Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dallas VOICE, Inc. Being Audistic Toward Martin Ritchie

Dallas VOICE magazine, the Community Newspaper for Dallas Gays and Lesbians, was being audistic toward Martin Ritchie like asking questions -

"Can you hear anything at all?"

"If you have a perfect hearing for four hours, what would you want to do?"

Check out this link - for Martin Ritchie's replies to those questions.

Please tell what you really think of this audistic questions toward Martin Ritchie?

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)



  1. Questions were not audistic in my view, because they're normal inquisitive questions by a human being. This in fact, is educating, because it tells the readers that being deaf does not mean we hear nada. Not always, ya know?

    And, asking what he would do had he been able to hear for four hours is one of many "what if's" we all do get into, whether we are deaf or not.

    RLM, maybe you can elaborate a bit here, by telling us why you felt it was audistic.


  2. Candy,

    Anyone hearing ask such a question regarding hearing status is definitely an audist. No "buts"!

    The society at large need to see deaf people as any human beings, instead of inquiring whether they could hear or wish to be a hearing person.

    The Dallas VOICE magazine ought to ask Martin Ritchie to define himself as a deaf person. That's all this magazine should do in the first place.

    We, deaf people are not the living zoo for people to poke, inquiry and observe what we are all about.

    How would anyone hearing feel if I ask an question - "Would you do when you lose your hearing?"

    "Wanna try be deaf for four hours, what would you do?"

    I am totally sick of the American media to inquire us, deaf people about our hearing status or how much DB we have. Sheesh!

    F**K DB level and audiological stuff! Caspice?


  3. Candy,

    I forget to say "thanks for your comment". :) I always enjoy your comments on other deaf blogs/vlogs.


  4. Candy,

    I forget to say "thanks for your comment". :) I always enjoy your comments on other deaf blogs/vlogs.


  5. Ok, definitely audist in YOUR book, but not mine. Definitely an audist in some deaf people's view and definitely NOT an audist in other deaf peoples view.

    Definitely would be audist if it was the kind of questions asked during a job interview, but magazine interview?

    Is there an official rule somewhere? or do we all each make it up as we go along? Isn't it confusing for hearings when we all don't agree? Where do we draw the line in getting too sensitive on these matters? :)

    To each its own.

    Anyway, thank you for the nice compliment.