Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Deaf Regional Personality Traits Across the U.S.

Any of you wonder whether we really have our deaf regional personality trait development within our former alta mater schools/universities and neighborhood?

The Wall Street Journal newspaper reported the scientific study of regional personality traits across America - "The United States of Mind".

The research study shown that the residents of North Dakota are most outgoing as compared to neuoritic Kentuckians and conscientous Floridians.




My recall about handful of deaf people informally label the graduates and students of California School of the Deaf - Fremont are most likely to be cliquey among their own kinds. Any proofs about deaf Fremontians?? Probably true or not!

When I came to Gallaudet for very first time. Many students thought that I was a Californian myself. I said "What?" I asked those students why I was considered "Californian". I was told that I was too confident, dress casually and signed pure ASL. How interesting about the first impression I made on Gallaudet students.

After telling Gallaudet students that I was from West Virginia. Many students said "Really?" I was not look like a typical hillbilly. I laughed so hard.

From my own personal observations, Maryland School for the Deaf graduates are intentionally involved in deaf activism later in life. Look at Joey Baer, Carl Schroeder and other mores.

I noticed that many deaf North Dakotans have superbu English writing and reading skills at Gallaudet University. Isolated and chilly environment contributed to their eventual polishings of the dominant language usage- the English language.

Deaf Floridians and Texans tend to be more party-minded people. Don't you agree?

Former graduates from Rochester School for the Deaf, NY and American School for the Deaf , Connecticut seems turn out most pathological liars and troublemakers from what I socialized with those people.

That seems the deaf residential school/university neighborhoods area greatly influenced the personality formations more than parents of deaf youngsters.

Fremont, California is really a modest small-town which contributed to the feelings of close-knit community and resulted in more cliquey mentality among deaf Fremontians compared to the graduates and students of Riverside California School for the Deaf .

Deaf West Virginians are noticeably overdependent on hearing people and seek their approvals more than anyone deaf across the United States. They intentionally believe that hearing people know more than deaf individuals or being right than deaf people. Of course, deaf West Virginians are politically passive as compared to Northern California deaf community. Deaf West Virginians are more likely to use the Language Contact (PSE) and SEE more than other deaf Americans.

Some deaf people consider many deaf New Yorkers to be arrogant and boasteous. Any truth to this one?

My own Deaf Regional Personality Traits Across the U.S., are purely speculational, not based on scientific observations. Any personal observance or speculation of yours?

ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Hmm, interesting point of view. I think its partily true not all of it.

    For instances deaf from ND have superb english writing was due to excellent education there.

    As for personality traits, I believe is speculative unless scienfic facts support that. Like you said it is only an observance


  2. Deb,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us.

    You are absolutely right about the so-called observance consider not to be 100 percent fact.

    Thanks again, Deb.