Saturday, January 3, 2009

AHN Museum Gave Me a Heart Attack About AGB and Edison

On the day of Happy New Year 2009, the real opportunity of seeing the renovated and repackaged National American History Museum under the Smithsonian Institution operation after its grand re-opening day on November 21, 2008. This same museum underwent the recent $85 million dollars renovation from the public and private funding.

When I came into the "Walls of Inventors" exhibition on that day. I was totally shocked to see how the Smithsonian Institution's "National American History" somewhat painted Alexander Graham Bell (AGB) as a savior of the deaf people and inaccurately pointed out him as an inventor of the telephone.

This online posting doesn't contain the same information from what I personally seen the exhibition display about the so-called great inventor, Alexander Graham Bell (AGB).

Don't the Smithsonian Institution's American History National Museum recall the 2002 fact-findings of the U.S. House of Representatives that the Italian sausage maker and innovator, Merucculi to be the real inventor of the telephone, not Alexander Graham Bell (AGB)?

Why the American History National Museum still post the historical inaccuracies of Alexander Graham Bell (AGB) at her exhibition display? Worst of all, the American History National Museum glorified Alexander Graham Bell (AGB) for his contribution to the deaf community without any rebuttals or opposing viewpoints from the Deaf America and deaf citizenry around the world about AGB's eugenics and deceitful practices most of his life.

How interesting about the American History National Museum mentioned several times about Alexander Graham Bell's love for doing the experimental stuff (experiment)! Bell definitely experimented on deaf people in name of scientific arrogance.

Don't the American History National Museum ought to do the permanent exhibition of what Alexander Graham Bell and other cultural and linguistic imperialists really done to us, deaf people over more than a century as part of balanced factual reporting and education for the American public?

"Thru Deaf Eyes" temporary exhibition had been gone from the "Arts and Industries" Museum after its ongoing renovation. It ought to be belonged to the American History National Museum to expand on the reflection of social and cultural and linguistic history of Deaf Americans as part of permanent exhibition to rebut with the museum's current portrayal of Alexander Graham Bell (AGB).

We, Deaf America would love to remind the American public, especially museum goers what and who Alexander Graham Bell really was all about as a master thief, impostor, eugenicist, propagandist and divider.
Alexander Graham Bell's so-called inventions have been on the exhibition displays around the museum. Look at that -

The American public ought to know that Alexander Graham Bell directly responsible for such unnecessary death of U.S. President James Garfield with his so-called invention - earliest cat scan to pinpoint the location of assassination bullet. The attending physicians were horrified what Alexander Graham Bell caused President Garfield much physical pains and delayed medical necessity with his untested invention.
Alexander Graham Bell ought to be branded as a real murderer of President Garfield after the known assassin. He caused the attending doctors from doing their jobs as waltzed in with his untested invention - earliest version of cat scan equipment.

The Smithsonian Institution DO make factual errors over years. The recent incident involved the fifth-grader boy noticed the scientific labeling error -

Another example of the Smithsonian Institution's continuous slap on the face of deaf people with Thomas Edison's museum exhibition displays. The American History National Museum never bother to acknowledge the historical fact of Thomas Alva Edison as a deaf person. The American public deserve to know the rich contributions of deaf people like Thomas Edison to the ways of life and human advancement. Don't we?
This online posting from the Smithsonian Institution's American History National Museum did mention Thomas Edison being a deaf person and proud to be deaf as a true blessing, but, but, but no reference to Edison as a deaf person on the museum exhibit display.

What we ought to do? We ought to send a letter of e-petitions to the American History National Museum's Office of External Affairs, Curational Affairs and Department of Museum History how and why the museum keep peddling the myths and historical inaccuracies of Alexander Graham Bell as an inventor of the telephone to the museum goers.

We ought to demand that the American History National Museum to do the special and permanent exhibition of Deaf Americans along with other prominent cultural and historical figures in our American History moments beside "Thru Deaf Eyes" temporary exhibition.

The renovated American History National Museum is beyond the real horrors of dismantling and downplaying the fine displays of historical items collections and historical data. The museum somewhat do the upside part of renovation is much and more brighter environment unlike the past darkened museum.
The past American History National Museum exhibition displays were much worthwhile and appealing more than the renovated museum' present displays.

That is the time for the American public to learn about the real Alexander Graham Bell!
Great opportunity for the deaf students of the pre-K to 12's to do the school projects how to demand and change for the real social and cultural and linguistic justices to correct the historical inaccuracy of any museum exhibition displays. Here comes the greater social activism in the Age of Obama!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Edison had a degree of hearing loss which worsened over the years as he got older but he wasn't deaf.

  2. Edison developed hearing problems at an early age.

    Click the link below:
    Thomas Edison

  3. RLM, thank you for the wake up call. I am extremely disturbed by what you said of AGB and it is something we can't do but the NAD can do about it. Be sure Bobbie is adding this to her agenda!

    Visit Thomas Edison's home and lab in West Orange, NJ and there it says that Edison was deaf on one of his ears since he was a little boy due to an explosive accident.

  4. I think that you should pursue this further with The Smithsonian Institution. Starting a petition is an excellent idea.

    Send this on to NAD and get their support too.

    Everything is possible...just takes someone to get it going.

  5. Suppose this word Deaf in this post was replaced with Black, NAACP would raise hell and demand a million march protest all around and inside of the building of National American History Museum. Al Sharpton and Jeese Jackson would have their veins showing on their neck screaming for righteous truth to be told to America!

    But seems that NAD is too docile to be proud being Deaf. The Deaf community are “loudly” complaining and not happy about this as well as all of you reading this post but seems to be afraid to walk the talk. WHY?


