Tuesday, September 2, 2008

AGB's Pre-Emptive Strikes Against DBC like RNC?

There is the troubling news reports about the Republican National Committee and St. Paul Police Department e n g a g e d with the pre-emptive strikes against the would-be protestors at the Grand Ole' Party (GOP) National Convention. Just click on the attached link and read on to make us wonder about whether did the Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf (AGBell) and other audists prepared for the pre-emptive strikes against the Deaf Bilingual Coalition in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Many of us already knew about the AGBell's sneaky tactics to keep the hearing parents of deaf youngsters from coming down to the Deaf Bilingual Coalition (DBC) conference via the walkway from the Midway Center to the Hyatt Hotel. What about other pre-emptive strikes the AGBell and other audists have done?

We must continually expose AGBell's pre-emptive strikes against the DBC to the general public to educate the society at large what kind of organization the AGBell is all about.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. True RLM....It seems that anyone who takes a stand against a major powerhouse, goes through similar intimidation tactics.

    AGBell for over 100 years haa done everything in their power to stop those who believe in sign language from sharing the benefits with hearing parents of Deaf babies.

    The first time in history, Deaf and Hearing came together to rally publically to expose the general public that there are Deaf people who love ASL and know the benefits for Deaf babies.

    AGBell used tactics such as telling their participants not to engage with those who were rallying. AGBell shut down the walkway from the Midwest Airlines Center to the Hyatt so parents couldn't get to the Hyatt easily from the AGBell conference. While the DBC made requests to television stations in Milwaukee to cover the DBC rally and conference, AGBell was easily able to infiltrate the Milwaukee t.v. news and keep DBC off the air.

    AGBell has its fingers into so many of the states' and national committees that make decisions about the information that gets out to hearing parents. They have linkages with the medical community that are first contacts for hearing parents.

    We need everyone who believes in the benefits of ASL in early language acquisition to unite, be visible, and be get involved to help society understand how important ASL is to language acquisition for Deaf babies. The DBC can't do it alone. It takes all of us working together!

    Thanks RLM for this post!

    Tami Hossler (DBC)

    (sorry to post anonymously, but I haven't figured out all this blogging stuff yet:)

  2. Rumor has it they got a threatening letter thats got them to close the skywalk.

  3. Anonymous,

    Oh I see about the so-called threatening letter from someone to the AGBell or hotel.

    I would like to see the physical evidence of threatening letter. I could check out with the Milkwaukee MPD.