no way of leaving comment on Oscar's vlog presentation loaned on Tayler's "DeafVideoTV.comn". I have to write this blog posting to inquire Oscar what he really meant.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

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