    Maybe RLM can start up a E-Petition to demand NAD to rally the Deaf Community to come out to Washington DC at the American History National Museum.

    And that NAD need to start on with Congress to have Deaf Civil Rights Act this year!

    Let's say again....
    And that NAD need to start on with Congress to have Deaf Civil Rights Act this year!

    And...Let's say again....
    And that NAD to start on with Congress to have Deaf Civil Rights Act this year!

    Don't stop...Let's say again....
    And that NAD to start on with Congress to have Deaf Civil Rights Act this year!

    Obama said, IT IS TIME TO CHANGE

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LET’S DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Yawn. This is so boring. Why not work on real issues? Maybe RLM should get off his duff and look for a job. Maybe I should protest supporting him with my tax dollars.

  7. THANKS to Anonymous for the apathetic inspirational comment!

    We will still continue to be in the rut with you.

  8. RLM --

    You just reminded me that I just read an interesting article in Sign Language Studies (see the PDF copy of the article at about how AGB managed to kill the Through Deaf Eyes exhibit at the Museum of American History.

    Let's give AGB a taste of their own medicine and start a campaign to have this info about AGB corrected here!

    RLM -- can you go back to the museum and write down EXACTLY what the exhibit says about AGB and the Deaf? I think this is important information for us to have when we develop our response.

    --Don G.

  9. Dr. Bell was and continues to be an inspiration for many. The libel you spew cannot change that, even when you attempt to recast history through the lens of your Deaf Culture "everyone is out to get me" persona. I am positive that you will never get more than pity if you harass the museum.

  10. Please do SENT your blog to NAD as my order! I think that the Smithoson should think more TWICE before go ahead to have more AGBAD BIG HEAD with white lies to the world! AGBAD is not nice person behind the Deaf community... AGBAD had been brainwashed too many people with MORE LIES!!!

  11. Hello RLM!!

    First, I wanna express you Happy Belated 2009 New Year from my own heart!

    Go ahead inform NAD with your own blog, please! Pls do let me know if NAD had already confirm you by letting you know that they got your email so then I will know that NAD will be worth my money for donation next time!
    Thanks, Shawn!

  12. RLM--

    Another thing you would want to know...

    Look up today's USA WEEKEND Sunday's supplemental paper, on page 2.

    Q. I saw Bill Clinton speak at a campaign rally, and I think I spotted hearing aids in both of his ears. Did I see correctly?

    A. Yes. Clinton has been wearing hearing aids since his second term as president.

    Since his second term as president, oh I didn't know that.

  13. One more thing, do you know what becomes of Ridor - Ricky Taylor these days? I sure miss his blog but I see you as the next Ridor :-)

  14. RLM,

    Why don't you start your own mission, "The Truth about AGBell"

    There are plenty of truth facts about who AGB is and if you start at the National American History Museum by have a few friends with you along with signs with a list of true facts who AGB is and demand that the National American History Museum to remove false information about AGB.

    Make enough noise so that Washington Post and other media outlets will hear it and write about it.

    Remember what DBC did in Virginia back in July 2007. They only started with a few and now grown to international because DBC is telling the truth, the real morality truth of bilingual philosophy.

    You could become the major factor of getting the society to realize that AGBell dominated the Deaf people's language and education that ruined many lives in the past 100 years and this could be the turning point of what the Deaf society have been waiting for.

    God Bless You

  15. Everyone,

    I will come back and make direct responses to your comments when I feel much better.

    I suddenly got the nosebleed this morning. I also felt internal bleedings in my stomach area lately and past three weeks ago.

    Anonymous #4,

    I am somewhat disappointed in your sacarasm which I ought to get a job. I have been hardworking most of my entire life.

    I somewhat have a health problems lately from chemical and secondhand smoking exposures.

    Please stop making any misassumption that I am a lazy bone.


  16. I am deeply puzzled why so many commenters here are choosing to be anonymous. What is there to be afraid of identifying yourself here? I cannot imagine this post being so controversial that you need to hide your identity.

    RLM, did you contact the director of the museum to express your displeasure of the inaccuracies portrayed in the exhibit? I hope you will follow up more on this. AGBell was NOT a savior for all Deaf people, but apparently they aren't aware of this fact. It's time for the Deaf Community to speak up.

    If I recall correctly, Edison became deaf while young, but he was never a part of the Deaf Culture.

  17. Oh, by the way, anonymous #4, it's none of your business if RLM is gainfully employed or not.

    RLM, don't bother answering. You owe nobody an explanation.

  18. MZ,

    Hmm, I really do not know why some people choose to be anonymous.

    I undy that my reputation to be pretty controvestial and misunderstood. People choose to play safe by being anonymous and leave hir own comment.

    I did not have a chance of speaking with the director of American History National Museum yet. I went there on January 1st. The director's office surely closed that day. Don't you agree?

    That's why I do this blog posting to let the Deaf America to be aware of the ongoing museum displays of AGB and Edison and inquire what we should do next, etc.

    Yea, Thomas Edison never used sign language or be part of the Deaf culture. He spoke verbally pretty well due to his post-lingually deafness.

    At least, Thomas Edison frequently stated how proud and blessed and grateful he was being deaf himself.

    There was a photo of Edison cupping behind his ear to let the whole world know that he was damn proud to be deaf.

    Just want to let the museum goers know what contradications we have in our own humanity -
    Thomas Edison invented the motion picture camera which deprieved deaf people later with sound cinema by other hearing audists.

    Same thing with AGB exploited deaf people for his own ambition and wealth and agenda, etc.

    You are absolutely right that I owe nobody an explaination! Thanks for your comment.

    I have to answer other commenators' Qs later. :)


  19. MZ,

    Hmm, I really do not know why some people choose to be anonymous.

