Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Introducing the Hamill Movie" Website

Every of you, the DeafRead viewers and readers could have an opportunity of viewing actor Eben Kostbar in his so-called ASL fluency, Hearing film director Joseph McKelheer, Deaf co-producer, Oshina Blagd and real pathetic terp whatever her name is.

Here is the new Matt Hamill movie website just created yesterday, May 21th, 2008 -

Please let me know what you really thought of actor Eben Kostbar and everyone else on the Hamill movie website.

This website call the upcoming Hamill film- a new genre to Hollywood - Deaf Foreign Film!
Could you believe it? Because of the subtitle uses? For G O D's sake, this film is an American product with the English-speaking cast. Our linguistic usage of ASL is not really foreign on our American land. *rolling eyes in disbelief*

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. So? What about the "Rain Man" movie? Who was the actor? Enough of your whining!

  2. Deaf Foreign Film?!

    WTF! How audistic it is!

  3. I agree with you that this movie is not a Deaf foreign movie as it's made in this country. It would be understandable to call it if made in Germany, for example. But, as we know ASL is seen as foreign language in this nation, therefore foreign movie. *sarcastic comment from me* A new genre? A joke, actually.

    As for Eben, his signs are alright and his ASL level matches the one of Matt as far as I saw him on some video clips (I never met him in person though).

    It's a good exposure for hearing film director and other hearing staff involved in this movie so they hopefully can help deaf people with networking including filmmakers in Hollywood. BUT, we need more professional deaf directors, producers, script writers, artists, etc, so that we need not always rely on hearing peers. Please refer to "All Bark and No Bite," by Aidan Mack. Link:

  4. Robert, if you are going to preach this as crap, then you should be out there preaching to colleges that accept asl as a foreign language as crap too? Are you going to go out that and do that? If not then you have just 100 percent contradicted yourself and hvae lost every single ounce of your credibility.

  5. Steve,

    I really have nothing to do with the Hamill film promotion website. Okay?

    I am not whining at all. I just state my scoffings at the idea of declaring the Hamill biopic as first Hollywood's first Deaf Foreign Film.


  6. Anonymous,

    Learning ASL is more approriately called "minority language",

    Minority-speaking populace's language in other countries would be not seen as some kind of foreign language.

    ASL should be embraced as a "minority language" used by the deaf Americans, Canadians and other nationalities.

    That is my own personal opinion.


  7. Steve,

    "Rain Man" film with Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise is not really an athletic or sports film like "Rudy" or "Million-Dollar Baby".

    "Rain Man" film is more like about autism than personal obsactales in athletic area.

    Don't you agree? I am not a promoter for the new Hamill film in any way. Okay?


  8. I checked the video by the Hammill movie makers and have to make the following points:

    1) They don't talk at all about the core problem- The lead actor is hearing playing a Deaf person.

    2) They are using the Deaf supporting roles to cover their ass even though these are tiny roles.

    3) I can't understand Eban's signs. He has his elbows on the table. Eban is scared of the Deaf community because he has to hide behind a camera and behind a blog. He knows he is the biggest villian in the Deaf World and Public Enemy number one.

    4) Who was that interpreter? Is she really an interpreter? Anyone seen or herad of her before?

    5) K'Dee Miller is using facts such as the number of people who are Deaf, how many people are taking sign language classes, etc. Then why can't K'Dee Miller have one of those DEaf people in the lead role?

    6) K'Dee Miller and Eban, and the others are missing the point. The DEaf Community WILL throw their full support to this movie once the role of Matt Hammill is played by a Deaf person. Until then they are grasping at straws and sadly the movie is doomed to fail.

    7) Money is not an issue in the Deaf community. For them to compare this movie with Rocky and Rudy is pathetic. What movies have they made before?

    8) There is closed captioining in movies today. This is not a new invention by this group.

    9) This group is playing the Deaf community against each other. Don't you dare do this K'Dee Miller. Instead do the one thing that needs to be done- have a Deaf character play Matt Hammill.

