Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let's Defile Rush Limbaugh from Rest of Us!

Robert Underhill of "Under the Hill" deaf blogger posted Mike McConnell's photo submitting of Rush Limbaugh, the turned-deaf conservative radio show host on his blog for the DeafRead blog sphere. Real grateful to Robert Underhill for sharing the photo of Rush Limbaugh with cochlear implant device use.

I finally took some time to check out the official site of Rush Limbaugh's radio show to see if Rush Limbaugh provide any accessible means from his website for the *hearing-impaired* web users in mockery manner. Guess what?

Rush Limbaugh only provide the audio files for the members-only. What about other deaf and hard of hearing members being denied to such access without able to understand what Rush babble on his radio show?

The Deaf America must get together to disassociate with Rush Limbaugh in fear of damaging the reputation of deaf people in general.

President Barack Obama is technically our first "deaf" president since he and his administration actively reached out to the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) to be inclusive in the decision-making process what we, deaf people would benefit from the Obama-Biden administration. Obama frequently engage in physical touchings on people resemble much like culturally deaf people.

Rush Limbaugh publicly stated "I would like to see the Obama presidency failed" and urged many Republicans to be obstructionists, not the collective solvers of our many national problems.

How sad of any individuals like Rush Limbaugh urge the GOP people to sabotage the real national needs for long-term solutions to get our country back on feet!

Real embarrassment of someone deaf like Rush Limbaugh give such an image of our own deaf people in that manner! It's time for us, Deaf America to disown
Rush Limbaugh as a deaf person and send the strong message to the American society at large that we, deaf people are all together to build the healthy and stronger America in very long run.

Rush Limbaugh do not represent us, deaf Americans in any manner. Let's give Rush Limbaugh a real taste of Deaf America by calling and emailing the U.S. Congress and the Obama-Biden presidency to slash any Medicaid and government funding on cochlear implant surgery and hearing loss studies.

We really could not afford such things like cochlear implant surgery and continuous and fruitless hearing loss and restoration studies within this current economic climate.

Cochlear implantees and Alexander Graham Association of the Deaf (AGBad) could put the whole blame on Rush Limbaugh for the loss of government money on cochlear implant surgery and training and hearing loss/restoration studies.

Don't you agree? That is a time for the rough and tumble politics to teach Rush Limbaugh a big time! I really don't care about his politics, but find Rush real saddening about loving himself too much. What a human being!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. I personally am not much for the Obama's economic stimilus bill.

    I am much pleased to see some Blue Dog Democrats and moderate Republicans worked to trim off unnecessary spending proposals which have nothing to do with the economic stimulation and job creation incentives.

    Does I sound like a staunch Democrat? I used to be employed for the GOP U.S. Senator in the

    Don't call me a bleeding-heart liberal. I am very politically pragmatic which desire for logical solutions to many things.

    I refuse to apologize for the call of government cutbacks on cochlear implant surgeries and other hearing loss/restoration studies.

    Let's go back to the natural way of living like the 70s.

    Natural is better than artificality!


  2. seems like agbad org do teach the orally deaf adults how to be lazy and do nothing? whoa! agbad do nothing speak out rush limbaugh????

  3. Will write a letter to both Congress and President Obama asking them to tell Medicaid to stop paying deaf people for CI.

    Those who want CI must pay out of their own pockets, not out of American taxpayers' pcokets.

    Hearing Canadians objected paying for CIers and won the Parliament's approval to stop supporting CIers in 1994. Americans can learn from Canadians!

  4. Maybe Mike McConnell worshipped Rush Limbaugh way too much without thinking twice for not protecting some of CIers who problems with the health and some of their lack education???? What's wrong with Mike McConnell's little tiny pea brain?

  5. Thanks to commentators for leaving comments.

    Anonymous via deaf Canadian,

    Great suggestion! Many thanks to you!


  6. In Ontario, Canada, under OHIP, cochlear implant surgeries are fully covered from what I know. I know of at least one hospital where adults can go to get implanted.

    Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.