    I undy that my reputation to be pretty controvestial and misunderstood. People choose to play safe by being anonymous and leave hir own comment.

    I did not have a chance of speaking with the director of American History National Museum yet. I went there on January 1st. The director's office surely closed that day. Don't you agree?

    That's why I do this blog posting to let the Deaf America to be aware of the ongoing museum displays of AGB and Edison and inquire what we should do next, etc.

    Yea, Thomas Edison never used sign language or be part of the Deaf culture. He spoke verbally pretty well due to his post-lingually deafness.

    At least, Thomas Edison frequently stated how proud and blessed and grateful he was being deaf himself.

    There was a photo of Edison cupping behind his ear to let the whole world know that he was damn proud to be deaf.

    Just want to let the museum goers know what contradications we have in our own humanity -
    Thomas Edison invented the motion picture camera which deprieved deaf people later with sound cinema by other hearing audists.

    Same thing with AGB exploited deaf people for his own ambition and wealth and agenda, etc.

    You are absolutely right that I owe nobody an explaination! Thanks for your comment.

    I have to answer other commenators' Qs later. :)


  20. Happy New Year to you, RLM.

    I read your blog, and I'm shocked, too. I thought that the museum should be more careful about the history, so it's time for the American public to learn about the real Alexander Graham Bell and true history/story.

    Thanks for sharing this information with us.

  21. I wonder if historians ever bothered to read "The Telephone Gambit: Chasing Alexander Graham Bell's Secret" by Seth Shulman? "

    You can get that from Amazon, click on the book title above.

    From what I see in the book, I more strongly agree that credits do not entirely belong to AGB.

  22. I think actually that Bell deserves no credit at all for inventing the telephone. Seth Shulman provides more than enough evidence to reach that conclusion.

    Clearly, the telephone was invented by Elisha Gray, no ifs ands or buts, not Alexander Graham Bell.

  23. I hope that Signing Circle wannabe gang (it is no longer an organization as they failed to create one) and Deafread editors will stop scolding Deaf community for showing up to some rally in the past two years and creating vlogs to make fun of our community for blasting about AGB. It appalled me that it takes them way much longer to finally “GET IT”. They keep scolding us that we need to be kind and gentle with AGB cronies. They need to stop that behavior right now and join us against AGB---their false information and daily murderous on Deaf children.

  24. Brian (BR : )

    I wonder how historians should be duped? Or is there a reason(s) for doubting Shulman or was not AGB's credits ever questioned? That is the point.

  25. Anonymous #1, #2 and #3,

    I did leave the replies to your comments regarding Thomas Edison as a deaf person.

    I don't know how and why my replies were all gone from this comments log. I am really perplexed about it.

    To answer your Q's and rebuttal, I am kinda confused what really caused Thomas Edison to be deaf in the first place.

    One of you submitted an enclosure about how Edison turned deaf due to the explosive accident. Another commenator mentioned that Edison became deaf due to the aging factor.

    From what I read about Thomas Edison as a kid. Edison sneaked in the moving train to get the free ride. The train conductor caught the young Thomas Edison by his ears and caused the eardrums popped. That's what Thomas Edison always told the people how he became deaf.

    Edison's West Orange lab (NJ) still have the working table with teeth markings from Edison himself while he conducted the scientific experiment on the creation of phonograph to test the fine tunings of sound.

    That would be seen as a "conductive deafness" by physically attach to something to test the sound vibrations.

    I got this info from Dr. John Van Cleve (JVC) from our private conversation in 1990s. JVC was supposed to write the book on Thomas Edison, but he never did.

    Most important of all, Thomas Edison proudly identifed him as a deaf person. He stood before the photo camera and cupped behind one of his ear symbolized his own gratefulness as a deaf person.


  26. "Enough is Enough" and ASL Risen,

    I will bring this revelant issue to the NAD's attention, but much better coming from the grassroot social activism level to get things done than relying too much on the NAD.

    At least, NAD ought to send the direct statement to the National American History Museum for pretty overdue time with the museum exhibit on the social and cultural and linguistic history of Deaf America and its contributions.

    Grand thanks, ASL Risen for your Happy New Year 2009 blessings! That's most I really need it very much! Smile!

    Wish you and your loved ones and friends the same thing, too.


  27. Don G,

    That's the kind of news about the AGB (AGBAD) stymifed the American History Museum from acquiring the "Thru Deaf Eyes" exhibition as part of permanent museum exhibit displays.

    I was much aware when the AGBAD tried to kill the "Thru Deaf Eyes" exhibit put together by our beloved deaf historian, Jack Gannon.

    AGBAD did demand that the exhibition of "Thru Deaf Eyes" to be exclusively focused on oralism and excluded the existence of signing community.

    Jack Gannon managed to convince the Smithasonian Institution that he brought the real balance to the exhibition. He did include the history of oralism and hearing aid equipments, etc in the exhibition as part of our deaf history.

    Jack Gannon pulled the exhibition of "Thru Deaf Eyes" wonderfully.

    Jack Gannon personally told me everything months before the official exhibition resumed for the Deaf Way II conference.

    Nothing new about the evils of AGBAD's octopus tenacles all over places to force the society to conform to its ideals of what deaf people suppose to be!

    Thanks, Dr. Don G!


  28. Anonymous #8,

    Real gratitude to you for sharing the info about President Bill Clinton's use of hearing aids!

    Whoa! That explains how and why President Bill Clinton embrace the deaf people pretty good.

    Ever explained the real reasons for Hillary Clinton to be obessively fixated on the cure for hearing loss due to her own hubby's being partially deaf.

    Hillary's involvement with the EDHI bill is another fine example of Hillary's true reasons why she determine to correct the existence of deafness in her own arrogant superiority and thinks that she is doing the best interests for us and the rest of people.

