Monday, January 5, 2009

Questionable Links Between AGB and Smithasonian Institution

There are more questionable links between Alexander Graham Bell (AGB) and the Smithsonian Institution.

Alexander Graham Bell and James Henry, the director of the Smithsonian Institution and fellow scientist, had the close friendship. James Henry was the ONE, who told Alexander Graham Bell to "GET IT!.

Bell admitted that he did not have the necessary knowledge of making the working model of telephone before filing the patent claim. AGB told his father-in-law (Hubbard)'s own patent attorney, Anthony Pollok that he doesn't have the equipment needed to continue his experiments, nor the ability to create a working model of his ideas.

The U.S. Patent Office examiner, Zenas Fisk Wiber, later stated in a sworn affidavit that he was an alcoholic. who had much in debt to AGB's lawyer, Marcellus Bailey with whom he fought in the American Civil War. Wiber claimed that he showed Gray's patent to Bailey before AGB's official patent claim filing.

Bell admitted that he learned some of technical details from letter correspondences with Gray before filing the patent. He usually took great pains for locking up his notebooks and lab equipments was widely known at that time. AGB also submitted the diagram of workable telephone suspiciously similar to that in Gray's patent in his patent claim.

AGB's politically and socially powerful connected father-in-law, Mr. Hubbard and other financial investors were pretty much behind AGB's patent claims to reap financially from Gray's patent of workable telephone.

Alexander Graham Bell did not file any counter suit action against Gray for libel suits. Why??

The U.S. Attorney General suddenly dropped the lawsuit against Alexander Graham Bell for "fraud and misrepresentation" based on no merits. Political pressures from AGB's father-in-law, Hubbard??

Anthony Meucci claimed to have the first working model of telephone in Italy in 1834. The U.S. House of Representatives done the official investigation whether Meucci really invented the working telephone. They reached the 2002 conclusion that Meucci did invent the telephone first before everyone.

AGB instructed his patent attorney (Hubbard's) to file the patent claim only in the U.S. after they got words from Britain's patent office turning down AGB's patent filing. According to Britain's own policy of issuing patent claims based on discoveries, not previously patented elsewhere.

Queen Victoria of Englad lent credibility and universal acceptance to AGB's claims of telephone invention after had a private audience with Alexander Graham Bell. Much connections between AGB and the Smithsonian Institution was the British subject, James Smithsonian, the founder of the present Smithsonian Institution within Queen Victoria's approval, British himself. AGB also was a British subject due to his Wales native status.

Pretty competition for the national pride between the Victorian England and Italy was much evident, Queen Victoria somewhat ended the ongoing disputes whether Alexander Graham Bell really invented the workable telephone. The scientific circles within Victorian England was pretty clannish and protective and supportive of Alexander Graham Bell's quest for claim on the invention of telephone in name of national pride and superiority.

More reasons for us, deaf people to demand that the Smithsonian Institution to do the permanent exhibition on the horrors of Alexander Graham Bell's legacy toward deaf people as a counteroffensive balance to the American History Museum's wrong impression of Alexander Graham Bell as a lifelong advocate of the deaf and inventor of telephone.

The American History National Museum done such permanent and special exhibits like the repressive Jim Crow segregation and the unfortunate interment of Japanese American citizens in the past.

Moreover, Alexander Graham Bell's own wordings, lifetime beliefs and actions created the systematic discrimination and human sufferings from his own word - "a defective variety of the human race" led to many U.S. states and Nazi Germany's eugenics laws.

Alexander Graham Bell must be widely discredited as a lifelong advocate of the deaf and inventor of telephone within the Smithsonian Institution's correction of museum display of AGB.

The Smithsonian Institution recently had the extreme pains of removing the stuffed blue whale from the Natural History Museum due to the erroneous display of anatomically position of whale for more than 50 years. It finally replace the correct anatomically positioned whale last spring 2008.

Let's do the vigorous campaign to request that the Smithsonian Institution to make the real corrections on Alexander Graham Bell, then provide the major exhibition display of the rich cultural and linguistic and social history of Deaf America and its other deaf citizenry around the world.

ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason


  1. Anything can be that so political, what I see looks too familiar.

    My advise: Just argue vigorously for who actually invented the phone. Find documents showing with dates and with who equipment was developed. Including documents of protocol and testing if any. This is what will convince Smithsonian Institute. Just this.

  2. If you read "The Telephone Gambit," there's an interesting section there where it mentions that a British agency wanted to to a big celebration for Alexander Graham Bell back in the 1960's, but they tabled the idea when they figured out that Bell didn't really invent the telephone.

    Anne Marie, all the evidence necessary to prove that Bell is a fraud is in the book "The Telephone Gambit." It's already a foregone conclusion that Bell's legacy will be wiped out, and this will lead to the downfall of the AG Bell Association. There's no way to prevent it now. It's inevitable. And the fact that neither Alexander T. Graham or any of the other people at AG Bell seem to realize this shows their incompetence.

  3. I know that I will be attacked or criticized all just for expressing my opinion but I feel that it needs to be stated here.

    I strongly encourage the blogger, Mr. Robert L. Mason, to look at different sides of the controversy as one could look at the different facets of a diamond. As a start, I would suggest looking at the reviews as provided by the readers at on the book "The Telephone Gambit: Chasing Alexander Graham Bell's Secret". Few of them provided some good points on why the book cannot be taken at its face value. According to , there were about 600 lawsuits against Dr. Bell over his patent. This unusually large number of lawsuits is enough to give one a pause. Would anyone be willing to read all through the court proceedings or would one just be content with one 256-page book that seems to be biased toward Dr. Bell?

    The hatred of the members of the Deaf culture toward Dr. Alexander Graham Bell is very deep that it is not possible to have a rational discussion on the controversy. Trying to be dispassionate and impartial is difficult but it is doable. I could encourage the blogger and readers to adopt these attitudes.

    Joseph Pietro Riolo

    Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions in this post in the public domain.

  4. Joseph,

    Is this what you mean also?

    The hatred of the members of the DeafXXX Black culture toward Dr. Alexander Graham BellXXX Jim Crow is very deep that it is not possible to have a rational discussion on the controversy. Trying to be dispassionate and impartial is difficult but it is doable. I could encourage the blogger and readers to adopt these attitudes.

    Sorry, I ain't that docile.

  5. Joseph,

    Take a look at who owns and runs the American Heritage magazine before you recommend them again as being a useful source of information on this topic.

  6. Joseph,

    First of all, many thanks for your input and comment.

    The Smithsonian Institution's American History National Museum have the duty to the American taxpayers and the general public that AGB's so-called invention of telephone is in great dispute so far.

    AGB himself already quoted "I rather be remembered as an educator of the deaf, not an inventor of telephone".

    Was AGB tried to tell us in his own subtle way that he really doesn't invented the telephone at all?

    If not for his politically and finanically and socially powerful father-in-law, Mr. Hubbard. AGB probably hasn't filed the patent claim in the first place.

    The Hubbard family were much responsible for such repressive modes toward deaf signers. In the end, AGB signed to his deaf wife on the dying bed before passed away - "No".

    I am trying to be pretty objective and balanced when come to this blog entry.

    How come didn't the AHNM enclose Thomas Edison as a deaf person which the very same museum heavily emphasized on AGB's lifelong work involved deaf people, especially the elocution and speech therapy?

    The museum goers would be greatly appreciated that they learn something unusual that Thomas Edison often felt blessed for being deaf along his tireless invention tasks.

    If you read the "Forgotten People" non-fiction book about the society at large largely dismiss the real contributions of deaf people to the humanity over years.


  7. Take A Look,

    A fine example of yours for sctrunizing the real intentions behind so-called source like the American Hertiage, Inc.

    AGB and AGBAD had their paws all over many entities like the National Geographic magazine.

    The 100th anniversary edition of
    "National Geographic" magazine had devoted more than ten pages to Alexander Graham Bell. Yes, AGB's father-in-law, Hubbard was one of the founder of that magazine.

