Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Deaf Village" Reminds Me Much Of .......

The formation of "Deaf Village" by Rachel Chaikoff and team of moderators like Mike McConnell, surely reminds me much of M. Night Shyamalan's 2004 film. Guess what? The similar title of his Hollywood film. What an eerie coincidence!

Rachel Chaikoff created the "Deaf Village" in protest of the DeafRead's so-censored format of her blog with questionable intents which attracted the likes of Mike McConnell, the leading instigator on the diverse world of the Deaf to their own conformity and likeness.

Both Rachel Chaikoff and Mike McConnell are much eerily similar to M. Night Shyamalan's "The Village", a 2004 American film which they intentionally undermine the freer ways of deaf bloggers and vloggers to the inflexible and undemocratic rules to publish their blog/vlog postings in name of real accessibility for others.

M. Night Shyamalan's "The Village" film where the council elders enacted the Orwellian fearmongerings and insular paranoia among townspeople to keep them from wandering into the existence of real world. One of the townspeople resorted to the scary tactics like bringing the monster to life and keep the whole colony in total fear and terror. In the end, the blind lady found the truth about her own so-called village and got shocked why she and others led to believe the absolute lies.

For more info about "The Village" film -


I ain' done yet! I would highly recommend the 1991 Australian film, "Proof" which resembles much of Rachel Chaikoff and Mike McConnell's own mentality toward the DeafRead editors.

Here is the link to "Proof", Australian film -

Rachel Chaikoff and Mike McConnell and the like-mindness of the 'Deaf Village" somewhat are guilty like imposing their own superiority toward the culturally deaf individuals and ex-oralists in another Australian film - "Rabbit Proof Fence".

Many people do not realize that many Aboriginals have deaf genes from what the Gallaudet Research Institute (GRI) and Australian anthropologists done numerous research on the deaf genes of the Australia's own Aboriginals.

Here is the link to "Rabbit Proof Fence" film -

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)
P.S. I personally want to extend my sincere thanks to Shelley for
pointing out the inaccuracy surname of Rachel Chaikoff. I originally
spell her surname - Carson. Shelly, thanks again. Okay?


  1. Interesting blog,
    I'd be interested to see these films, however, with due respect, I would like to correct Rachel's surname which is actually Chaikoff.


  2. Shelley,

    Many thanks for your correction of Rachel's surname. I truly appreciate it very much.

    I am going to correct that surname right away. :)


  3. So two wrongs, make it right ? Whilst the linguistic and cultural deaf slam it out with deaf village and oralists, and CI's, and mainstream,and (Tick a box If I missed anyone), spare a thought for the MAJORITY of us, stuck in the middle of this ya-boo madness.... Pots kettles black etc....

  4. MM,

    With due respect, the majority of culturally deaf people never reject other spectrum of deaf individuals.

    Just my own personal opinion which is nothing to do with the rest of deaf community at large.

    My opinion should not reflect on the whole deaf community at large.

    From your own presence in UK's deaf community, I really wish that the deaf UKers accept you more as a deaf person than marginalize you for who and what you are. Okay?

    Thanks for reading my latest blog posting. :)


  5. This whole subject is a waste of time. DeafRead leans more toward supporting the ASL Deaf first, and Deaf Village leans more toward supporting the oral deaf first. If you see your audience as primarily in the ASL community, post your blog/vlog in DeafRead. If you see your audience as primarily oral, then follow their rules, and post your blog/vlog in Deaf Village. There is room for both, and no need to slam either.

    BTW, you still have Rachel's last name wrong in the second paragraph.

  6. K.L.,

    You are absolutely right about how wasteful we spend our time on the pointless agruments about the DR and DV.

    Thanks for pointing out the overlook of Rachel's surname.

    Jeez, I have to be real careful before I make any careless mistakes. Thanks again, K.L.

    I just enjoy taking swipes at someone from time to time to keep anyone in line.


  7. its CHAIKOF

    like, one 'f'

    get it right the first time.

    thanks for sharing your own opinion. its true, most people dont give a shit about the CI/Deaf melodrama. It only takes a few Vlog/bloggers to make it seem that way.

    I'm just happy there is another "editorial aggregator" out there to browse around and add to the fun drama that never ends.

    /still no cure for cancer.

  8. Chaikoff - incorrect
    Chaikof - correct

  9. Normal Deaf PersonJune 19, 2008 at 10:47 PM

    Mike McConnell is a real sicko.

    He has a personality problem between a rock and a hard place(hearing culture and Deaf culture). Yes, he is deaf but wants to be hearing.

    That's why he needs these feeble friends, Candy, White Ghost, Paotie, Rachel, Melisassa, etc to be part of his Vile group that created to make the "Successful Deaf Culture" miserable as much as they could.

    They are just plain jealous and envious.