Wednesday, September 3, 2008

(PIC) Janice SLAPPED Christian for Making Fun of Martin Ritchie

Janice Dickerson of Oxygen TV's "Janice Dickerson Modeling Agency" SLAPPED Christian, one of the male contestant for making FUN of Martin Ritchie. Oh boy! Holy Mackeral!

Check out this attached link with PICTURE -

Jeez, we are still living in the world of AUDISM within the year of 2008! Great of Janice Dickerson slapped someone hearing in defense of Martin Ritchie and the rest of us.

Let's hiss Christian and bombard him with nasty email messages!

Let's email Janice Dickerson and thank her for standing up to someone like Christian and other audists!

Wanna receive your comments what you really think of Janice Dickerson slapped Christian?

Some people were overly concerned about Janice Dickerson's illegal physical assault on employees. Janice Dickerson is in the modeling business more than 30 years.

We must root for Martin Ritchie and Janice Dickerson. Everyone across the US talking about Martin Ritchie.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Please scroll down a little to see the picture of Janice Dickerson slapped Christian on this attached link. Thanks!


  2. GOOD for Janice to slap Christian's face. Christian has his egoistic problem and looks down on martin's level. He needs to grow up and be level and teaching can be leaded successful. SAD to see him being a self-centered ego!

  3. Slapping.. ouch. not a good idea, though I can understand why.

    However, I'm glad she told the jerk off!

  4. Hedy,

    I was kinda amused to see someone hearing slapped another hearing person in defense of someone deaf.

    I would not worry at all about Janice Dickerson getting the legal troubles for slapping Christian which models probably sign the legal contract(s) from suing Janice Dickerson for any reason.

    I would like to see Janice Dickerson slap and kick Christian more and more for our own deaf amusement.

    Or we, deaf people get in the express line to slap Christian's face, kick'his rear side and pull his hair. That would be a real delight for all of us doing "reversal audism"!

    I am not for physical assault in any way except someone hearing stand up to fight the audism to another hearing person.

    Don't we enjoy the catfights between two individuals sometimes?

    I witnessed the real catfights between two gay males in Georgetown (DC) area back in the mid-80s. Ouch!

    I do like Paul Vodemort (msp?)as my second choice after Martin Ritchie.

    I somewhat got the feeling that Martin Ritchie did win the whole thing. Why many pics of him always the "first" in almost every magazines? A subtle hint?

    Gotta go now.


  5. MZ,

    I am with you 100% about what the jerk deserve this kind of hand treatment. :)


  6. her last name is Dickinson. And yes, of course I cheered when Christian got slapped :)