    10) Stop trying to get us to lose focus by talking about other stuff K'Dee Miller. The Deaf community has no issue with all the junk you threw out. The only issue is the portayal of Matt Hammill by a hearing person.

  9. To anonymous 8:26 PM.

    Haven't you guys learned your lesson that you need to vet your ideas though the Deaf community first, to see if they have any viability?

    It's total nonsense to be talking about creating a new genre of "Deaf foreign film." Just because ASL is accepted for foreign language CREDIT at universities, does not mean it is a FOREIGN LANGUAGE.

    Got it?

  10. I still do not understand why people choose to talk and sign at the same time. I could not understand Eban or the interpreter. Their signing was impossible to understand because they were talking. It makes me doubt that they'll respect ASL in the film since they do not appear to do so now.

  11. Also, I wonder what Eban and the other hearing individuals plan to do with their hollywood earnings... give it back to the Deaf community??? I'm curious.

  12. To anonymous 9:49,

    Are you "Helix"... the same person that comments on boxing on other forums? Are you Deaf? If not, then why to you speak for Deaf people?

    "Public enemy number one"? Huh? It's just a minor film that no one will pay attention to anyway.

  13. RLM:

    I have to say, I agree somewhat with your point regarding calling this a Deaf Foreign Film, however, I do not agree with you calling the interpreter pathetic. Her signing appeared to be clear and concise, and perhaps (I think) she was slowing it down somewhat to ensure clarity.

    One other thing I did not agree with was the co-producer (Oshina) saying she had never had a deaf role model on the big screen before, I think Marlee Matlin has been around a while now (smiles). Eben's signing WAS sloppy, but it appeared to be right about the level of, if not somewhat better than, Matt's signing itself. Seems to me that he would fit the bill of capturing the essence of Matt, not necessarily ALL deaf people and their fluency.

    Overall, I support this project, I believe it is a good attempt to tell ONE person's story, not necessarily the whole deaf community's story, and I believe we all need to lighten up on this topic and support Matt.

    Eddie Runyon
    (ThumpaFlash on

  14. I think it isn’t that bad. Why not give them the chance to show us the movie then we can determine if it was worth it or not. Lets not try to jump into conclusion until at the end of movie.

    Looking forward to see it whether I like it or not and it is a good eye opening moment for everyone.

  15. Sommerprossen1,

    What you mentioned in your comment is very legible agrument about the importance of hiring deaf individuals for the film crew.

    How come didn't the new Hamill film hire any deaf filmakers for the film crew?

    I did not see anything on the Hamill movie promotion website to mention about hiring deaf people for the film crew.

    Good intention to bring up this issue about hiring deaf film crew.


  16. Anonymous 9:49pm and others,

    Well-espoused (said) what you made all the logical points about the Hamill film promotion website.

    How true about why the Hamill film production did not hire any deaf male for the leading role!

    I have no idea who this interpreter. You perhaps are right about whether this individual is really an interpreter or not.

    Anonymous 9:49pm refer #10 to the Hamill film production, NOT me. Am I correct?


  17. Anonymous 9:52pm,

    Well-said about the ASL as part of the foreign language studies at the higher education institutions and pre-college schools.

    Hopefully, ASL will be formally recognized as a "minority language" in the near future. So we could have our linguistic usage (ASL) under the federal protection from any kind of systematic discrimination or oppression. :)

    Thanks for taking out your precious time to reply. :)


  18. Anonymous 10:27pm,

    Oh I see about your point of view about Eban's signing ability.

    Hmm, many of us know that Matt Hamill grew up in the mainstreamed educational system of the deaf. Hamill once embraced the SEE signings.

    Eban probably mimicked Matt Hamill's signing style. Who knows?

    I agree with you that Eban's so-called ASL signing fluency is in real question with the use of spoken mouth at the same time.