    From the website,

    "Ontario residents with valid health card numbers are eligible for full coverage under the Ministry of Health’s plan. You only pay for your travel expenses, parking and maintenance costs (i.e. batteries, and repair after the warranty expires)."

    I don't know where you heard that we don't cover cochlear implant surgeries in Canada.

  7. Oh,

    I remember Mike McConnell had paypal click button asking Deaf to donate money so he can buy Baby Grand Piano. I wonder how much did he get?

    people should have paypal click box to donate for cochlear implant. ASK Mike how to do it.

    I am fine being natural

  8. Banjo,

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge about the Canadian health system regarding the CI surgery and other things.

    I will look into this topic later in the day or this week. Okay? Thanks again.

    Organic Baby Sweet,

    You are so funny about what we should do with the PayPal for Mike McConnell's CI fundraising efforts, but we rather have him do other deafy things.

    MIke McConnell and Rush Limbaugh ought to do the fundraising event by dancing together to raise $$$ for the schools of the deaf from being closed and budgetary cutbacks in the spirit of the upcoming Valentine's Day.

    Or Rush Limbaugh and Mike McConnell rather do the Bloody Valentine stuff? Ouch!

    The remaining question - why Mike McConnell ask for the finanical donations on his PayPal for buying the baby grand piano? Don't he have a well-paid job or what?

    Or Mike McConnell just want the corporate bailout either corporate welfare for his Deaf Conservative nutty group?

    Don't you agree?


    Don't you agree?

  9. RLM

    If you bother to look at Rush's website at all, you will notice that Rush always included transcripts of his radio talks. On any subject that Rush had discussed in his talk radio, just click on that subject and you will see a transcript available. You are doing a disservice by wrongly suggesting to DeadReaders that Rush doesn't provide transcripts.

    Mike will follow you up on this ridiculous blog, he will devastate you and call for questions about your sanity.

    Lastly, please do not use my full name on any of your blog. Either Rob's blog or Under The Hill is fine when referencing to my blog. When I blog about you, I will refer you as RLM, not in full name. Okay?

  10. Rob,

    When I composed your full name as part of personal respect. If you feel offended in any way. I apologize for that.

    Yep, I completely forgot about mentioning the transcripts being provided by Rush Limbaugh's radio show. Look below what I recently compose.

    Every of us KNOW that the transcript do not contain FULL details from every radio show like sounds of voice by someone else and other things.

    I am just doing this blog posting out of pure fun and satire.

    I did include link to Rush Limbaugh's radio show and let the DeafRead readers to check out his website. I have no intention of misleading or deceiving the DeafRead readers in any way. Those readers are adults and know what to do within themselves. I do not need to dumb down the DeafRead readers about given transcripts.

    We ought to question Rush Limbaugh's sanity because he used prescription drugs in illegal way. He really got away with it!

    Rush endlessly mocked many individuals. Why can't I have my turn to mock Rush? That is nothing to do with my sanity. Comprendo?


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  12. Plenty of show-business or journalist people mock politicians and regular peoples in the most unflattering ways for decades. Why should Rush be any different for what he's doing to others? Why should Keith BlOlbermann be any different as well? Look at Rosie O'Donnell slamming or mocking people as she sees fit.

  13. Hey RLM,

    Thumbs up!! I really kiss fist you.

    Rush can't hear! He has a cochlear implant and he has to take VIAGRA that is sad...

    I love James Carville politics. James Carville is really sick of Rush. He has been making fun of Rush because Rush looks like the father of the Republican party. Republican are scared of Obama. Rush is a VERY big loser.

    I remember Rush making fun of interpreters, showing an ape to be interpreting ASL on his show like 20 years ago. I think that you already know that Rush made fun of interpreters. Rush was very shameful.

    Sorry, I am not interested in Mike McConnell. He is too opinionated. I really hate Rush,Hannity,Rove and FoxNews that is BULLSHIT...

    Thanks for sharing,
    Thumbs up!!!
    Bobby Lopez...

  14. Rob,

    You know that I always respect you as a person. You are really a cool person no matter our political leanings are.

