Monday, August 4, 2008

Selective Admission Practices at Oral Schools for the Deaf

Past selective admission practices at many oral schools for the deaf over decades have to be publicly exposed for what the school administrators and board members carefully cherry picked their prospective deaf students for school admissions.

Many past oral schools for the deaf administration and board members extensively looked for deaf students, who had been tested for their intelligence and capacity for speaking orally. If any deaf student did not meet any standards for so-called intelligence, but the school administrators of oral schools for the deaf, willingly to overlook that particular student's "below-average" intelligence and take hir in due to the family wealth. Many oral schools for the deaf successfully raked in millions and millions and millions of dollars and deceived the general public about their so-called success with the oral education for deaf students.

The residential schools of the deaf hardly do this kind of thing and admit almost everyone deaf for educational studies and social/emotional development. Those schools often turned into a dumping ground for "oral failures" and "rejected ones" from oral schools for the deaf. In the end, residential schools of the deaf graciously educated millions and millions of deaf students with greater results for become a whole human being with excellent "life" foundation as productive and meaningful citizens.

Oral schools for the deaf came with their own shameful and horrendous legacy - crude and abusive methods to get deaf students to speak orally which the natural order of human beings losing any one of five senses - hearing, seeing, touching, smell and taste. Human beings could adapt very well without one of the five senses and lead worthy life.

Oral schools for the deaf nowadays face dramatic admission enrollment loss due to the widespread of cochlear implant uses. Those schools face their own extinction anytime for what they done to millions of deaf youngsters in the past. Karma really work in very mystifying way.

Residential schools of the deaf and public education brought people together for the better humanity, not the oral schools for the deaf and AGBell. The ongoing violence against deaf youngsters with the forced surgery of cochlear implant is another legacy of oppression and belittlement against the natural evolutionary of human beings for adapted human survival.

Parents of deaf babies and youngsters need to think deeply from what they are doing to their own offspring like depriving the language acquaintance thru workable means without any kind of frustration or wasteful struggles.

Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Generally, what you're saying is true. However, as far as accuracy goes you might want to take a closer look. You'll realize many of the favored Deaf schools engage in covertly selective admission procedures.

    California School for the Deaf, Fremont discriminated against multi-disabled children until they lost in court thanks to a pair of determined parents. Maryland did likewise and got away and drew objection of a former egomaniac coach who wanted to exploit low-functioning types to fill out his so-so wrestling teams. The court just ordered the California school to admit. They had to fill a position just to cater to that pupil. This happened just this year. Regardless politics of the day manual and oral schools aren't any better than they claim to be. It's just a two-way bullshit. A no-win scenario.

  2. I just heard from a friend of mine that they're trying to set an oral program for deaf and hard of hearing kids at a new school and get rid of interpreters in my home town. It's not a fact yet, so I'm trying to find out if it is true..It might not be true.

  3. where is your proof? your assumptions may be correct but you certainly should back them up with some evidence...otherwise, that's all they are, assumptions.

  4. RLM is correct. It has been practiced that way. Parents may be selfish group who demanded oralism, but it is the school that pulled wool over their eyes. Thanks to AGB for lies, cronyism and audism!

  5. Adam,

    What is the matter with you? Are you blind?

    RLM is 100% correct! Few years ago I was in a class at a State College to do my term paper about the oral and state schools. One professor told me the oral school in Atlanta accepted only some students. I was one of them. My husband’s mom told me that Atlanta Speech School refused to accept my husband. Also I have a friend at a school for the deaf. She is a teacher. She told me many deaf students were dumped after they failed in a public or oral school.