    You are entitled to your own opinion. :)


  19. Anonymous 10:31pm,

    FYI, the new Hamill film is a low-budget film production, not a mega-millions studio-backed.

    Eban Kostbar and the Hamill film people are not likely to make big bucks. They are just doing out of their artistic love for film (my own assumption).

    That would be really nice if the Hamill film production including performers could repay their dues (contribution of their time) to the deaf community after the film screenings.

    The Hamill film controvesty brought out the firestorms among us on the issue of Hollywood's habititual casting of hearing person for the deaf role. That is really a good thing for us to be proactive about this following issue.

    You ought to email to the Hamill film production what they plan to contribute to the deaf community.

    I do not have an email address right now for the Hamill film production. Okay?


  20. Eddie,

    With due respect, I surely find an assigned interpreter for the Hamill film production to be pathetic.

    From her non-manual features (facial expression) was poorly done. Almost nothing from her facial expression along with the signing.

    I somewhat found this interpreter to be paternalistic and gung-ho without really doing her job to interpret. She should not taking any side as an interpreter.

    We need more ethical and professional-minded interpreters than pleasing someone deaf or hearing.

    I hate that kind of interpreter, who is too chummy and agenda-driven or brown-nosed. The main job of interpreting is to interpret ASL or International Signs (Gestuto) accurately and professionally. Comprendo?

    Eddie, you are absolutely right about us need to lighten up and let Matt Hamill to gamble with his career and legacy within this film production.

    The "Hamill" film is just a movie, but will haunt Matt Hamill and his associates in the long time.

    We are living in the Land of the Free. Life is too short to worry about anything unimportant.

    People in general, are consisted of human emotions. What could I do about the dissenters against Matt Hamill's personal decision to support Eban Kostbar to play himself?

    Many thanks for your honest expression about not agreeing with Oshina's sayings that we never had a deaf role model on the silver screen. You are absolutely right about many deaf performers like MM before Matt Hamill.

    I suspected that Oshina meant that Matt Hamill would be very first deaf role model out of the real life appeared on the silver screen, not some fictional character. Don't you agree with me?


  21. RLM:

    As for hiring deaf film makers, I think that the hearing film crew already came together to make a movie and I think that Matt has no choice to tell them to hire a deaf film maker. Therefore, deaf people with expertise in the movie area should get together and hire some hearing expertise who may help to get connection to Hollywood, for example.

    In future, we deaf people should stop whining that hearing film crew didn't pick more deaf actors or whatever. We should be more proactive, meaning that if any deaf person feels passion about film making, writing scripts, etc, get education ,get together, and create a deaf movie by hiring deaf crew.

    Eddie Runyon:
    I, too, was puzzled that Oshina never saw a deaf role in a movie. But she said never to saw a deaf actor on "a big screen," meaning she apparently saw MM's movie on TV but not on the big screen. So it would mean that Matt's movie is the first one for her to see a "deaf" actor on a big screen. Furthermore, she said "Deaf? Deaf like me. Never. This movie will." But hello, Eben is not deaf himself, so how can she say she feel connected with Eben as hearing actor?

    As for the interpreter, well, I can understand her but I'm not comfortable watching her though as it's lots of work to pay attention. She signed kind of clear but at some places she skipped signs and spoke instead. I have seen some worse interpreters than her. So I give her credit. ;)

  22. ASL a foreign language? Hee hee! Man, you sure pull my pants down! Careful. Look at Eban Kostbar's mouth speaking English & you'll see100% of the perfect match with ASL. Plz watch Eban's mouth with binoclar. Not necessary for a credit as a foreign language.

    Have a good afternoon and bye-bye.

  23. Sommerprossen1,

    I do agree with you that we could not impose upon the Hamill film production to hire deaf crew for the "Hamill" film.

    At least, the Hamill film production ought to hire the deaf understudy as part of the film crew to get some college credits or resume referrals to master in the filmaking.

    That is all about giving some opporunity to the underemployment of deaf individuals in the filmmaking industry.