    I am much wary of Hillary Clinton as our incoming Secretary of State which she is much a wrong person for this postition. She is no consenus builder herself.

    President-elect Obama will regretfully seen that Hillary Clinton will sting Obama in the rear side. Hillary Clinton definitely will run against Obama in 2012 and cause the real messy presidential campaign.

    Hillary Clinton is no "Stauton", former Lincoln presidential rival. Hillary always think that she know better than us!


  29. Anonymous #9,

    Many thanks for your compliment that I would be the next Ridor.

    I never destined to be the new Ridor. Ricky Taylor aka Ridor have his own blogging style.

    I am really trying my best to bring solutions and social and political activism to the deaf community to get things done.

    That's what I am intentionally doing so far.

    Thanks again for your kind compliment, Anonymous #9. Wish you the HNY 2009!


  30. Deaf and Proud,

    Yea, that is an excellent idea for the constant educational campaign to educate the general public about "Truths About AGB and AGBAD" to raise the great awareness about what and how AGB and AGBAD have been doing to us, deaf people.

    I did mention this so-called campaign few times on my blog and other blog entries.

    Thanks for your gentle reminder! I have to create the team of deaf individuals devote to the "Truths About AGB and AGBAD" educational campaign.

    HNY 2009!


  31. Deb Ann,

    Gracias! Yes, we must keep doing to educate the general public and parents of deaf youngsters about the truths of AGB and AGBAD.

    Always enjoy your comments on many deaf blogs.

    HNY 2009 to you!


  32. Penny,

    Good one! We must keep doing the dignifed campaign to let the general public what AGB and AGBAD have been doing to deaf people over the century.

    Kinda remind me much of Stephen King's "The Langliers" telemovie about the town sheriff constantly warned the townspeople not to give in to the "Devil"'s insistence of giving up their own children in exchange of eternal peace. In the end, the Devil done it anyway.

    That is much similar to the AGBAD efforts of duping parents of deaf children in name of scientific miracles and leave the real messy and enduring pain for deaf victims of CIs and other audist means.


  33. Anne Marie and BR,

    I will reply to your comments by writing another blog entry what I recently discover about the connection of Smithasonian Institution Secretary back in the 1800s and AGB. How interesting!

    Charles Darwin, "Father of Natural Selection and Evolution" theories, was discovered to be the real fraud. Darwin stole many evolutionary theories and findings from his fellow scientist and rushed to publish his first book on "evolution" surely changed the human perspective of our own existence.


  34. Some people did dispute and challenge Seth Shulman's findings and accused him of being a conspiracy theorist.

    I have to read the book and determine if Shulman's findings on AGB to be totally correct and justifable.

    From what I read several sources linked AGB to the Smithasonian Insitution and the U.S Patents Office raised many good questions whether AGB received the inside information and favors within those institutions.

    To close the agrument whenever AGB stole the credits and ideas for the invention of telephone.

    AGB once made the statement that he preferred to be rememebered as the educator of the deaf than an inventor of telephone. Why?

    Was AGB's way of telling the people that he don't deserve the credits for inventing the revolutionary communication device?


  35. Penny

    Why are you looking for trouble? I am getting the feeling you want to start a fight. As long as some people look for trouble, how can Deaf people advocate for causes?

    Please do think about that.

    It's time for us to stop dwelling in the past and move on.

  36. Mishkazena-

    You wrote a comment to me here and you also sent me an e-mail. I will try to answer your questions here.

    I do not feel that I am looking for trouble. I am not looking for a fight either. I believe in telling the truth and speak out for Deaf children. I made a promise to myself many years ago that I will not become bystander apathy if I see someone or a group get hurt, mocked or betrayed from an individual or group. I am still keeping my promise to this day.

    I agree with you that everyone have different opinions and I respect that very much. When some people like you were upset with DBC leaders and DBC activities, I was open minded and respected you and others disagreements and feelings. I had no problem with that. That is the truth. Sure everyone is entitled to disagree or agree. What got me upset was that some of you complained constantly about DBC and would not change subjects for several weeks. All of us considered ourselves minority and different group of Deaf people were divided for centuries. Today we have access to internet---a true blessing gift from God and all of us wanted to bring us together to fight for Deaf children and our culture. I agree that we can’t agree on some ideas but all of us should support each other even if we disagree about some issues or ideas. I did not feel that you and some others did that to our community last summer. I can’t make you and others agree everything about DBC. I can understand that but to constant talking dislikes about DBC had caused deep negative energy in our community.

    When someone ---a leader in society upset a large number of people…they usually resign their position so people can move forward. You and others upset many of us last summer when there was a first time huge rally against AGB. They were not against AGB Deaf people but their cronies. Yet some of you interfered and talked negative about their action. From that experience many have left Deafread and also because editors like you are still here. I am not trying to bring old disagreements but the only way we all can move forward is having Deafread to overhaul and invite new editors…with new face so trust can be built again. It takes time for trust to grow again. The impression I got from editors like you that you all don’t care and enjoy power trip. I feel that you all are not being sensitive to hear us. You have seen many walked out from Deafread and very low number of visitors here too. It is sad to see this happen to us. We need to unite and fight for Deaf children. I am expecting to see disagreements…sure and why not but not to go where we destroy others’ mission.

    I will not let this go until I see some changes in Deafread. I have no malice or hateful feeling toward anyone here but to bring people back and work together for great cause and give each other another chance to build trust again.

    By the way- in the future, please do not use lowercase when you spell my name.