    Thanks again for your intellectual input.


  8. Hi everyone,

    I recently checked out the AHNM museum board, too.

    I could not possibly post the link on this comment log.


  9. Hi everyone,

    I could not find anything on the American Hertiage magazine website for the magazine advisory board and editorial/publication team.


  10. Hi everyone,

    Here is the actual title and author of "The Forgotten People"
    (1973) by HW Woods about how the society dismiss and hide many contributions of deaf people to the humankind over years.

    I read this book when I was thirteen years old as several deaf students and deaf adults talked out the existing oppression against deaf people. The WVSD deaf houseparent, Mary Patton, personally recommended it to me. I ran to the school library and grabbed the book next day and read an entire book which changed my life overnight. Thanks to Mary Patton for her recommendation!

    HW Woods' "The Forgotten People" is very rare book nowadays. HW Woods wrote the book while he resided in West Virginia temporarily.


  11. Responding to the comment made by the anonymous with the name of "Take a look" (dated January 7, 2009 5:09am):

    According to , Mr. Edwin S. Grosvenor who is the great-great-grandson of Dr. Alexander Graham Bell purchased American Heritage magazine from Forbes Inc. on October 24, 2007 or around that date. This occurred about one and half years after the article that I referred to in my previous comment was published on March 7, 2006.

    Sometimes, it is important to know who owns magazine or any entity to see if there are any influences on the information that is published for the public to read. However, in this case relating to the article that I referred to, the current owner of American Heritage magazine is irrelevant to the question whether the article was influenced by the owner precisely because the article was published well before the owner purchased the magazine.

    Joseph Pietro Riolo

    Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions in this post in the public domain.

  12. Joseph,

    You can't say "irrelevant" as easy as that. You need to know more about the management of the magazine before it was sold.

    Secondly, it's not really the fundamental issue anyway. The fundamental issue is whether or not Bell deserved to be awarded the patent or not. There are more than one reason to say that he did NOT deserve the patent.

    #1) Elisha Gray's application was UNDERNEATH Bell's in the pile for the day in question. That indicates that his application was submitted BEFORE Bell's, not after.

    #2) There is more than enough evidence to show that Bell obtained confidential info about the contents of Gray's submission. We do not need to accept Wilber's affadivit in order to come to this conclusion.

  13. Responding to several points in the comment made by the anonymous identified as "BR" dated January 8, 2009 at 7:34am:

    You can speculate all you want but a speculation is just that, a speculation. If you have any evidence that the management of the magazine somehow had any influence on the article, by all means, present the evidence. Groundless speculation is not worthy of our time and effort.

    Apparently, you are not familiar with the rule of first-to-invent that the U.S. Patent Office uses, rather than the rule of first-to-file that all other countries in the world use. From the point of view of the U.S. Patent Office, who files first patent application on an invention is totally irrelevant. What matters to the office is who of the several patent applicants on same or very similar invention invents first regardless of the order of the applications that they submit.

    When the second patent application is submitted to the patent office on an invention that is very similar or same to the invention as disclosed by the first patent application, an interference proceeding is initiated by the office. This is why there was an interference proceeding on Dr. Alexander Graham Bell's patent application. Even if Elisha Gray's patent application were on the top of the pile and Dr. Bell's patent application were in the bottom of the pile, there would still be an interference proceeding on Mr. Gray's application.

    Joseph Pietro Riolo

    Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions in this post in the public domain.

  14. It's not pure speculation, Joseph. The point is that, as Bell's descendant, he is a member of an elite class, and historically there has been a trend of members of the elite who have deaf children not wanting those deaf children to learn sign because they perceive ASL-using Deaf people as being members of a lower class.

    Also, you are sidesteppting the essential issue, which is the issue of whether or not Bell illegally obtained information about Elisha Gray's application. THAT is the issue you need to address in order to convince us that Bell was an upstanding researcher/humanitarian, as you seem to be implying.

  15. Well-pointed, BR!

    (What a wonderful comeback to DR!
    Do not leave again, BR!)


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