    The Hamill film production seems doing the poor job of audition promotions, etc.

    That would contradicts with one deaf vlogger's arguments about the importance of networking among the filmaking industry to be acquainted with filmakers and performers and producers, etc.

    Matt Hamill could do more like extending his personal influence to give some lifetime opporunity to deaf film majors to be part of his biopic film. Don't you agree?


  24. Anonymous 12:58pm,

    Are you addressing me or someone else on this Hamill comment forum?

    That would be called bilingualism within the use of spoken English and ASL signings on part of Eban.

    You are absolutely right that Eban ought not to use any spoken English while he sign ASL. That would undermine the true meanings of ASL usage.

    Thanks for pointing out Eban's contradicatory ASL signings. He surely will learn something from you. Smile!


  25. DeafKathy (Wilson),

    I meant to respond to your agrument like "Let's Hold Our Pants and Wait Til Hamill Film Completion". How true!

    Deaf people just need to express their thoughts regarding the Hamill film production and casting, etc.

    Many thanks for sharing your thoughts and wisdom with all of us. :)

    Have a nice Memorial Day Weekend celebration. DeafKathy (Wilson). My sincere apology for not responding much earlier. Okay?

    Thanks for reading my blog posting.


  26. First of all, the Oscars honor foreign-language films and not just foreign films. A French movie filmed in English would not qualify for the foreign-language Oscar, any more than an American film shot in Hungary would qualify.

    But ASL is different. Deaf culture advocates have long said ASL is a real language, with its own unique structure and grammar. You can't have it both ways. Either ASL is a real language or it isn't.

    If it is, then a film made with ASL certainly seems like a foreign language under the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' rules. There are probably 100x as many Americans who speak Spanish as use ASL, but a film shot in Spanish, even if filmed in the US with an all-American crew, would certainly considered a foreign-language movie.

    I'm curious to see how this works out. Just be advised: the Academy has a way of avoiding controversy whenever possible...

  27. RLM:

    I have to take exception to one point you just made a short while ago. you stated that: "The Hamill film production seems doing the poor job of audition promotions, etc.". I disagree SOMEWHAT with this.

    If I am not mistaken, did they not have two auditions/casting calls set up at Gallaudet that were cancelled when this whole clusterflop began over him selecting a hearing person to play his role? Obviously, that put a big dent in the pool available to them. With it being a low-budget production, I am sure that they were saving money by having it on campus, and therefore avoiding paying an exorbitant amount of money to rent a studio or warehourse, or convention hall for a couple of days to screen all the potential actors/actresses. So I have to believe that this hurt their ability to successfully include more deaf people in the movie to an extent. Yes, they probably could do it somewhere else, but as I said, low-budget film probably was looking to save money.

    As for your point "At least, the Hamill film production ought to hire the deaf understudy as part of the film crew to get some college credits or resume referrals to master in the filmaking.", I again have to refer to the low-budget aspect of this film. Simply put, paid roles are most likely few and far in between, and at most, a volunteer position would be available. This would be valuable as well for someone majoring in film, theater, journalism, etc., and basically be the equivalent of a semester work-study for credit. A lot would depend on the location of the filming, as I am sure anyone who would volunteer for such a project with no pay, would need to be close by to keep travel costs and other expenses down. Again, this would potentially dwindle the pool of available talent.

    Eddie Runyon

  28. Eddie,

    With due respect, I did my research on the Hamill film audition promotions for past one and half week.

    I still stand by my comment. I am supposed to do the blog posting related to the Hamill film audition promotions why there is a controvesty in the first place. I do not have any luxury time of doing this one. I will do the follow-up on the same topic next week after the holiday weekend. Okay?

    Have a fun within this holiday weekend with your friends and loved ones. :)


  29. hehehe all this talk just means we all are gonna see this movie anyways... deaf actor or not.

    So, lets pop some beers, drink out of love or hate; and celebrate.. hmm...

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