Thursday, June 19, 2008

New York City Residents Less Audistic Than DC Residents

From what my latest experience with New York City residents being less audistic than DC residents. Real surprise for me in many ways since the city of New York have the long history with oralism in its own bastiness from the presence of Lexington School for the Deaf and other school of the deaf with combined educational philosophy.

The majority of hearing people in DC, tend to expect deaf people to lipread or speak, despite of the presence of Gallaudet University in their own backyard.

Kinda annoying of many hearing DC residents being clueless about the importance of making such a request for communication preference than imposing their given beliefs and societal attitudes toward deaf people from all walks of life - oralists, CI and hearing aid users and manualists.

New York City people resorted to less paternalistic and forthcoming attitude like happily oblige to jot down written conversations right away or being more helpful toward me as "culturally deaf" person.

No questions about how much changed the New York City people have been since the 9/11 incidents. They are more responsive and considerate unlike of the past New York City I had known of.

Look forward more to frequent New York City trips due to the real bargain bus rides like the Megabus - That only cost me $3.50 (three dollars and fifty cents) to ride the round trip from Washington, DC to NYC last two weeks ago. I also made another reservation for round trip from DC to NYC for $2.50 (two dollars and fifty cents) next week.

Megabus also offer the bus rides from NYC to Boston for less than five dollars or one dollar on particular bus schedules. It do offer the bus rides from NYC to Philly for one dollar or four dollars. Ten dollars to Toronto, Canada!

Megabus charter buses are really perfect with roomy legrooms, non-hassle security checkpoints, cheaper fares and free Wi-Fi uses. Who want more than dealing with the depressing airline flights?

Easy drop-offs at the Penn Station, 32nd Street from the 11th and G Street, NW (Metro Center), Washington, DC.

Foods in NYC are more splendid now due to trans fat ban within the city limits. Less tourists in NYC due to the shaky economy we are in. Tourists are treated like kings and queens now in NYC for spending our tourism dollars. Don't blow off the lifetime opportunity of going to NYC at very bargain rate. I dearly love NYC very much. DC is too socially conservative right now due to the Bush Administration's presence in DC area for past seven years.

I feel much liberated in NYC than DC. I breathe much easier in NYC than DC. Yes, I already spend more than $400 dollars during my latest visit to NYC and brought nothing. I did not regret at all for spending $400 in NYC which made my visit worthwhile.

I recently learned about the discovery of the 1600s tavern in NYC back in 1979. This execrated tavern discovery is covered with durable plexiglass to take look inside the tavern in the ground. I didn't have a chance of going there last time.

I feel more safer in NYC than Washington, DC. I am telling ya, all the truth! Of course, most important is to follow your own gut instincts and common sense for not blazing into any dangerous terrains and abandoned sites and dark alleys.

I had one disappointment with NYC was the Museum of Sex. I somewhat felt ripped off in many ways. I did not know about the special coupon to shave the five dollars off the admission fee in the first place. This museum was really great with the idea of displaying the historic sexual items like the medical device to stimulate the female part back to the 1920s, but the security guard turned off the film footage of earliest stag and sex films 40 minutes before the closing time.

I strongly believe that the "Museum of Sex" could improve in many ways. Before closing this blog posting, I also am disappointed with the Guggenheim Museum's declining state like closing two entire top floors. The latest exhibitions were not really impressive.

I always enjoy the Metropolitan Museum of Arts! This place never cease to amaze me since the childhood years in the late 60s and 70s.

NYC is more sanitized than ever. I somewhat miss the seedy days of New York City and all-out sexual escapades on the street or in bars. At least, New York City still have their own go-go boys with undies on unlike DC. No male entertainment left in DC right now due to the new professional baseball stadium construction on the "gay" Southeast block.

Male entertainment - male strippers usually get totally naked without their undies in DC, but the Williams administration (Mayor Anthony Williams) changed the DC norms of letting the male strippers dance without their underwear or Speedos. *sigh*

What a country we are living in now? I ever enjoy the female bursquelene shows, too. I love their artsy props and striptease acts. I could not help this whole stuff since I have very liberal parents and upbringing.

One more thing before closing this blog posting. There is a cheap Megabus ride from Chicago to Milwaukee. Some of you could go to the Deaf Bilingual Coalition conference and counteroffensive rally next two weeks. Okay?

ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

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  1. Yes, I am much aware of the present Lexington School for the Deaf's changing educational methods from the oral to Bi-Bi approach.