  37. First thing first... I didn't discover this blog through DeafRead. A friend forwarded me a link to this blog earlier today and unfortunately (no offense intended) this issue bores me simply because I believe that our energy would be better spent towards marketing the benefits and beauty of American Sign Language. Instead I keep hearing rallies, protests and whinings when the party continue to carry emotional grudges towards AGB and their organization. I've said it before and I'll say it again. AG Bell knows that their strategic system is working, very effectively every time they hear whining coming from the deaf community. The more they whine the more AG Bell will believe that their strategy is working. Enough said. I've moved on regardless of whatever you people decide to do with yourselves.

    The real reason I'm posting a comment is to address Penny. The Signing Circle organization is very much alive. Sorry to disappoint you but you don't hear about it because this organization does not cater to deaf audience like you. Unlike DBC, the SC and its' 'Your Whole Child' advocacy caters to a different audience, that of hearing people with deaf children. Your earlier comment confirmed one thing for me... it confirmed how effective we've been when we made a decision not to target deaf people. You might recall what I said some time ago. I told everybody that it does not take a million people to make the changes. It only takes one person, as in the power of a pen stroke, to make real differences in this world. Meaning??? The Signing Circle and its' Your Whole Child effort will continue to thrive and propser for as long as somebody believes in the cause. It matters not whether you hear about it.


  38. Barry-

    You sound like a broken record as you always said “I didn’t discover this blog through Deafread”. This is not the first time you said this to us. What is your point of saying this over and over and over? I don’t care if you don’t visit Deafread or if you received an e-mail from someone to read this blog. What is the difference? Funny you!

    If this blog bores you then why did you bother to write a comment then? No, this blog did not bore you but to shut our mouths. It is who you are and what is more is that I am not going to shut my mouth. Never will. Stop being abuser here. You care about $$$ to use children for marketing? You are an evil man. Why not sell your homes and use those money on Deaf children? Be a donor instead? Look yourself in the mirror, will you? You expect us to do it your way. No everyone does it their way whether you like it or not.

    You did not disappoint me that The Signing Circle organization is very much alive. It was my IDEA. When you spent countless hours on your wooden rocking chair whining about DBC and I was the one who told you to get out of your chair and do something for Deaf children. You finally listened. After watching some of your vlogs…You brought smile on my face because you scolded and mocked Ella for not willing to correspond you through writing and that she did not have literacy skills. Later you admitted to the PUBLIC that you were not comfortable with Deafread and preferred using ASL. You knew she was right all along that communicating in ASL is WAY much easier.

    If you feel the Signing Circle is a successful organization then good as we need more organizations. I never ever said that we need no more other organizations. More organizations the better.

  39. Penny,

    The last time I checked a blog somebody like you jumped with joy and thought I went against my own words and came back to DeafRead. Since then I found it necessary to remind confused people like you, who always seem to require extensive explanations for everything.

    Broken records? I've seen it but never heard one so I'm unable to help you with that.

    This AG Bell issue bores me however since I was here to address you, Penny, regarding Signing Circle I figured I'd throw in my two cents on AG Bell while I was at it.

    It is not whether your mouth is shut or not that interests me so I don't care what goes in or comes out of it. It is not our mouth that produce intelligible results. It's our brains and evidently, according to your words you don't know it just yet.

    The 'abuser' accusation you threw at me only told me one thing. Words are like mirror, a reflection of self. Need I say more?

    Evidently you don't know hoot when you thought money are made when we use children for marketing. To date we've not raised a pretty penny for the cause so I had to wonder why you're not saying the same thing about DBC. Oh I remember... you're a DBC loyalist regardless of.... truly, I understand.

    If I knew you were so interested in my history I'd have told you that we've donated real estate properties, time and energy towards different youth related projects through the years dating back to 1997. Could you say the same thing for yourself? If not then I'd suggest that you practice what you just preached.

    Regretfully I do not recall Signing Circle as YOUR idea. Let me fill you in a small secret here... I registered sometime back during July 2007, long before I heard about DBC, which was some time in March 2008. Your idea? Har har..... wishful thinking on your part. Go and search 'whois' database and see for yourself.

    I never said that I was not comfortable with DeafRead due to literacy issue. It was due to extensive abuses by coward anonymous users whereas they could not thrive in DVTV. It had nothing to do with my comfort zone relating to ASL or literacy. I've mastered both methods. And you? Uncomfortable with ASL? Is that why I never see you at DVTV?

    A successful organization? I don't think I want to know your definition or standard of 'success'. If you truly understand the meaning of success you would know that it's how we measure ourselves, not how other measure us. In short, mind your business when it boils down to other people's successes and it will serve you well.

    On a lighter note, I want to encourage on something. Gather your facts beforehand.

    Cheers again.

  40. You said to yourself through vlogs several times that you no longer read blogs in Deafread. You are like a broken record, keep on saying the same thing over and over again. I found it hilarious that you have to keep telling us about it. Who cares if someone does not want to read anyone’s blog. You or others do not have to announce to the public each time. Funny you, again!

    I jumped joy when I saw your comment? No I was puzzled that someone e-mailed you rather than they come here and speak for themselves. They had to RELY on you to make a comment here. Sad.

    AGB bores you…then get the hell out of here. Simple as that.

    You took money from two different families and I promise not to use their names. They never got their money back. I encouraged one to do something about it but the family wanted to let it go. You took advantage of the family due to their lack of literacy skills. You used that money for your own gain. Both families gave you thousand of dollars. You know what you did to them. Bad man! You used your scheming brain to take advantage of them. I do not care for your IQ. You are evil! You donated real estate prosperities to projects? Those two families expected to get their money back but you betrayed them. You know what you did to them. End of discussion here. Keep twisting your stories. I don’t care. I know the truth.

