Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How Come the NAD Didn't Televise BB's 80th Birthday Bash and "ASL Idol"?

How come didn't the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) televise the special events like Bernard Bragg's 80th Birthday Bash and "ASL Idol" from the NAD Conference 2008 via webcasts?

That would be an excellent opportunity for the National Association of the Deaf to do the nationwide membership recruitment tools and exposure for showing its own prestige and presence to the Deaf America and the rest of the deaf communities around the world.

NAD really could done like contracting out the television producer and television crew to televise the lifetime opportunity of Bernard Bragg's 80th Birthday Bash and other NAD events appealing to the deaf and hearing television viewers.

We did not have any chance of seeing our deaf fellows in the "ASL Idol" contests within the NAD Conference 2008 to recruit more deaf individuals to be the NAD members and build the sense of unity among the Deaf America and the global deaf communities.

In reality, the NAD do not have its own media department for filming NAD speeches at various places, ex. in support of rallies and protests. The NAD members did propose for the creation of the NAD's TV branch at the past NAD conventions/conferences and turned down the proposal every time.

The televised NAD events would garner a lot of $$$ for the National Association of the Deaf thru the webcasts like $10 to $20 per viewing and build up the membership base at same time.

Many deaf Americans and other deaf fellows would love to watch the deaf people roast Bernard Bragg thru humorous recantments few days later after the official event take the place at the Gallaudet Kellogg Conference Center.

Dunno know if the Gallaudet University already filmed Bernard Bragg's 80th Birthday Bash for its own campus television viewings or not. The Gallaudet Campus television facility is not widely available for the general television viewings thru satellite television uses.

Not everybody deaf able to come down to Gallaudet University's main campus in Washington, DC or similar event in Los Angeles for the fundraising venue of Deaf West Theatre in very same weekend.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. I know for a fact that NAD needs volunteers. It would be nice if more of us help NAD out. It's my plan to do some volunteering there.

    I did suggest to NAD Law Center some time ago to blog more about its legal activities. Since then, I could see that they really made an effort blogging more on these activities which I know cannot be easy, considering how short-staffed the center is. I am impressed how well NAD Law Center is doing with its cases.

  2. Mother of Bilingual Deaf and Hearing ChildrenOctober 7, 2008 at 5:58 PM

    I imagine the NAD might be interested in a licensing agreement with someone who is capable of videotaping and editing live NAD events for the purpose of hosting and distributing those videos on the Internet on a commercial basis (for a fee). NAD could get a percentage of the fee charged to view these events in return for the license agreement. If you know of someone interested in doing this, have them contact the NAD.

  3. RLM,

    I'm vehemently opposed to marrying NAD and other entities such as Gallaudet into so many endeavors.

    Seriously, same old, same old akin to blatant incest.

    NAD needs to do on their own merit, hire their own.

    The Deaf tends to siphon resources off other Deaf.

    For example. ICSD/CISS and USADSF partnering with DeafNation Newspaper (1990s) which simply robbed DeafNation Newspaper readers of supposed objective materials. Bad enough karma caught up.

    Organizational disempowerment. I know the Deaf Bilingual Coalition would've done much better from the get go with minimal controversy had they been 501 (c) (3) in the first place. So much for patience.

    I know some of you in the Deaf Establishment will disagree with what I'm saying here but you do know you have to make some concessions to some truths.


  4. MZ,

    Great of you for your proactive suggestions for the NAD's Legal Advocacy to do some bloggings and let people know what the NAD have been doing so far!

    Mother of DBC,

    Excellent suggestion about the licensing agreement for the NAD to hire and contract out the media assignment to film and televise.

    I will forward your comment to the NAD people to see what they will do about it. :)

    Thanks for writing your comment.


    I am 100 percent with you about the incestous collabration between deaf organizations and other places.

    Some deaf people constantly complained about the DC area;s hearing community always wrongly expect us, deaf people to overdepend on Gallaudet Universtiy as some kind of our "mother".

    I truly apperciate your comment.


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