    Yes, people in general, have much right to make the mockery or unflattering portrait of someone else.

    Rush's sanity ought to be questioned from time to time for unnecessary mocking actor Michael Fox's so-called pretenious Parkinson's Disease act and other past cruel and unjustifable mockeries of many people.

    Bobby Lopez mentioned the real shocking mockery by Rush toward the interpreters of the deaf in Simian (ape) manner. How awful of Rush doing that kind of imitation!

    Look what happened to Rush's hearing status. Karma have the mystique way of coming back and haunting anyone who did the unpleasant and bad stuff.

    Too bad, Rush did not die during the CI surgery. Darn!

    I still want to see MIke McConnell and Rush Limbaugh dress up in outlandish drag outfits for the purpose of charity to help out the schools of the deaf from any possible closings and budgetary cutbacks.

    Have Rush Limbaugh donate any $$ to the deaf community yet? I doubt that!


  15. Bobby Lopez,

    Thanks for your heartfelt compliment. I truly appreciate it very much.

    Thanks for letting me know about Rush's past mockery of the interpreter of the deaf in Siman manner. How horrible!

    I sometimes watch the FOX News out of no choices. The local WTTG Fox News shown at 10pm on weekdays.

    I seldom watch the FOX cable news from time to time.

    I must admit that I do find James Carville sometimes being an a**hole, but like him.

    I sometimes get the feelings about James Carville just put on the show and laugh privately together with his Republican wife for $$$. Who knows?

    At least, we do need James Carville to be the loudmouth of the Democratic Party from time to time anyway.

    Thanks again for everything, Bobby Lopez. :)


  16. RLM, I shall refer you to this link. Read carefully before you jump to any conclusion.

  17. Rob,

    Many thanks for enclosed link to Mike McConnell's "Deaf Republicans" blogsite. I truly appreciate it very much.

    Mike McConnell surely distort everything what I meant and said.

    Life is too short to spar with the cockfight (I meant the real one, not birds). Comprendo?

    Mike McConnell definitely patronized me in many ways. I will write another blog posting to address Mike McConnell's so-called assumptions about me. :)


  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Hey RLM

    Yes, I agree about Karma. I have always dreamed that Rush wasn't able to get a CI and was unable to continue his god-awful radio show. But he's still out there. Damnit.
    I agree that it would be nice for Rush to contribute to charity for deaf schools but he would have to have a heart do something that generous. Just not possible!
    I do enjoy watching James Carville and I hope that he is not that
    cynical like you described. But you never know. I try to avoid Fox
    News because of Glen Beck, O'Reilly and Hannity. Whooo, they are so bad! Prefer to watch Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. Even CNN over Fox.

    Rush does well on the radio because uneducated Republican (Nascar-watching rednecks mostly) really love to listen to him. These are the same people that are anti-gay/lesbian,against civil rights and Union/labor movement.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Thumbs up!!! :-D
    Bobby Lopez......

  20. Bobby Lopez,

    Your well-taken point on the wrong picture of James Carville is into consideration.

    How true about many people being gullible with Rush Limbaugh.

    How come didn't Rush Limbaugh run for the public office if he is not happy with our government, etc?

    Rush rather jump into pool of multi-million dollars than dealing with the realities of public office.

    Rush needs to shut up for awhile and let us breathe a little! :)

    I hardly have time for cable tv political talk shows.

    Before closing this comment. We have to remmy Charles Keating as one of most hyprocritical political conservatives which he misabuses our taxpayer money with the Saving & Loan scandals.

    Keating used to campaign against the existence of pornography in Cinnicannti area. His protests lend to the rise of Larry Flynt, publisher of "Hustler" magazine.

    Keating and other conservatives had many pornograhic materials in their homes when raided by the law enforcement agents.


    I gotta go now. Thanks again, Bobby Lopez.

  21. Hey RLM,

    Very true.
    Keating's hypocrisy is so similar to Rush's hypocrisy with his drug problem. I agree that we could use a break from Rush Limbaugh!

    Thumbs up!
    Have a great day.
    Bobby Lopez....

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