    I did not invent the name for Signing Circle. My idea was to tell you to get off from your rocky chair when you whined for many hours, days, and weeks about DBC and you finally did something about it and join Signing Circle. Good for you. You remember well that I said to you to get off from your rocky chair and do something productive rather than whining for hours. End of discussion here.

    Yes you were upset that Ella preferred to talk to you through VP to solve issues but you insulted her and said she did not have literacy skills and adamant that she insisted to talk to you through VP. I am not going in there again. Now you realized ASL is better tool for communication. End of discussion here.

    RLM…Keep on talking about AGB. You shared valuable information here. Amazing job. You are an intelligent human being with good heart. You want to tell the truth about AGB and to speak for Deaf children. Bless you. I love you. I admire you.

    Barry, stay out of it!

  41. Penny,

    That's correct. Why should you care what I have to say then? You certainly made it sound as if you cared about the things I said and yet said stuff as if you didn't care. I mean, look at your own comments because it certainly made it sound as if you really care. Make up your mind, please?

    Read carefully. I did not say that YOU jumped to joy. I said "somebody like you". Evidently literacy skill is very important to have here.

    AGB bores me but I am not complaining about RLM's post. I'm only here because you touted false information regarding Signing Circle and acted like Gore who claimed to have invented internet.

    As for two families that never got their money back... they are either part of my father's failed company or still a part of our other company like I explained earlier. Either that or they disappeared without keeping our company updated with their mailing addresses. I already addressed these matters in my blog, on response to Ridor and explained that there were quite a few investors who simply disappeared for different reasons including the fear of losing their social security income after we reported their investment assets to the IRS. More importantly, everything is in the record books and registered with the secretary of state as well as the IRS. Since you claim to know them would you kindly please inform them about it and encourage them to contact us because their investment is still with the company. I asked Ridor to do the same thing but never heard from these so-called 'disappeared' investors. You have a unique opportunity to help this problem and I hope you will have enough dignity to do something about it.

    I feel for your ego however unfortunately it was not your idea to tell me to get off the chair to do something for deaf children. In fact, I've been an advocate of different deaf children programs since 1985. I've always been active in that area, long before Gore claimed to have invented the internet, meaning long before you showed up on the blog sphere.

    RLM… I'm not here to protest your subject. I don't find it interesting but wanted to say that I'm here because Penny did not have her facts together on Signing Circle.

    Penny, I will stay out of it provided you buck off.


  42. The organization destroyed its credibility by withholding the role of Deafhood from the public and refused to answer the questions from the public the first two months after the DBC conference.

  43. Please show me exactly how I hurt DBC. All I did was to ask DBC to be fully transparent. When it didn't, I told the truth about deafhood. When DBC people attacked me for telling the truth, I defended myself. Later DBC acknowledged it practices deafhood, I thanked them for being more transparent with the Deaf Community. I've moved on with Deaf Advocacy and Deaf Empowerment since then. Please check my blogs if you are still confused.

    It was done as a blogger, not as a DeafRead editor. Please do not combine both hats. As a DeafRead editor, I support all Deaf people's rights to publish their blogs and vlogs within the DeafRead guidelines. That includes Deaf people, oral deaf people and c.i. people. Never did I interfere with the publications of any. I am very particular about that, in fact.

    This is getting really old, to tell you the truth. Personal attacks reflect poorly on the person. It's a good idea to address to the topic itself. People are tired of old DBC stuff being rehashed repeatedly, as it's more like an obsession. I agree. It's time to move on. If you want to discuss this further, you know where to contact me.

    I feel bad for RLM. He wanted to discuss about the exhibit, only to see this derailed back to DBC and old business. It's not fair for him. Have you thought of that?

    RLM, I am sorry your comments got derailed big time.

  44. RLM-

    Someone brought attention to me that there are several Deafread editors and I need to be careful who I was referring to. I was not referring to Tayler, Jared or Carrie. I also chose the wrong word “scolding”. I meant by giving constant negative remarks like weeks not one time or two times but for weeks. Thanks.

  45. Barry-

    I do not care what you have to say here and there. You wrote to me first. My first comment was not to you but to RLM. I heard it from someone that The Signing Circle did not make it through and I was puzzled that you jumped in and said they are still alive.

    You said, “somebody like me” you still referred to me too.

    I wrote briefly about Signing Circle and you made it sound I gave a long list of false information about it.

    I am not going into details about both families. You have their addresses. One of them was stunned when you said you do not have their updated mailing address but again this family wants to let it go. They made it very clear to me. I still feel bad for them. I want to say this in public for the last time so people can help their friends not to get involve with you in the future. I hate seeing people taking advantage of others due to their poor literacy skills.

  46. MZ-

    I am going to work on it to let this go like others did few months ago. They simply left Deafread and many of them do not visit Deafread either. I invested my energy to see if I could make changes and I realized that it is not going to happen so I need to move on and respect that there will be no changes in Deafread.

    I have said it before and few times that it is everybody’s right to disagree or raise issues but having editors like you and Amy dragging on same issues for weeks last summer were not healthy for the community. Our community is very small and we need to make sure to have friendly editors so all bloggers/vloggers. It is imperative for bloggers/vloggers to feel trust and safe with editors from website like Deafread. I realized the Deafread editors’ and my interpretation what editors should be are not on the same page.

    You as an editor attacked me few months ago for not thanking Tayler for his involvement to remove AGB plague when NTID/RIT announced in their blog that the plague would be removed. I had no idea that Tayler played big part of it and I was thanking Deafhood etc but you challenged me and said why I did not thank Tayler. I was stunned because I had no idea how much he was involved in this. The blogger from NTID/RIT jumped in and said I was right that Deafhood played big part to empower them to do something about the plague. I had no idea that Tayler worked on this project for few years. I never wish to humiliate him. I feel as a professional Editor you should not scold people like you did to me who to thank or who not to thank. You attacked me in public.

