Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bobby Harris, Future Consultant for Law Enforcement Agencies?

 Pretty good numbers of newspaper coverages from Frederick, MD to Canada about Bobby Harris, deaf student intern from Maryland School of the Deaf, currently have a summer internship at the city of Frederick's Police Department. 

  Bobby Harris brought many smiles and respects and appreciations to the Frederick Police Department with his glowing personality from helping out with the police training exercises how to deal with uncooperative deaf subject to the modification of visual aids fold-out pocket book for police officer to have an excellent communication with deaf individual. Harris also engaged in role-playing as a potential deaf troublemaker for police officer to deal with any deaf troublemaker. Harris demonstrated the handcuffing of deaf suspect/troublemaker behind their back to hamper (block/limit) necessary communication. Harris hopefully complete the development of his visual charts for productive communication between deaf individual(s) and police officer(s) before hitching to the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) this fall to study criminal justice and computer graphics. 

   Will Bobby Harris be our future consultant for the law enforcement agencies how to deal effectively with deaf individuals, instead of trampling on our civil liberties and police misconducts/ brutality? Hope so! Wish Bobby Harris all the good lucks with his studies and university life! 

  Here is the link to the Frederick News Post newspaper article  -

   or type Frederick News Post  or Canadian Press or Annapolis Capitol 

   The Washington Post's Express newspapers for commuters did cover Bobby Harris with more pictures, but not possibly find the link to feature this article. 

ASLize yours, 

Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Harris, good job to teach the unexperienced officers about Deaf. I can see the terrible lack of communication between police and deafies. Police should follow the ADA. Police decide to shoot them with their verbal warning but deafies can't read what they said. They thought Deafies ignore their warning. Then action comes out. Deafies are innocent.

    Oftenly, in court, the officers are won. They gave their verbal warnings to the Deafies. They ignored them. So they have to shoot the innocent Deafies. I suspect the judge(s) are hearing, too. They follow the hearing system - not Deaf. In my opinion, officers should take sign language class - just the basic and simple.

    Shame on law enf........! The system should be changed to the better.

  2. Smandreal,

    Yes, I agree with you about the real necessity of police sensitivity program to deal with deaf individual(s).

    My understanding is that the NAD will do something about the police misconducts toward deaf people.