    RLM can speak for himself about comments above and here.

  47. Hi everyone,

    I am kinda appalled to see the old "deaf infightings" rehashed about the DBC and other things within the Happy New Year 2009.

    I really feel bad for Peggy since she just mentioned the Signing Circle, then she ended up being criticized unfairly.

    I am no "ideologue" when come to the historical perspective of AGB.

    Most important of all is to provide the balanced and accurate historical facts to the museum goers, especially pre-college youngsters.

    I meant to mention that this museum exhibit is really catered to kids and their parents.

    Why the AGB exhibit end up in the kiddie area, not the rest of "inventors" within other space across from the "Walls of Inventors"?

    Is there any hidden motive or agenda within the Smithsonian Institution and AGBAD exploit parent museum goers' vulnerability and see technology as a real solution to deaf whether they will have a future deaf child or their neighbor's deaf child or their friend's deaf child?

    I believe so! The AGB exhibit is kinda off-balance with the rest of the exhibit catered to the kids about the amazing wonders of inventions come from the use of animals' features.

    I would not object if the AGB exhibit do not include "of the deaf" or "telephone". That really matters to me for the millions and millions of museum goers to get the historical accuracy of any American figures.

    MZ, you should not feel sorry for me that my blog entry' comment logs get off-balance.

    I would be more than happy to delete some nasty comments in name of "peace" among us, deaf people and move on. If someone ask me to.

    Barry, life is too short to make misery for others' lives. Let's enjoy the life as you could. :)

    Happy New Year 2009 to everyone deaf and hearing!


  48. RLM_

    I am not done reading your comment but I caught you saying Peggy. My goodness. Why is everyone calling me Peggy? My name is Penny. I like my name. Smile!

  49. The comments I made were as a blogger, not as a DeafRead editor. Please keep that in mind.

    The comment you referred to wasn't intended as an attack, but an acknowledgement of Tayler's role as he had been involved in this for some years. I am sorry you interpreted it as an attack, but it wasn't. Anytime you feel uncomfortable or want to tell me, please let me know so we can resolve this. I personally didn't know you felt that way and am sorry you didn't inform me that back then so we could work it out.

    Repeatedly I said people need to keep two roles separately. As a DeafRead editor, I make sure the posts are published, regardless of my personal opinions. You can be rest assured that I am very strict in maintaining my boundaries and support people's rights to express themselves. If you have any doubt, please ask Tayler. He'll tell you the same thing.

  50. Also you mentioned about the ongoing saga last summer. From what I remember, as a blogger, I encouraged DBC to be forthcoming with the role of Deafhood. When they refused, I stepped up the plate and told the truth. From there I was attacked viciously. All because I believed that the Deaf Community deserves to know the truth? Why attack?

    A blogger tried to give constructive feedback. She was attacked viciously. For giving constructive feedback? Why attack?

    Other former DBC core members stepped forward to share their experiences. They were attacked viciously, too. For telling the truth? Why attack?

    The real issue is not the disagreements. It's the oppression of an organization in silencing others from having different opinions.

    If none of these attacks have occurred, then this wouldn't have been drawn out to two months. If's very unfortunate that some people restored into personal attacks when they didn't want others to stand up for the truth. Unfortunately these unwarranted attacks by the DBC fans reflected poorly on the organization. It shows that the organization cannot handle feedback from the concerned members of the Deaf Community without attacking them personally. Its behavior actually hurt itself.

    Yet here I see you continuing the personal attacks. You mentioned signing circle negatively. You mentioned deafread editors negatively. You called Barry evil. You also called him an abuser.

    People are reading this discourse closely. You are helping making DBC look worse with the attacks you launched here. Have you thought of that?

    It's time to let go and move on. Seriously. This isn't healthy.

  51. You know, this is a good way to silence debate about AG Bell. Everytime AG Bell is mentioned, DBC is also mentioned, then invariably the whole thing from last summer between DBC and former members (which includes me by the way) gets re-hashed, over and over... and over.

    Most of us don't want to do this. We've already said all we can on this subject. It's over and done with.

    Yet, this continues. I can only imagine one thing resulting from this - people running away from the topic of AG Bell and what they're doing to the Deaf Community, because they don't want to hear the damn same thing over and over again ad nauseam about DBC and former members!

    I'm pretty sure I speak for more than just myself when I say that I would like to be able to move on, and read blogs of various interest, including this kind of topic, without reading comments like these ones from Penny.

  52. MZ-

    Before we close this discussion, it is obvious that you and I do not agree how editors should be and I am going to leave this alone now. All I know that many agreed with me about this issue. I am saddened to see that many are not around anymore. I wish Deafread owners accepted the truth that many left Deafread and admitted low number visitors so they would make some changes for the betterment of our community.

    I spoke with my Professor last year about what had happened with DBC. He shook his head from left to right three times and said DBC did not do anything illegally. They are not required to be transparent because DBC is a movement…not a non profit organization or profit organization. CAD is responsible to monitor finances when DBC used their tax code…forgot what to call it…yes and it would be nice if they could be transparent but they did and do not have to. I felt better after having a good discussion with my Professor. DBC is not required to answer questions about Deafhood. DBC is a movement.

    As for my personal experience…DBC leaders were transparent with me. I did not feel oppressed by them at all. I do not know why others felt that way with them. Yes, let us move on!

  53. Oh, I think it's pretty obvious that MZ and the rest of us former DBC members disagree with you, Penny, on MANY things.

    As for the rest of your comment - all I have to say about that is I'm not an attorney, so I won't go around interpreting the law, because I don't want to be nailed for Unlawful Practice of Law. I'm glad your professor doesn't have to worry about that.

  54. DeafPundit-

    My Professor used to be an attorney for many years but now he is a Professor and a part time Judge. He was able to answer my questions about DBC. We have to be reminded that DBC is a movement and not an organization.

  55. Thank you for acknowledging that DBC wasn't transparent with the Deaf Community, either.

    We are DeafRead moderators, not DeafRead editors. I just remember now that we have changed the wording several months ago to better represent our duties.

    Let's move on with Deaf Advocacy and Deaf Empowerment.

  56. MZ-

    I did not acknowledge that DBC was not transparent with the Deaf community. I stated above that DBC leaders were transparent with me. I explained that DBC did and do not have to be transparent with anyone at anytime because DBC is a movement.

    Under Deafread Guidelines...Tayler used the term Editors. Here it is:

    These are simple guidelines for DeafRead Human Editors to follow when they are moderating posts.

  57. Fair enough. You knew. But most of the Deaf Community wasn't aware until I made the announcement and other former dbc core members confirmed my statement. Transparency is important to gain the trust of the Deaf Community. Since everybody knows, it's no longer an issue any more. Let's move on

    By the way, thank you for pointing this out. I'll check with Tayler about updating the wording on the site, as to clarify better our positions as DR moderators.

  58. Really? A part-time judge? I've never heard of a judge being part-time. Interesting. Mind telling me which division he's a judge in? I might go to law school, and who knows... if I do, then I just might be able to become a judge! I would love to learn more about this. :)

  59. MZ-

    You said I knew that they were not transparent with some people like you? No, I did not know anything about it until some of you came forth and I defended DBC because they answered my questions when I met some leaders last year. DBC is going very well and the rally last summer was a hit too. I learned one booth from AGB conference took her materials and joined with DBC. That said a lot. So far I know that DBC has a good rapport with the community---majority of them. We have to be reminded that movement or organization can't please everyone. That is a fact of life.

  60. DeafPundit-

    Actually he is a retired Judge but he is on call when needed so that is why he called himself a part time Judge. I believe he handles different cases and litigation suits in the bay area. Since you are good in writing…you can go to law school in your area and you can pass courses with flying colors. No question asks.

  61. Ah! That explains and now makes more sense. Thanks for the clarification, Penny.

    Right now I'm finishing up my bachelor's. Just a year left. Yay! Then we'll see about law school. :)

  62. Hi everyone,

    I am really perplexed why my latest comment did not getting published few hours ago in reply to Penny and everyone else.

    Jesus Christ! Let's end the deaf infightings and enjoy the Happy New Year 2009!

    Peace out, Deaf America and MM and everyone deaf around the world!


  63. Penny, please read carefully. I said you knew.

    I didn't say you knew that they weren't transparent with some of the Deaf Community. Please don't put words in my hands.

    Actually most of the Deaf Community didn't know. Had they known, there wouldn't be such a big fiasco last summer. We can agree to disagree about this part.

    Have a nice evening

  64. Everyone,

    Let's move on and do something constructive than dwelling on the past.

    I understand that some of you have to defend your own reputation.

    More to life than bickering endlessly. Don't you agree?


  65. RLM, I agree. There are more important things for us to concentrate, i.e., Deaf Advocacy and Deaf Empowerment. I hope this time everybody will move on to proactive advocacy rather than rehashing old stuff. None of us are interested in that.

  66. MZ,

    I am very sorry to see you going thru this kind of thing. :)

    Many thanks for your comments and personal encouragements in the past. :)

    Please let me know if I could do anything, You have my email address -


  67. Hello everybody. I want to address several people under this comment.

    First thing first... RLM, I apologize for being part of the sidetracked debate under your vlog. And again I came here only to defend the truth regarding Signing Circle and thought I'd throw in my two cents regarding AGB while I was at it. It bores me but it does not necessarily mean it's boring for others and I wanted to acknowledge that because I meant no disrespect for you and your blog(s).

    MZ, I agree with everything you said.


    Good to know you don't care what I have to say. The feeling is mutual on my end as well.

    Regarding the families you kept on referring to... you will understand that without details I can't help you or them. It's like saying I know something but I can't tell you, in order to slander somebody or gain attention. It's rather odd, perhaps even unethical for somebody like you to slander somebody based on half-truths or false information the way you did it. You dodge big time when I asked you, politely, to get them in touch with me. I asked the same from Ridor but nobody came forward. I have said it before and I'll say it again. You have the unique opportunity to give them my email address, and ask them to contact me. If they were not part of my father's failed company then you may want to inform them that their investment is still valid / recorded with the company, Secretary of State as well as the IRS. And according to the State's Revised Statue laws it is the investor's responsibility to make sure that their mailing address is updated and current within the record books. However it is beyond us if the family choose not to contact us or face us.

    And for your information Penny, we do not solicit or recruit investors for any of our projects. Typically potential investors would hear about some of our company's projects from somebody else (you know how it is with the deaf world) and knock on our door for an opportunity to invest into our private companies. When that happens I usually tell them we're not looking for investors however there are always quite a few investors who would not take no for an answer because they just wanted an opportunity. Naturally at times we don't know how to say no.

    In theory, if you are able to help us and keep them at bay then you're doing us a service. This I don't mind but don't do it the way you've done it, through the means of slanderous comments based on half-truths and/or false information. And again, ALL of our investors are recorded in the company's record book, Secretary of State and the IRS. Why few of them choose to disappeared or choose not to contact us is just beyond me. Perhaps they don't want to come forward now that they know I'm aware of the false accusations that's been going on. If that is the case then I have nothing further to say.

    Best wishes and Happy New Year for everybody!